Growing Up

Its been ages I wrote anything about what Abhi and Achu are up to these days. Limited time I get these days to write here is spent in catch-ups so that I don’t lose my memories. Today, I will try to write about kids.

I had this post I wanted to write about how kids are grown up now. comparatively, I mean. I still remember the first time Achu threw up in the rest room instead of wherever she was. She said she had to throw up. Got up from her bed, walked with me to the restroom. Saved us a ton of cleaning. While there are so many moments, I felt that was the first time it occurred to me, the baby days don’t last for ever. The same time, Abhi was just throwing up when needed, wherever he was, without any control, so I realized these small things are not to be taken for granted.

That was probably a year or two ago, can’t even remember. Now, it’s all much more grown-up.

This was Achu yesterday night. I asked her to go sleep. And she goes, “Why do you always ask me to go sleep? Do you think its my favorite thing? Oh yes. I do. I loveeeee sleeping”. I listened to that comment and was laughing, when she comes back and says, “I was being sarcasticcccc”. My five-year old understands sarcasm. How grown up is that. 🙂

Abhi and Achu’s relationship has grown up too. When they were 3 or so, they wouldn’t play with each other much. But in the last year or so, they have become really good at being partners in play. Their favorite word is “Pretend”. Every time they are playing together, this is the word I hear a zillion times. Their pretend play and imagination has no bounds. And its wonderful. But, there is also ton of fighting, these days. For silliest of things. 🙂

Getting ready and getting out home has been easy and challenging at the same time.  They get dressed themselves, but the closets are the messiest. They insist on eating on their own, food is everywhere. It only takes us a 100 turns to get these two to go out in the car. But we do go out. Long gone are the worries if kids are dressed warmly for weather outside. They decide and apparently form “opinions” about what they need for the day. 🙂

We have gone a bit of hiking since last summer. And this one strikes me again, no more holding babies, no more strollers. We haven’t touched the stroller in months. They complain too, but they still walk. And hike. I m so proud of them when they come on a hike with us.

Growing up is not always easy though. Now is the time for developing that attitude, friends you hang out with, learn new words and ways. Its good sometimes. Sometimes, not so much.

Whatever stage they are at, I think kids are growing up way too fast. They will be 6 years old in July and I can’t believe that. 🙂


First Post Of The Year

Ah! It only took me a month to write the first post for this year. No resolutions, no catch-up of the previous year, nothing. 🙂 Life is running really on survival mode now. That is we do exactly those things needed to survive day-to-day. And repeat that every day. Sigh! My mental state is terrible […]

Ah! It only took me a month to write the first post for this year. No resolutions, no catch-up of the previous year, nothing. 🙂 Life is running really on survival mode now. That is we do exactly those things needed to survive day-to-day. And repeat that every day. Sigh!

My mental state is terrible right now, I am having such a tough time sleeping. I remember very clearly, the first day back to work in January. I had all good energy, having rested over the holiday season and no-rush days. That first day, I came back from work, ate dinner and was in bed by 7 PM and slept through the whole night. And with the range of my sleep problems, sleeping at 7 is like a crazy occurrence. And yet, I have done these early sleepings, more than once in the last month. And yet stayed sleepless rest of the nights. I constantly feel exhausted because of this. This morning, I seriously considered asking for sleeping pills. Dont know if I will pursue that option.

Anyway, apparently when things are like this, it’s better we all focus on the good things. So I thought, I would finally write the first post of the year and add some good things happening.

♥ We had a new year’s gathering this time. Usual gang of friends, plus few more. Our usual gang stayed up until midnight, we cut a small cake and watched movies. This gathering has been fun and we have been meeting every Friday to just eat together and watch some movie. Sometimes, we meet more than once on the weekends. Pattern is same. Eat and watch something. 🙂

 We also bought a brand new car before new year. So, on the new year’s day, we set out for a little road trip. We ultimately ended up at a Wallace Falls State Park. It was so cold, but we managed to get out and go on a little hike. That was what was most amazing about our new year. A mini hike on Day 1. I loved it. 🙂

 Over the December holidays, other kid’s friends and us moms, toured few winter fun places. It’s always fun to go with this group of kids. Kids meet almost every weekend, now-a-days. And they see each other in school every day. 🙂 I also got to decorate my lovely front yard with a ton of lights. I added only few more this year, and half of the lights from last year didn’t work, but I still loved it. It also snowed more us in December, and that always makes it much nicer to look at.

 End of the year, we did Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja at our place. Just us, to help us focus on the pooja.

 First outing of the year was to a place called Friday Harbor. It was a joke between kids and me, that we are going to Friday Harbor on a Saturday. 🙂 This was a quiet trip again, and unexpectedly it turned good. We got there by ferry and realized this was such a small town, we didn’t have much to do. And we were staying a night. So we ate late lunch, checked-in to the hotel, slept while kids watched tv, stepped out and ate dinner again, and then went to watch a movie. 🙂 It was so cold, we didn’t want to go on any adventures in the evening. Jumanji was the movie, and we all loved it.

Next day, we drove to a Lime Kiln State park, ate lunch and then to another hiking spot. The day was gorgeously sunny and the spots were very scenic. We took a lot of pictures, enjoying the sunshine. Kids also proved to be much better walkers/hikers than I give them credit for. Another great thing about this trip was the food. Both the dinner on first day, and lunch on the day we left was awesome. Especially that cheesecake was the yummiest I ate in my life. Achu and I gobbled it up. I swear, if we were not getting late for the movie, I would have ordered one more. 🙂

 I haven’t been much interested in buying new home decor these days. Dont know why. At least, not as much as before. So, I decided to try fix the light problem in our house, and added three new lamps to our living room. Now, we are as bright as it can be. 🙂

 Murali lost his passport sometime last week. We only found out about it over the weekend. And obviously losing Passport is not the good thing, but what I liked is, how we reacted to it. I was upset heavily at first, assuming this is the end of the world. It may be is, but then I realized if there is anything I learnt from the past experiences, it is to not lose the now good moments in it. So we cheered up, continued to meet with our friends L, who came over on Saturday. We forgot all about it and had a good time. L and I even watched a horror movie for fun. 🙂 Next day, kids had a play date and then our gang of friends came home again. Guess why. To search for the passport. Overall, six adults looked almost every corner of the house, library, car, Murali’s work place for the thing. I felt amazing that we have such a good group. We later abandoned the search and went out to eat dinner, to celebrate Murali’s latest promotion. 🙂

 The last best thing is, I finally took my first swimming lesson yesterday. It only took me couple of years to get there. 🙂 But I am finally in the pool, learning to swim now. Hopefully I will be a prosoon. 😀