Bole To..Khabar Mein…

 Almost gave a dear friend heart-attack by suddenly calling her after 4 years (In the world of friendship its only half as bad).  (And I take this moment to heartily thank the new Vonage service). Now, we are not talking about a hi-hello friend, Vaks and I were like the best of the best friends. All summer long, we used to spend at least 18 hours a day together. Being neighbors and our moms having a agreement about her friendship and about where we are helped a lot. God..I need more than a post…or may be even a blog to talk about our adventures (I am talking about like…being chased).  Anyway, coming back to now, we just seemed to continue where we left off. Our main topics of conversation being how irresponsible we still are and how surprised our parents are that we missed each others wedding. Hmm..Me too.

 I saw a bhoot. Not the blood-dripping or blood-sucking or even white saree wali bhoot, but a wind bhoot. Last saturday morning, I was still in bed; the fan was on and suddenly the blanket rose in the air and tried to attack me. I swear it was just like in paranormal activity. The super courageous Dil did not get scared at all (Alright..just a bit). I attacked and kung-fu’d the blanket. Now that I think about it, it seems like there are many chances that  the devil would have gotten into me. Hmm… sabki khoon pee jaooongi..eee..heee…aaaa.

 I was recruited into the indian cricket team as a player. Not in reality, just in a dream. When I just had to step in to the field to play, I was wearing a very traditional 9 yards saree and I couldn’t find the actual team dress. And then when I started crying, an angel (a real white feathered angel) came to me and gave me the dress. Funny, I was asked to wear a red dress. And then finally I was ready and some how I got lost trying to go to the field and I kept roaming around trying to find the field. Now that I think of it seems that the ICB wanted me on their team so badly that they were trying to put that idea into my brain. oh, by the way, this happened before I watched Inception.

 And then Inception happened. Among the 1048 people I know, only 3 disliked it. Out of three, one even slept and snored and I HAD TO WAKE HIM UP. Sigh. Since that moment, I had to multi-task to see he doesn’t sleep again. Although he claimed to have dozed off for only two minutes, based on the snore level, I am sure he has reached at least level 2 in dreams. That’s right. In my family, we measure level of dreams based on the noise caused by snoring.

 As if bhoot’s episode was not enough, I got physically hurt. I know it’s not very pretty saying this, but I got hurt playing tug-of-war at an office picnic. She, who thought, she was as fit as the Bond himself, and can take on the world just like that, hurt her hip, right leg and shoulders while pulling the rope. Alas, the team didn’t win either.   I guess, it’s mostly because I was not able to give my best. Happens…:(

 I won $500 in Cash Cab. No, not on the actual TV. But locally; In our car; Hosted by the uber-talented Murali. And let me tell you. It was not easy answering all those questions. Almost on the verge. 2 of 3 strikes. Third strike and I would be kicked out of the car (Not literally..How dare he? He doesn’t want to come home later or what ). It started with questions like “What is the fastest air route from Seattle to Hyderabad?”, “What is the name of the website that’s notorious for publishing confidential government information?”. That’s it. Two strikes. And to keep going I had to use my two help lines, mobile shoot-out and street-shoot-out. Question for you guys. Whom do you think I called? Anyway, I was able to so smartly answer his next two questions (after I sent him some signals to go a little easy), by answering “Name 3 DiCaprios movies? (This was the red light challenge..:) )” and “What is the name of Nagarjuna’s next movie? (boo….)”. Ahh. Five hundred dollars. I am thinking of how to spend it. As soon as I get it, though :(.

♦ New Telugu songs suck big time. May be not all of them, but some of them definitely do. Shutting of the music right now. Jai Asha Bhosle.

P.S: What’s with the colors? Somebody is singing Mujhe Rang De…

P.P.S : Ok. I swear I wont do it next time.