I am what I am

Named as : Princess Consuela Tomatohammock

Living at: Ohh..All those places I want to live in….Never mind

Working as : Transponster

Likes to do: All the things that I want to do..and also those things that I have to do and ofcourse those things that I cant do without.


34 thoughts on “I am what I am

    1. LOL. You see, I was afraid that I would be too much of Phoebe (and no body can be ready for that) πŸ˜€
      Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Thanks Ajay..Welcome to my blog space :). Its from Friends. Its a fictitious job type Rachael thinks Chandler does..If you have forgetten,,You must go back and watch the episode…:)))

  1. Ooh, FRIENDS fan! πŸ˜€
    “That’s not even a worrrd!”
    You didn’t leave me a link btw 😦 but super smart me guessed anyway! Hehe!

  2. Hi!! I read ead ur blog frequently and i like reading ur posts! Ur kids are cute! Can u share the password for Protected: Birthday In Pictures?

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