Welcome Lily

So once every few months, a serious “let’s get a pet” fever takes over us. 

(Achu has thankfully stopped asking for a dog, she is just happy with petting every dog she sees. And that’s good for me because even though I would very much like to have a dog, I am not ready for the extra work.) 

So this version of pet fever wasn’t started by me. It was solely kids and Murali. And luckily it was going to be another pet fish. This one would be our fourth attempt at having a pet fish actually. It’s definitely us, all our last four fish died in the bowl. Yeah, we are the fish killer family. 

I was hesitant to get this one but kids were already psyched, even picking names, so with lot of responsibility lectures, we headed to a pet store. This time I seriously considered getting all the cleaning and filtering equipment. To see if that would save our fish. Despite all that we went with the Betta fish, because that fish still has better chances of survival. Achu was so keen on getting some glow fish, which really were very pretty, but we didn’t do that, given our record. I mean if a fish that can even survive in swamps won’t survive in our house, how could we keep alive a fresh water fish? What are the chances? 😊

And so enters our house, Lily. Our new fish. 

Lily is actually a male fish. Achu and Abhi brainstormed a ton of names. Including pretty strange names like Xbox; xbox fluttershy if it was a girl fish; Also Xbox bird house. Abhi was lot into Xbox that day. Other names, Batman, or just directly Bruce Wayne. Booster; Bubbles Beetle Bomb. Best name I thought was Yolo. It was Abhi’s suggestion. There was also the name, Lily wedding. Looks like we are going to host a fish wedding in the future. Anyway, luckily they decided on Lily. So even when they picked a male fish, I didn’t want to bring up the topic of picking another name. So he will be called Lily. 

Lily is doing fine so far. He is eating twice a week. His water looks clean. Achu keeps asking every day if Lily needs to be fed. No body has wondered yet about cleaning the water in the bowl. We shall see how this one goes. Seriously if anything happens to this one, that is it. No more pets for us. Please pray for our Lily’s long and healthy life. And also please remind me to feed and clean. 😃


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