The Vacation … So far

Wow. I can’t believe I am already in the third week of my vacation. My dad reminded me that 1/4th of my vacation is already done and I didn’t like to hear that. As much as I am trying to enjoy these days, the feelings about going back to work at some time in the future are still hanging around. I can’t help it. 

So, coming to my vacation, BFF asked me in the first week itself to write all about my vacation days. She and I know how much I needed this, so when we write it down, I could go back and live it again. See, this is why you need best friends. They even think about feelings from your future days. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Anyway, my vacay so far is going great. You know the first day, I felt nothing like I was missing work . Even today, it just feels natural to me to stay home, like I have always done this. When you work continuously for some 13 years, you might notice that change, but not me. ๐Ÿ˜Š 

So what do I do all day now? I have a todo list as always and I love checking things off the list. Surprisingly, I am making time for many things. First few days was more into cleaning; Getting things into a cleaner state. Packup toys and clothes for donation, clean the cars, closets etc. I watched “Wonder Woman” movie with Murali. My second time and still loved it. It’s an amazing movie. The same week, I went to my favorite outdoor activity hiking. We used to hike regularly before we had kids. This is now me getting back to it full time. I have hiked almost every week now. First week was a Rattle Snake ridge. I planned to hike alone this time but luckily I have a group now. 

Next week we went on a much harder hike – Tiger mountain. I was sore for three days after the hike. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

What’s better? I am even talking kids on their first full hiking trips. I should do a separate post about that, so I can remember that better. 

One of my main goals was to spend more time with kids, take them out. Enjoy more of summer and also work on their reading skills. So every day, I try to make time to read more to them, and as well make them read. I have more time to pick and order interesting books. We were talking about tornadoes and I could find time now to go order  good books, pick them up and read to them. Help them understand more. It’s just so good to put my kids back in the priority list, instead of being in survival mode. 

I picked up on some of the home decoration projects. I picked up a book shelf for painting. It’s still going on. The day I finally hung these pictures, I felt so accomplished. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Makes my bedroom wall more beautiful.

Add to this, ME is still my first priority. I go for a walk or yoga every day. Some days, both. I am staying active. My fitness monitor is buzzing everyday. Last week when I went on the hard hike, I clocked close to 20,000 steps. 

Oh! The best of all. I fulfilled one of  my bucket list items and got myself a tattoo. I started small not knowing how it would feel , but I love it now. Wish I went for a bigger one. This is definitely not going to be my last one. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I am also doing good at reading books. I gave up on the popular series book “Magicians”. I didn’t like it. Story was great but the narration was too passive. I read this mystery novel and finished it in two days. I picked up a classic now. Let’s see how that goes. 

One of things I wish would improve is my sleeping. It hasn’t gotten any better. I still sleep late, despite waking up early. My leg pains are at one of their worst times. I am considering trying acupuncture now. 

My days are certainly better now. I haven’t felt sick or exhausted in the last couple of days.  I have company at home, food available, that’s great too. End of this month will start bringing lots of changes. First my parents will leave, then Murali on his 2 week trip out of the country, kids will be with me full time and my top worry thing, they will start new school in September. I am not looking forward to any of these changes. I can only hope to stay positive and enjoy these days as well. 


9 thoughts on “The Vacation … So far

  1. Stay positive..

    Holidays are really going good… and it shows in the article how much you are emjoying..

    I saw the movie the girl on the train..

    Have fun and enjoy….

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