Halloween 2017

I went back and looked up all my Halloween posts starting 2013. I almost forgot our best Halloween of 2014 and reading that was so good. It was indeed a fun Halloween for all of us. So, to help me track better for next years, here are my Halloween 2013, Halloween 2014, Halloween 2015 and mini post Halloween 2016.

So this year’s Halloween, kids interest went up, and mine went down. It still turned out to be a good Halloween. For the first time, I bought a costume as well. A Samurai Warrior, only because it was on sale for $5. πŸ™‚

Abhi got his costume couple of weeks ago. He was going to be Spider-Man. Achu wanted to be a butterfly. But in order to set a different bar, I don’t buy her these type of costumes. It’s also because these stores don’t give little girls any other choice. When we first looked at Costco, boys had different superheroes and other costumes and for girls, it’s all fairies, butterflies etc. There was no single super hero costume for girls. So, I made her not buy the first butterfly costume she saw and took her to a Halloween store later. Just so she would have better choices.

Trying to get scared. These scare Abhi, but not Achu anymore.
I could be a fox. πŸ™‚

At the store, after looking at every costume, Achu found a Captain America costume for girls (with a tutu 😑 ) and a Cleopatra costume. I liked the Cleopatra one because it would give me a chance to teach her out about the queen and the history. Plus it came with shiny things, so Achu was happy too. She picked out Cleopatra finally and the day both the kids tried on their costumes, they couldn’t stop smiling. πŸ™‚

Next few days, we got our Halloween decorations out, went to pumpkin patch with their friends, We used the same decorations as last year. We didn’t add much to our stock this year (That would be because of my lack of interest with decorating these days).

Last Friday, we took the kids out with their friends to the Halloween fest at my work place. It helps we all moms also work for the same company. Our plans align. Friday evening, it turned out to be so crowded, we couldn’t get into any of the rides. We did quick trick or treating and found the one attraction that wasn’t crowded. An inflatable maze. Achu loves to go round and round and she took all her friends in around multiple times. We couldn’t get the kids out, so we moms had to split up to drive them all out. Later we just let them run around in the grass and they had their own fun. πŸ™‚

Run in the maze…
Every time they come to my office they leave me notes. πŸ™‚
This is what I got this time. πŸ™‚

The day of Halloween, we took them out to trick or treating at the town center. That turned to be too crowded as well. Although kids got good candy, next time we are just going to stick to our neighborhood. Because its more traditional, simple and still super fun.

I don’t know what it is about trick or treating, but it always puts me in good mood. Kids and I walked from house to house, looking at the decorations, getting candy and other treats. We also went to their friend’s house again (like we haven’t seen them an hour ago πŸ™‚ ). One of the neighbors offered tea for the parents, and that was so thoughtful. It was cold outside and it was lovely to have tea on the road and trick or treat with kids.

Trick or treat ….


Our buckets were full; I didn’t count how many houses we went to, but it was simple super fun. Abhi finally got tired and went home, but Achu one more house, like a dozen times, before I forced her to come home. πŸ™‚ Looking at others decorations made me wish I decorated more, so I am going to force myself to do that for Christmas. Next HalloweenΒ  must be made a fantastic one. πŸ˜€




Caring Kids

One of the most important things of being a mother is, I think, you have a good group of supporters around you. It is also equally important that your kids have a good group around them. And I am glad Abhi and Achu have one. When they were three years old, we met this gang of three friends and their moms; and we are still in touch with them. Even though kids went to different schools, we stayed in touch. Through play dates, events etc., and I have genuinely come to like all the three kids. They are a lovely bunch.

Abhi and Achu go to different classes now, in Kindergarten. And luckily two of their friends from this group of ours, are in Achu’s class. Even better now, because they are growing closer (at the same time fighting more πŸ™‚ ). Moms of these two kids and I also hang around a lot.Β Even though they fight and patch-up every few minutes πŸ™‚ , I know they got along very well. What I didn’t realize until yesterday was how caring they are towards one another.

Yesterday, we went trick or treating together. After kids got bored, we let them play in a small park while M’s mom and I sat down chatting. Few minutes later, Achu comes to me for a drink and is trying to go back to play. This little place had a gate, which was blocked with other kids and she was patiently waiting for her turn.

And then the sweetest thing happens. I was just watching Achu trying to get in, that I never realized when M came to the gate as well. You know why? He came to help Achu get into the park. I had no idea he was watching her. He comes close to the gate, puts his left hand out to stop other kids, gives his other hand to Achu and then they both go in together to play. I was simply awe struck looking at that care. I was so glad Achu was on the receiving end of this caring gesture, but just think about a five year old, stopping his play to come help his friend. So adorable.

This morning, before leaving for school, Abhi runs up stairs to grab one of M’s cards. Apparently super important to M and he forgot at our house last weekend, Abhi remembered to take care of it and take it with him to school today. M needs this, he says.

M’s mom told me about this incident at the park when she had Achu and M with her. Apparently M was climbing a rock, Achu was too. M stops in middle and tells her, “I can go further up, but I wont go because you will follow me and you might fall down”. πŸ™‚

When M is home for a play date,Β  Achu is always the mediator. M and Abhi are bound to fight and Achu will be there trying to make peace between them.

At school, Achu’s class is dealing with a difficult kid and I heard this morning and these kids stand-up to the other kid, together. I feel so proud. Even though this kid’s behavior is very troubling, they all are trying to be nice and are supporting him. How sweet are these kids!!

I sure hope this friendship will stay. That they wont lose each other and will always have these caring friends around them.