What The Color?

So, a community around here decided to repaint their houses. Good idea; Given that rain here makes everything look dark and old. I mean, if you painted your house today, next rain will make it look like it needs painting again (No. I am assuming paint dried off and rain didn’t wash away the fresh painting). Anyway, they painted. Someone chose blue. Someone painted light blue. One house went with Beige. And there is this another house. They painted Purple. You read it right. They painted their big house, all of it, purple. PURPLE. Really. Not the indoors, not a patch here or there. ALL of it.

Now, I know I have no say in how they paint their house. I know that. But, this house happens to be on the road I drive everyday. Once in the morning and back in the evening. And as someone who fancies elegant homes and is a self-proclaimed interior decorator/enthusiast, can you imagine what my eyes have to endure everyday? PURPLE HOUSE! Really? Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

The first time I saw the house all repainted, I swear I wanted to stop by their house and ask them why would they do such thing to the man-kind. I didn’t because I thought they will ask me ‘Alright! So what color is your house?’ and as someone who doesn’t own a home, I wouldn’t have an answer to give. So, I backed off. Decided to close my eyes distract my sight when driving at that point. So far, no success.

So, I thought and thought and thought and came up with a unique and superb solution. To start a foundation called, ‘People Against Purple Houses’. You all are enrolled-in by default, btw. I know you all hate purple houses too. I mean, who doesn’t? (Tell me, if you don’t and I will enroll you into something else) As members of this foundation, our responsibilities are simple. As fun-loving people, we wont go into morchas or rastha-rokos or strikes.

First, you all sign the right NDAs and stuff. Then, we all go partying. Here is what we do. Get a bucket of color. Any color will do. Well, except for purple, of course. We decide on a time; Surround the house (get ladders too) and just dump the paint on the exterior walls of this house. When we are done, this house will be so colorful. Also beautiful (when compared to what it is now). Mission accomplished. My eyes are pleased and my drive gets better. I am happy. We are happy. Now, some of you, checkout my wish-list of toys on Amazon.com and buy those toys. No, no. These toys are not for the house. They are for you to use while you baby-sit and entertain Abhi and Achu. What? When I am fixing all the purple houses in the world, who is going to feed and take care of my kids? (Besides, I don’t think I can write a post without their names popping up. Guilty.)

Nice idea, right? It will be so much fun. Plus, we are doing such a huge favor to the society (Dreaming of a society without purple houses). I have other colors we can attack next. But, they can wait. Purple houses need to be taken care of, first. They are a looming threat to the society. Who knows, the next day, some drunk driver will be driving by that road, look at the purple house, admire it (because he/she is drunk) and paint his house purple. GOD. No.


Picture Me

(Over IM)

Murali: Can you send me a scanned copy of xyz doc?

Me: Done

Murali: I have everything for your application except for a digital picture. Do you by any chance have one handy that I can use?

Me: Let me see. I have one, I think.

Murali: Ok.

Me: Its your lucky day. Found one and sending…

And sent him this picture.

P And I ….


I am trying to feed Abhi and Achu dinner. As usual P and I are singing meaningless songs and tunes to make them open their mouths (keeping the mouth open and not making them spit food out are other challenges and we deal with it differently. :)). So, ABCD song comes back into the singing list. Not the “Next time will you sing with me?” one, but the  ABCD song from “Hum Saath Saath Hain”. That’s Abhi and Achu’s favourite. Suddenly I realized what about Telugu alphabets? Of course, we have some too. And out of so much love for my native language :P, I started singing ” Aa-Amma, Aaaa–Avu, etc etc”. P joined and started singing the same. Guess what, 5 alphabets into it, we forgot what comes next. We were going back and forth on trying to remember which alphabet comes next and whats the first word that starts with that one we learnt ages ago. I think we managed to remember 3 more and had to give up.Hmm, its time to brush up on the skills we mastered once. We have to teach Abhi and Achu, right? (who, btw, were rejoicing that no one was torturing them to eat more food)


Few days back, P was sitting silent.

I : What happened?

P : I feel homesick.

I : (Trying to cheer her up – she loves shopping). Okay, Do you want to go shopping?

P : No

I : (Thinking..she is really upset). I will take you to kohls. Buy anything you want.

P : No

I : What about online shopping? You said, you wanted to buy some pajamas. Go ahead, here is my laptop.

P : No

I : You want a gift card, so that you can shop later.

P : No

(I think, later she slept and was better)

So, forward to yesterday night.

P : I need to buy some pajamas.

I : No

P : Why not? You approved them last time (She spends a lot of money on shopping and I am controlling her spending)

I : That’s when you were upset. I gave you a chance and you didn’t use it.

P : I will tell you when I am upset again.

I : Okay.

(Some 40 seconds later)

P : I feel homesick.


Like I mentioned before, Abhi and P are roommates. I put Abhi’s crib in P’s room. Achu is with me. I keep shuttling between the two rooms when putting AA to bed.

Some night in the last week, Abhi wakes up multiple times. 1 AM, 2 AM, 3:30 AM..Each time I go to him, sing him a lullaby and put him to bed. Next day morning, P comes into the living room with Abhi and says last night she slept very well. We both have horrible sleep patterns, so we don’t have many nights we sleep well. I was surprised, obviously and asked her ‘How come?’. She replies, “Well, all those lullabies you sang yesterday night. They were very good. Put me straight to sleep and kept me from waking up”.


After Abhi and Achu sleep, P and I find something to watch on Netflix. She doesn’t watch serials like Grey’s Anatomy etc with me. And since I was starting Season 9, I thought I would give her some background story so that she wont look that lost. So, I started telling her what the characters are, what happened so far etc. Five minutes of telling her about who was engaged to who, who broke up with who, who cheated on who, who slept with who and who tortured who, I wasn’t sure why I was watching that serial. P gave me quite a few disgusting looks when I was telling her and I decided she is not ready for Grey’s anatomy yet.


P and I, go home yesterday night. As soon as I go in, I ask the nanny, “What, kids have diaper rash now?”.

Nanny says, “yeah. It started today”.

P looks me at and says “Wow..You are one amazing mom. How did you just feel that they have got diaper rash?”

I – “No. Diaper rash cream is on the counter top.”

P –  😐


OMG! Look. Look. Look What happened. I adjusted my expectations. You know, part of my letting go problem. It seems like I have taken a step towards letting it go. It’s just not that I lowered my expectations, but the important thing is that I seem to be doing fine after that. Finally, whatever signals brain was sending out have reached the heart. And apparently, now I can even write a story about the funny and stupid thoughts.. 🙂

This was in connection with an event that was supposed to happen next month. I was savouring my 20 minutes of rest at night before Achu will wake up (again!) and I started dreaming of this upcoming event and how it could be. Not that I dreamt of something very unrealistic, but, just for fun, lets say, I wanted three live dinosaurs. And then, suddenly, P popped up. You know, like in the small cloud above my head. Yes, she was wearing white clothes, but for some reason she had the maggi baal hairstyle 🙂 (Hmm. That seems to be common in all the babajis. Isnt it?). She then held her right palm, started nodding her head and said

‘Bhaktha Dil…Remember what we talk about almost everyday. Adjust your expectations’.

The real me, of course knew P was right. So, I started thinking,

‘Well, may be..I can do with two dinosaurs. Right?’.

Dreamy Dil started acting again. (Yes, she was wearing white, angel feathered dress too, but she had gorgeous hair. :)), She screamed,

‘No Dil. Remember our dream.’

Hmm. I thought for a second and remembered the dream. That moment, another cloud popped up (surprise..me again..) and the very realistic Dil said..

‘Mmm..That’s not happening. Remember blah..blah..blah.’

and quoted a past experience. I looked at dreamy Dil and said..

‘Sorry dear…You lose this time’.

She replied..

‘Okay. Maybe just two dinosaurs??? 😦 ‘.

Before I could say something, P came back..she was wearing the devil’s red and black cape, teeth and horns this time. She hit me on my head once –

‘Lower..Even lower’.

I sighed. Realistic Dil was nodding looking at P. Dreamy Dil started crying..

‘No. You are killing it all’.

I guess my mind was already made up, so I ignored dreamy Dil..

‘Shhh..Okay..only one dinosaur’.

Dreamy Dil continued to cry and before I could say anything else..P hit me on my head again and started chanting..


Realistic Dil joined her too. I looked at Dreamy Dil and said

‘Well, we do have our super awesome dream world. We will live there for ever. Okay?’.

She didn’t fight anymore. She left; Sadly, of course. I turned to P and said

‘Okay. Fine. You win. No dinosaurs needed. Whatever’.

All sorts of clouds and Dils were gone after that. Not because the conversation was over, but because Achu was up and screaming. 🙂

Keeping Score…

Dear Karma,

Let me start out by apologizing about not writing to you sooner. I should have. The only reason being that, work, home, kids – in short life has been keeping me very busy.

So, I am writing out to you today to seek your approval for the following. You see, I am afraid you will see my acts as a violation of basic ethics and punish me by taking some good karma points away from me. So, before you make drastic decisions and bring my good karma points ( which, btw, are already at the lowest possible), please listen to my side of story.

Few months ago, I was at Pro Club. I was still the new mommy and as soon as my OBGYN said I could exercise, I rushed out to Pro Club and made an appointment with a personal trainer to find out how should I get myself back into shape (Yes, I am laughing out loud too). Trainer gave me a bunch of exercises. After I was done, I was heading out and realized this was supposed to be a paying session but nobody has asked me to pay the fee (some $80). Now, I could have just walked out of there as if I don’t owe these guys anything. But, I didn’t. I asked my trainer (Good Karma act #1), she said, I could pay at the reception. She didn’t care I paid or not. See, I could have walked out again without paying. But, I didn’t. I went to the reception and told them I need to pay for the session (Good Karma act #2). They asked for my card, I realized my purse was still in my car. I walked back to the car, got my purse and paid the fee off (Ultimate Good Karma Act –  #3).

Did you see what a good person I was? If others were in my place, would they ask and pay? Would you?

For weeks, the Good Act remained in my thoughts. As our grandparents and parents told us, what goes around, comes around, I was waiting for some good to happen in return. I waited and waited.

One day, the return act of good karma arrived in mail. It went by the name “Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes”. We signed and received the package, just like the ton of packages (mostly diapers) we receive from Amazon.com for Abhi and Achu. Hours later, I realized, I didn’t order these wipes.  I had other wipes for the twins, and these didn’t match my list. I checked the shipment label and it was addressed to our apartment, but, guess what, wrong owner name. It turns out, ex-residents of our apartment ordered these wipes from amazon for their baby, but they forgot to get it shipped to their new address. And the wipes ended up at our place, addressed to the wrong person. Was this really the good return act of my good acts from weeks ago?

Mind you, I didn’t go rushing to claim it mine. I waited, again, for a good amount of time. A really good amount. I waited for some one to contact and ask for the return. No one did. Well, surely I could have gone back to the leasing office and returned the package, but I couldn’t. Please read the first few lines again. I kept waiting. More than a good amount of time. Until, one day (last Friday), we realized we were out of the wipes for Abhi and Achu and I havent ordered any new ones (Hmm..I wonder why!!!) and they really needed the wipes box not addressed to us . You see, baby bottoms were on line here. So, we opened the box. Even if it’s not ours.

Now that you have read the story, I hope you can see how I should not be punished for using what was clearly not ours. If you further need some convincing, please consider this quote from Murali (who also was the real person to open the box) – “Every Wipe has a bottom’s name written on it.” (True, don’t you think?)

If you are still not convinced, Please do considering talking to me first before you do something truly-yours.

Yours < Already Suffering With Good Karma Deficiency Syndrome> gal, Dil.

Meri Shopping List

I can’t believe I once had time do this. This was during Murali’s MBA days. I was like living all alone by myself then, despite having him around (who btw was busy 24*7 in his own world).

I don’t think I want this free time on my hands now. I am happy staying super busy. Thank you Abhi and Achu. 🙂

I was making grocery list and started writing down the items here. For some reason, I switched to Hindi and then the translation followed. No wonder I failed Rasthra Basha language test in Hindi. Even now, I can’t spell bru and can’t remember how to write pappu in hindi. And have no interest to find out now, either.

Maybe, when Abhi and Achu start to learn Hindi, I can get a refresher.


P.S: My aunt was a hindi teacher. I hope she never finds this out. She will kill me.

Fall Is Here…

And each time the word ‘Fall’ is uttered in a group, people cannot help but go gaga over how beautiful it is. Alright. Alright. It’s pretty. I agree. Before I click some pictures and upload them here and before you guys say the same, I am uploading fall pictures from last year. That is, fall pictures from California. Yes. I want you guys to like My California better than not-so-my Washington.

Last year, even though we wanted to, we couldn’t go visit all the fall colors at those famous scenic drives. So all these pictures are from our home sweet home in Sunnyvale.

When my parents were here, the leaves just started changing colors. But mom and dad had to leave before the change was complete. Until today, this transition is so amusing to my dad. He keeps asking, each day, how much the leaves have changed. And we would update him saying that they are 10% red, half yellow, like mom’s that maroon saree etc. 🙂 They would have loved it very much if they could see the real fall.

Meanwhile, our apartments turned prettier day by day. Leaves all over the place. Beautiful combinations of colors.

Ahh..I feel so nostalgic looking at these pictures. My mom, dad and my aunt used to go walking, shopping around our place. By the time I come home, they would tell me all their day activities. They even discovered a Murphy park behind our house. That park is still my favourite. Only because when I remember it, I remember my parents being there. After my parents left for India, my aunt was still with us. Poor thing, she was so bored after they left. I can’t forget her complaining about her boredom, the cold weather; All this while enjoying the pretty colors. 🙂 

One day when I came home from work,  the trio so proudly exhibited this plant to me. They said they plucked the pudina leaves from some where and re-planted it. 🙂 Given how much they loves gardening, I wasn’t surprised to see the plant growing up very well.  And all of this in a yogurt container.

Miss you lots people. Can’t wait to see you all in December and hear your awesome stories about everything. 🙂

Wait. How did I come here? Wasn’t I talking about Fall? Sigh. Can’t help folks. 🙂

Okay then. I will leave you guys with more pictures. Wait for Washington fall pictures, which, btw, may not be as memorable as the earlier fall pictures to me. But definitely pretty. I agree 😀