Hi Five

Oh!! Guess who turned five this week. Yep, my little precious twins. I just can’t believe they are already five. Last few years have been sure as hell exhausting, but I just can’t believe it’s already been five years.

Kiddos were surely looking forward to turning five. I was too because it is such a milestone right. I mean turning five is as huge as turning 18, to me. Especially because turning 18 is far far away and I am no way eager to get there now.

I sure hope that time will somehow slow down and we enjoy and cherish more of these precious times.

Coming to the celebrations, I once again had wished to make the birthday amazing and celebrate it in a spectacular way. But like before, I ruined my plans by not planning anything. I don’t know if it’s because I lack help or something else. Point was, our birthday celebration turned out to be just like any other years and I had to tell myself that kids don’t have these expectations about turning five and they just want to have fun.

So, after a lot of debate with myself, I picked a play place for their birthday party. The birthday fell on Monday so I picked Saturday for the party. That way, at least I could do an extended weekend birthday.

The week before, did a little shopping. Nothing major at all. We kept everything low-key. Kids will have some time to play in the play area with their friends, and then cut the cake, eat pizza and then bye-bye. That’s all. Friday evening P and her husband came home. Next day other close friends joined.

We picked super heroes in general as the party theme, so as a little special, we all adults bought super hero shirts as well. I was captain America and Achu was Bat Man. She looks so damn cute in that shirt. These days she wears some of Abhi’s shirts and I love to see her dressed like that. Abhi covered all avengers.

We all took pics dressed as super heroes, went to the party, met friends and the event was over soon.    Before we left I was unhappy about how low-key celebration it was, I guess I still am. But it is really important that kids have fun. Not me throwing a special party, right!!

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Next day,  we had a long drive beach trip planned and Abhi was starting to get sick by then. I was really not interested in driving that long anyway, nor in staying over night, so I opted out. Instead chose to do a day trip to the beach.

Westport is the closest beach to us. Some 3 hours away. This is also the beach we visit often. Thanks to Abhi’s non-stop bathroom breaks, we got there some 4+ hours later. Murali bought kites on the way. I forgot to pack beach toys, but with the nice sunny weather, flying the kites, running away from the waves and simply settling down on the mat, kids didn’t need anything else.

Achu flew the kite high. Abhi preferred to tie a low tail to the kite and run around with it. He also was just happy playing in the sand, while Achu got her feet wet with me. At one time, her sandal floated away. You should have seen her panicking. It wasn’t going anywhere, but still she was cutely worried. Another time, a tiny little wave hit her, she was trying to hold my hands. I didn’t let her, so she lost her balance and fell right into the water. It was so much fun. She loves being the brave one, these days. She will go sit on all kinds of kids rides and even get close to the waves, but still slides are scary for her. 😀

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We headed back home after the trip, with a tasty dinner at an Indian restaurant on the way. Any time, desi food is always my preference.

Next day, was the D-Day. When Abhi and Achu really turned five years old. I had plans to do a birthday hike to a nearby waterfalls with kids but Abhi was super sick by the morning. It is so surprising to me now, that I was not a tad bit disappointed about Abhi ending up sick this day. Finally, I think 5 years of parenting has adjusted my expectations to take whatever comes my way. 🙂

Anyway, like it has happened many times to me, while one kid makes me worry, the other kid brightens the mood. And that was Achu who made my day that day, by dressing up in a traditional ghagra. It was a bright colored one, that P got for her. I wasn’t sure that was a good color, but when Achu wore it, she looked so damn adorable. I mean, rest of the year I am always telling her, being strong and kind is more important than looking good (always, start early), but just for today I basked in the glory of my daughter’s beauty. I was allowed one time. 🙂


My mom made a special birthday lunch for us, like the ones we do on a festival. In the afternoon, we watched Cars 3 movie with kids; Did a short trip to temple. A trip to the store to buy kids birthday presents and then back home. Day was done. I couldn’t get a good picture of them together to remember the occasion. I need to get something done.

That is how Abhi and Achu turned five. Not tiny little babies in diapers anymore. But now they are the ones running away from the waves, flying kites, riding scooters, looking so so adorable and also watching movies in theaters. Next year, they will be something else. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Hi Five

  1. Happy bday to the darlings! I am in disbelief that they are 5 ! Bandar is getting close to it as well . Dil, I think low-key or not they had a lovely celebration all weekend long. Kudos to you for pulling it all off so well

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