Thoughts Tonight!!!

Past couple of days have been exhausting for me. Well, actually last four years have been exhausting actually, but, specifically last three weeks were more crazy than usual. Work commitments and expectations, falling sick like ‘need antibiotics’ sick with cold, cough and non-stop headache. Add to that the usual ‘not spending enough time with kids’ guilt, plus ‘my home is not clean’ craziness. All of them packed together into one.

Oh! There is also the new work commitment at work, that will begin next week. And once again, there is the usual ‘prove yourself’ job. I am sick and tired of doing this actually. If not this, there is another scare in my mind right now, which I can’t even get myself to type. All of this might be a result of the horrible thing that happened last year. I don’t know if my brain is already processing this unconsciously, but, it will be a year soon the last shaky thing happened to us. Thinking of September, actually scares me in a way. Like some bad thing is going to happen again.

Well, too bad just feeling that wont stop anything from happening. I got to let go of that feeling, right? Especially this week. I took time off work. Kids are not in school this week. So I am hoping we will all get to do something fun. Even if it doesn’t mean a trip to somewhere. Just relaxing, nothing to worry inside my head. No emails to worry about. Etc.

I have plans to do some painting, spend time with kids, watch TV, do some painting before Summer ends. And blog of course. My friend V and I are planning a hiking trip this Friday, hopefully that happens too.

By the way, Halloween is a good two months away, but we are already super excited about it. Today (and almost every day) Achu, Abhi and us talked about what new decorations to buy, how to decorate our front porch, visit to the Halloween stores to visit spooky attractions. Buy more Halloween decor. of course, we talk about what costumes to pick, almost every other day. This time, we might have a party for everybody dressed. I would like to dress up too. Just the mere thought of Halloween cheers us up. Like I mentioned before, Halloween has become our Deepavali. 🙂

I can’t avoid what’s going to happen now or in near future. I can only distract myself and pray to God that life wont be hard like it was last year.

So, I plan to write more. May be I will make a mini blogging challenge. Write a post every day, at least until next week. Lets see if I can live up to my expectations. 🙂


All Right Here.

My super late but super duper serious apologies for disappearing after my last sad and long rant. I am super pleased to report that things got sorted out at the end and all is well now. What an ordeal it had been. Six weeks of pure suffering. My God! That day, weekend was approaching, we were going to buy tickets that weekend, I had already started packing stuff, we told kids school, kids wont be coming in from next week, etc. Everything was in motion for us to leave and then the Halloween miracle happened.

Through out the time, the one thought on my mind was that we wanted to stay here at least until Halloween. Kids were unimaginably crazy about Halloween and I couldn’t let them miss the big day. So, just the day before Halloween, I decorated my front porch, said ‘screw-it’ and made peace with the crap that happened (Thanks to my BFFs V, A and L. I should write their support during this time, separately 🙂 ) and casually took a call from the lawyers. Until that call, every time I spoke to them, I wished they would tell me some good news. This time, my mind was really made up and I was just going to listen to what they were going to say and move on with the day. Then the lawyer from the SFO team started talking about what she did, some person whom she spoke to and how she got the problem corrected. I couldn’t believe my ears. All senior lawyers were on the call (such was the mess I unintentionally made) to share the good news with me and I just couldn’t believe my ears. They got the problem corrected. I just started sobbing on the call. I couldn’t talk for few minutes. I then recovered myself and told them a million thanks for everything they did. I called my parents, woke them up and told them the good news. Left messages for V and A. I called V like 17 times that day, hoping she would pickup and I wanted to tell her the good news personally. I was just so happy. You know, surprisingly, my friends think alike too. Both L and V told me to unpack the suitcase immediately and spread the clothes around the house. L even suggested that I should let Murali pickup the clothes later. Hahaha. I laughed so much that day.

We went on with the Halloween festivities, super happily. Okay. Halloween post, later too. 🙂

Everyday, I would ask Abhi, “Abhi, Am I going to get the good news today?”. He would say no occasionally and looking at my sad face, he would change the answer to yes. But, this is silly I know, that day he told me I was going to get good news, even before I asked him and I did. Silly, I know. 🙂

I cant end this post without mentioning the one good thing that came out of it. I realized what great friends I had. I really wanted to write about it later, but, I have to mention first, V’s constant support. Every day, for six weeks, I cribbed with the same problem and she would assure me this will go well. I realized how lucky I am to have a friend like her. A’s prayers. One trip to L’s home and she literally changed my mind and when I came back from her house, I was all excited to go to India. I really wished I went to her soon. There is more here, but I will save it for another post.

So, if all went well, why disappear from the blog you wonder? Let me answer that. The super awesome surprising miraculous good news was received on Friday afternoon and I was all clear to go to work. Monday was my first day of work after six weeks. I reached office at 9:30 in the morning and then precisely at 9:45, I got sucked in to a 6 hour long meeting. 🙂 And that never stopped. Work has been so crazy with all the deadlines, catching-up to do, and the crazy expectations that I didn’t even have time to cook. Add to that Abhi and Achu’s schedule for pre-school, not having a nanny anymore – life is 100% crazy right now. Luckily, this holiday break has been so refreshing that when I wake up in the morning or go to bed at night, I don’t feel exhausted like earlier. One more week of this rest and we will go back to our crazy life.

You know this is actually the first time after those six weeks, that I am thinking of what happened and how I suffered. I mean, I didn’t even get a chance to realize how everything got fixed. I sent our lawyers a note on Christmas, thanking them again. I am sure they wont forget me ever. 🙂

I have so much to catching-up to do on Abhi and Achu stories. My little babies are growing up, oh my God, so fast. So lovely too. Despite them being usual 3 year old toddlers, I have to say they are great kids (yeah, yeah. I know, its their mom speaking 🙂 ).

Anyway, thanks to all those nice comments and especially to those of you who emailed me. Honestly, your words helped so much, but I was just so down to even word a reply. But , many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I haven’t read a single post of you guys in all this time. I will try to catch-up, but I hope everybody is doing great. And hopefully I will come back and write soon.

More Random Stuff

Aah! Not that I don’t have anything to write, but, because I don’t where to begin out of my long pending list of things to write. And also because I am suffering for a huge lack of motivation and totally lost in this crazy world of mine. And also because, I just have no time or energy to write. 😦

First, my work life is so crazy. I haven’t even realized that my life is crazy, until I woke up this morning and realized that for the last two weeks, I haven’t properly spent an hour with Abhi and Achu. And the tough thing is that this craziness is going to continue and there are going to be some serious repercussions of what has been happening now. And the toughest thing is I don’t have anybody to talk to about it. It is so complicated that I need to tell somebody everything and just talk. I don’t know if I even want any advice, but I just want to talk it out. My friend V is usually the one I go to, but he has been with his stuff and I don’t want to bother me. BFF#1 is currently in the middle of life changing situation and I can’t bother her either. BFF#2 will just ask me to quit work and stay home, so I can’t mention this to her either. Sigh! I just hope I survive and do better than how I did.

The most important thing and what I should have been more excited about is that Abhi and Achu are turning three, coming Friday. 🙂 I just can’t believe it. Where did the last three years go? We are celebrating their birthday the way we did last year. Not focusing on throwing a party for adults, but making their day special for them. We are going on this little short trip for 3 days. I am super super excited. But I know it wont be easy. Long road trip, new place to live in; It’s not going to go easy with kids. But I hope they have a good time and let me have one too. I haven’t had a proper vacation in about four years and I just want to come back and say what a good trip it was and make kids third birthday memorable.

Summer is here already. I am all into my summer clothes. Last year it was all summer dresses. This year it is just short skirts. I can’t touch any of my summer dresses, coz I cannot fit into any of them. I gained 10 pounds in the last year. Can you believe it? Granted that last year was my lowest weight in many years. I hit lower number than my pre-wedding weight you know :O So the lesson I learnt is don’t buy a bunch of dresses when you are at your lowest weight. Otherwise, like me you will just stare at them every day, try them on everyday hoping that you lost some weight the day before and hang them back on the closet. Sigh.

Okay. I have many many more random things to write about, but I will leave at that. I definitely want to write about the awesome thing I did couple of weeks ago and how our birthday vacation goes. Hopefully I will get to that.

P.S: Beer over Wine, any time. 🙂

More Random Things

Alright. What would you write about if you are forcing yourself to write something? There is no cure for the block. Is there? So, I must write whatever that comes to mind. Aka. Random things, again. I know. I know.

Our little miss highness started something last week. It is usually our other mister highness that brings home fevers, cold, coughs etc. But, for a change, Achu bought home a cold. And how smart of her. She bared it for about two days and passed on the full version of cold, sore throat, fever, headache, etc, –  the whole package, to me. And then I did my job and passed it on to Abhi. Little boy took it up another notch by adding dry cough to the package. Hmm. Needless to say this week has been a crazy week. I almost forgot what it used to feel like. But one thing I did notice is how kids are grown up from the last sickness weeks we had (almost a year ago). Achu vomited at three in the morning. Not on the bed. In the bathroom sink. No fuss, nothing. After she was done, she told me, very calmly, she wanted to sleep in my room and after I agreed, she calmly walked to the room, all by herself and waited for me to come to her. You have no idea how big of difference this is. Compared to dealing with babies being sick, this was much better. It still hurts to see them sick though. Add to that me also being sick this time, made my whole week a mess. We are still waiting for this to pass. And you know, each time someone gets sick, it always starts on Sunday. Always.

Speaking on messed up weeks, Murali is back from his trip. His trip was good. I managed all the work with kids fine too. I did set some limits to myself to not push, get over tired. I gave up on cleaning the playroom, kitchen etc everyday. I asked nanny to cook for kids so that I don’t have to spend time on that and I managed eating something out of the box. Murali enjoyed his trip as well. Ireland is beautiful place. But, the highlight of the trip was that he lost his phone in the cab. Again. This is not the first time he lost his phone in a cab. Sigh. Good thing was that for few days he was phone less, so, you know, he was more present in home. Memorial day, when I was heading out, he looked up and told me that my hair looked good. Hihih. Yes, I am blushing. I was actually on my way to a facial, shopping and haircut appointment and I postponed the haircut for few days 🙂

Murali’s birthday was also on the week he was not here. I made a little video with kids singing him “The Dad Song”. It was hilarious shooting that video. You can imagine how hard it must be to make two three-year-old sing and do some little dancing and say happy bday at the end. It took me about 15 takes, different cues and finally a bribe. But I got it. I loved how natural they looked especially with the happy bdays at the end.

When Murali was coming home on Sunday, we made plans to surprise him with cake and balloons. But he kind of surprised us by reaching home earlier than expected. Only, kids and I were not home then, so we rushed home quickly. By the time we reached home, kids were asleep in the car and lucky me, got a nice big little hug that made me very happy. Achu who woke up first, immediately was all awake looking at him, saying excitedly, ‘Nannnnna’. Abhi only woke up when he heard that Nanna got some gifts for him. We all did get some nice little gifts. I got my Eiffel Tower for my fireplace mantel. I would have planned something big for his birthday this time as well, like his surprise birthday last year, but he wasn’t here, so he missed it. His loss, really 🙂 .

In other news, my parents are coming over next Wednesday for a 5 months long trip. This is the first time I am looking forward to having them to get some extra help around. With all the chores, kids and work, Murali and I are getting so tired that I want us to have a break from cooking at least, to make a little more time to spend with kids, etc. I am also looking forward to getting Murali to eat something nice. I feel like I haven’t cooked much in about a month. When he was gone for a trip, I didn’t cook at all. Next week, kind of got lazy and then I got sick and didn’t cook. We have been managing left overs, togo food etc., but I would like for Murali to have something nice to eat. So I am looking forward to having mom and dad come here and spend time with us and kids. But I am also equally scared about the trip, because of how gran parents over pamper kids. I have to be extra hard on kids only because they don’t follow or set any limits. And I don’t like that. I believe that every member in the family should equally pamper and discipline the kids, which is what Murali and I do. But with over pampering grand parents around, it gets so tough for me to set limits for kids. No amount of trying to make them understand helps because they are not ready to listen. Huh! It’s a long battle. We will see how it goes.

Weather has been great around here. Except for last one week. We are trying to take nice little trips as and when we can. Sunny Summer days are so much fun to have. 🙂

Random Stuff

Do you ever feel like you have so much to write about and when you actually get to writing, you don’t know where to start? It happens to me all the time. So here I am today, trying to write something and all that comes to mind is some random stuff. Okay. Random stuff it is, then.

* My mom, dad and my sister’s son are currently touring Bangalore, visiting my aunt. She happens to my be my favorite aunt of all, also my dad’s elder sister. I love to see these three hang out. They are the best circle. My aunt visited us last year when my parents were here; I never got around to writing about that trip, but the highlight of the trip was to see them talk so much. God! They talk so much,.About everything that touches them. Both my dad and my aunt have a Facebook profile (I am not sure who created those for them) and last time, they were talking about how Facebook was not what they expected. They asked me, exactly these words, “To remove Facebook from internet”. I laughed so much. They meant to have their Facebook profiles deleted. 🙂 Anyway, both of them are still somewhat active now. My dad more than my aunt.

Anyway, coming back to this meeting, the trio with the kid visited a mall yesterday. And my mom and aunt ate a donut at the mall. I just can’t picture them doing that. And also the trio complained at Starbucks when they were told they cannot split the coffee one by two (you know, our desi style). I can totally picture them doing that. 🙂

Apparently, my mom and aunt are busy with the mango/avakaya season happenings now. My parents are visiting next month and my aunt will be in California in July. Looks like there might be a chance for all of us to meet again and I cannot wait to see the trio together. 🙂

* Speaking of trips, Murali is off to a one week trip out of the country and I am on single parent mode this week. He left Saturday morning. Did his laundry last night, packed his bag this morning. Apparently, it took him only four and half minutes to pack his bag. He would have finished sooner, if not for Abhi who unpacked everything he had already packed. Anyway, he looked pretty excited about the trip yesterday. And I told him that if I were going on a trip like that, I would be that excited for months. Not just one day. He must have landed in Paris now. It’s exactly night-time for us here and he is such an early sleeper. I hope he is not asleep in the flight.  How will it be if they forget to wake him up and he comes back to Seattle in the same flight? Does this happen in flights too, like it happens in trains or buses? 😀

* About that single parent mode, timing could have been a lot better; Or my health at least. I am sick. I have various things bothering me, and I cannot tell why I am sick and I just don’t know what is wrong with me. I have to go see a doctor on Monday. The symptoms I have been having are so different that I cannot just say what is wrong with me. I am sure I am going to sound totally random at that appointment.

But, the challenging part, as you probably have already guessed is, how I am going to take care of kids all by myself. Luckily, today had been okay. I had such grand plans for the three of us, well, apparently, now nothing of that such plan is happening. I am barely making it in taking care of them without losing my cool and it is not even been 24 hours. I know tomorrow is going to be toughest. I wont sleep well for sure (because we are alone and I just don’t sleep well anyway) and I will be all groggy and tired in the morning. I need strength and good sleep tonight. 😦

Kids were good today, just their usual, didn’t ask about dad much for some reason. Sleep time, I go to Achu to say Good night and this is our conversation.

“Amma, I want to dream”
(Smiling) “What do you want to dream about Achu?”
(Thinks for a while) “I want to dream about a doggy”
“Okay Achu. When you are a little older you can have a dog for pet”

Her face lights up.

I knew we were getting a pet doggy some time in future. Because, I think Murali wants it more than kids. Why else would he keep asking kids if they wanted a pet? So, a first official promise had been made tonight about the pet. Now, I hope that time is far far away from now, but in reality, how soon that happens depends on how well Achu remembers our good night talks the day after. We will see.

P.S: Anyone wants to baby sit tomorrow while I catch up on my sleep?

P.P.S:  I randomly dropped by my post view stats (well, you know, otherwise I never see that stuff) and realized there was one (or three, I cant tell) views on many of my posts (like, really, really old, new blogging days posts). So, you know who you are random-reader, Many thanks for reading all that. Now, you are getting special mention, see, not everyone gets that. Know that. 🙂 Or may be I already drove you crazy with all those posts and you decided not to read me anymore and you will never read this then. Well, I don’t know what to then.

P.P.P.S: (whatever.. with these little alphabets…) You all can tell I am scared to sleep all alone tonight, right?

On My Own

Too long of a ‘Write all about it and try to let it go’ post. Skip if you don’t want to read about the sad side of my life.

So, when I originally wanted to write about this thing I have changed in my life, for my own good. I was very proud of it. It was called,  ‘BEING ON MY OWN’. But then, I waited too long to get to writing it here and that made me realize all the crap it means. Soon enough, I started tying one thing to another and realized how all the crap is connected. I will, of course, try to just be happy about the one change but I do know now the related crap is still there and is bothering me very very much.

The one thing I could accomplish in a long time was doing things on my own. Well, not too many. But, say, shopping. I always had friends, family with me to come shopping. Always. Not once in many many years have I shopped alone. But, that has all changed. No friends. No family. Either wait for someone to accompany you or not shop. And I had to try really so hard to get over this. And I did. When I did, went shopping all by myself (For home décor, etc.), couple of times, first times were uneasy. But soon, I didn’t feel like it was big of a deal at all. It was simple. It was easy. Not having to explain what I was doing. How things would go together, etc. I so loved shopping by myself and was so proud of doing it. Of course, I am yet to go learn swimming, skating on my own. From my experience, may be its not that big of a deal too, but I didn’t take that step yet (Its been more than an year).

While I was happy at it, other things were creeping back up in my mind. How this actually means that I am more alone than I was before. The very minimal time spent was further reduced. Brought back another point that when I need some help, even when it is genuine help, no one is around. But I am there for others.

When P was living with us, sometimes, she would crib non-stop about things. And I had to tell her to let it go and be okay with what it is, blah, blah, blah. But then I would realize all the cribbing happens with me, but the fun shopping and movies are with others. Really? Murali is no different. Each time he insists on talking with me, is when he has something bothering him and he wants to talk and etc. Each time. Few times, he would specifically ask me if we can go have coffee and it would be about some project he did and how he was expecting some award, but someone got it. How this time he didn’t make it to the promotion. Or something else. When did I become this official crap taker from all? Our entire hike time during our last year hike was all about Murali’s job and what he needs to do. And its not that I mind listening to all this crap and giving them advice. Its about where are these people when I need them? I have really bad times at work too and mentioning them to Murali is utterly useless. Last year, I got promoted. I didn’t even mention it here, because it has become another depressing thing from me. You know why? Apparently Murali was expecting a promotion, he didn’t get it. And I wasn’t expecting it all and yet I did. So, he was feeling so bad that he said congratulations on WhatsApp and that’s all. Not even a smiley. Forget about a celebration. He was not even happy for me. If I was in his position, I would made such a big deal out of it, called for a party, celebration, hurrays’ etc. etc. Almost everyday, even now, there is something work related, I wish I could talk to someone, I know talking to Murali is still useless. I actually stopped talking about work with him altogether.

When I got in touch with my BFF last year and learnt about how her family (including a then 3 year old) survived a horrible bus crash, I cried so bad. Next day, I decided to tell P about it and hoped to be comforted. You know what she said? ‘Yeah. That’s how bus drivers in India drive’. And nothing else. Really? For all the crap I take from these people, these are my words of comfort? I was used to this kind of useless response from Murali already, so I quickly added her to the list of people I would never talk to again about things that bother me. Till date, when P pings me its about how is she worried about something. Recently, I stopped responding. I feel bad, but I cannot do it anymore.

I could go on and on about how many times, these things happen in my life. But the story of my birthday, ah, was so special, I have to mention it. After my parents and Murali successfully ruined my birthdays for the last few years, this year, apparently, Murali wanted to do something, I guess. My parents were here for my last birthday and believe me, none of the three wished me a proper birthday. And by proper, I mean saying the words with a simple smiling face. I didn’t even get that. But then, because he understood that he had to do something, Murali decided to rent a mini-van, drive the parents, two toddlers (with vomiting problems) and me on a week night to a fancy hotel in the city. Anyone would think, ‘wow, what a nice gesture’, but, in reality, the response should be, ‘are you nuts?’ With parents who CANNOT eat any kind of food ay fancy restaurants, with little kids, to a city, during the weekday. REALLY? I didn’t say anything. He was finally doing something after all these years and I didn’t want to discourage. However, as expected, when we exactly reached the destination, Abhi threw up. No one bothered enough to pack a backup dress and we headed back home straight. I cannot say enough about how depressing my birthdays have become for the last few years. And its sad to see that despite knowing about this, no ones cares enough. I guess that’s another thing I have been trying to do. Get down to zero expectations and hence, no pain (Its helping and I know, I need to keep going this way). So, guess what happens after this incident? Next day, Murali gets all sad about how the things he plans don’t work out AND I had to forget about everything that happened then and had to tell him how he tried and that’s all that matters. My blood boils when I think about this. Right now, I feel so dizzy from the pain. What the heck happened here? Was I not in pain over something that went really really really wrong (considering the many years of pain)? And I was just supposed to drop everything and offer him some words of comfort. Why the heck would I do this each time, I have no idea. May be, I cannot just watch the people I love suffer. Even though it seems like they don’t reciprocate.

Ton of thoughts, all about loneliness, how I have to cope up with my worries on my own. How people around me wouldn’t help when they should; How I am so unfocussed at work; All driving me crazy. I do things on my own to keep my head busy, but I know the loneliness is not going anywhere. And my work life is getting the most impacted. I wouldn’t be surprised if things aren’t bad already. And yet no one to guide or correct me. Even comfort me. That’s actually what ‘On my own’ means. Its going to be a quite depressing time for few days now; Until I get over this, for the time being.


Weekend Post

Okay. This was supposed to be the weekend post from last to last weekend. And then, you know, time waits for no one. So it flew by and another weekend came. So, I get to write about two weekends now. It’s almost mid-week now, so I have to hurry.

♠ Friday night, the time when I come home is when I allow myself to indulge in some shopping…for home décor, of course. I bought two very nice night lamps for our future end tables for our bedroom. Night lamps are still sitting in the storage because the future end tables are not ready yet. (They are a work in progress for the last 3 months, at the least).

♠ When I reached home, what did I see? Murali and Achu getting ready to go pick up the pizza. Apparently Murali ordered pizza for dinner and Dad-Daughter duo was going to go pick it up. It was a very interesting scene to me because we have never travelled alone with kids or with just one of them. It’s definitely two kids and two adults whenever we go out. I know Murali was a little hesitant to actually take her, but I really liked the idea of doing these mini trips. It means kids are finally old enough for us to do that. Anyway, the said solo trip didn’t happen, and all four of us went to pickup the pizza. I also managed to do little grocery shopping while kids and Murali waited in the car.

♠ Saturday, it was raining so bad and we didn’t even realize that until we stepped out to do some much needed Ikea shopping. I finally bought some goods to help ME transition the kids into their own bedroom. More on that later, but know that kids may be ready, but I am not ready to do the transition yet. Anyway, I rearranged things, added new stuff to kids bedroom. Most importantly, Murali and I worked so late at night, trying to figure out how to put together a bed rail without any manual. We succeeded, only to find out the railing doesn’t suit the beds we have. Sigh, but gave me another reason to postpone the transition. So, Yayy.

♠ As if the rainy day long trip to Ikea wasn’t enough, I sent off Murali to pickup a new couch for the play room. It was initially supposed to be the perfect piece of couch in our loft/reading nook. But, funny thing was that when the guys moved our super heavy and awesome white leather couch to our new home, they forgot the bars that hold the couch together in the rental van. Eventually they were lost (well, we didn’t even try to get them back), so the heavy leather couch was just three pieces of seats. An accident waiting to happen when you see the two active toddlers pulling, pushing and jumping on everything. It’s a miracle that Abhi and Achu didn’t have one of the seats fall on them. So, I decided to be the good mom I have to be and moved the new safer couch to playroom and the white leather couch to the loft. Although Murali did most of the work moving the couch upstairs, I helped too and was more exhausted than he was. Couch looks super good in my loft too.

♠ I also finally finished my wall canvas hangings for the loft. I cant wait to share it here, but will do after the room is all ready. Currently I am actively furniture shopping for the room. Damn, window curtains are SO expensive.

♠ Coming to the last weekend, Saturday we went out to some friend’s place for dinner. And there are two things I want to say about the visit. Firstly, this was the first family we met in a long long long time that didn’t say anything about how difficult it is to raise twins. They just didn’t. I don’t know why. But I was so relieved to not have to answer that question. Even if it was just once.  Secondly, I realized (again) that having two kids few years apart is no easy job compared to having twins (which is why I hate when people ask me that question about raising twins).

♠ And Sunday was just a gorgeous day for us here. Temperate touched 60s for us. Plus it was sunny. Having seen 30s and 40s, 60s feel sooooo good. Like it was summer already. We planned ahead to make use of the sunshine and head out. So, we did, to a Seward park near Seattle, by the bay. It was truly so beautiful. Park was so crowded. We had clear views of the Mighty Mt. Rainier from the park; The serene lake and a long trail by the bay. I realized this weekend, that we need to teach kids how to behave in public. By that I mean, when we are at home, kids do what is okay with us; they know where to go, where not to. But when we are outside, Abhi needs to know that he can’t just run around everywhere and touch everything. Achu needs to know that its okay to get down and walk. So, you know what they did in our trip. But we still enjoyed a lot. Took some great pics. For few minutes, it looked like, Abhi and Achu’s only goal in life is to throw all the stones into the water. They refused to come back and sit in the stroller. It makes me so much happy to see the kids walk and enjoy outside home. We deny them that so much because of the cold weather. But, good news is, weather will only get better now. 🙂

And here are some awesome clicks from our designated photographer Mr.Murali. 🙂