Little Moments

It was one of those mornings. It was my turn to take kids to school. I was already late, tired too. Add to that Abhi and Achu need to be told to brush, get dressed, eat etc etc, just about a 100 times.

Finally I get them into the car, trying to buckle Abhi in. Now the seat belt starts acting up. I am trying to push it in. It wont click. Sitting between both the kids, I keep getting more frustrated. “Oh. Commonnnn”. I yell in frustration. Achu who was right next to me, puts her palm on my hand and gently rubs my hands. “Its okay Amma”, she says, trying to calm me down.

That, if you ask me, is one of the most precious things a four-year old can do. Showing compassion.


Abhi and Achu sleep on their own, but by the wake up time, they usually end up in our bed. Even though Achu is in our bed, she usually just wants to cuddle up with her blanket. Unlike Abhi, who is all into cuddling with me. He comes to my bed, I make space under the blanket and he sleeps on my hand as his pillow. And when I wake up in the morning, if he is awake he gives me the most beautiful smile. That’s my morning routine; To wake up and find him smiling.

Yesterday morning, he was sleeping on my hand pillow as usual and I asked him to move. My hand was hurting and so I told him he could go play. Instead, he asks me, “Amma, remove your hand”. I move my hand and he goes to sleep on the pillow directly instead and tells me, “I still want to sleep next to you, Amma”. πŸ™‚

The other day, I was full asleep. I know Abhi was up; he was poking my nose, trying to open my eyes. πŸ™‚ Finally, he gets up to go play and before he leaves, gives me a sweet little kiss on my cheek and walks away. πŸ™‚

I can’t stop going aww on my morning routine with Abhi. I so wish Achu was more cuddly too. But she is pretty happy snuggling with her blankets. πŸ™‚


Just this last weekend, when we were out shopping, Abhi was running around and fell down. He scraped both his knees pretty bad. This one, actually, was the biggest scrape he got, needing biggest band aids etc. You and I might feel bad about kids getting hurt, but kids actually are fascinated about getting band-aids. I mean, we don’t even have the fancy ones, still. This time, I had Abhi sitting in my lap, I was trying to clean him up and instead of caring for the pain, he was comparing his scrape to the one Achu got last time, discussing with Achu, which one was bigger. All of us surrounding him were worried because this looked like a bad one, with more blood etc, but he wanted to know if he was getting band-aids and if his hurt was bigger.

I couldn’t stop smiling that time over silly things kids to. He is better now, still has his bandages.


While we call kids Abhi and Achu at home, they also have various other names. Murali calls Achu, Lalli. Sometime back it was Chikki. Now I call her Chikki too. I also call her Achamma, Achu Talli. Achu Kanna. I think I may have forgotten half of the names already. I also use the same names for Abhi. I call him Abhi Kanna. And one day he decided to call me back Amma Kanna. I was so amazed. I mean, I know kids love me, but when they decide to show that love even in tiny form, I feel so amazing. It’s not just the words he uses, but the way he calls is special too. He is the only one who has pet names for me.

He also calls me Ammi. Possibly because it rhymes with Abhi. “Abhi, Ammi – Β Best friends”, he says. πŸ™‚ Recently I started also calling him “Chinna Babu”. Which means “Small kid”. I think I was trying to remind myself that despite all the complains I get that he doesn’t listen, he is just a small kid and he doesn’t have to listen. So I call him that and made up a song for him calling him “Chinna babu. Cutie babu”. Now he asks me to sing that song for him. He loves to hear me say those words to him.

All this love and the way he cuddles and hugs me all the time, I sure hope he will do that for a long time. πŸ™‚


Picture Post

Because I am so overdue on my blogging and I need to write something quick and easy, I will do a picture post today. πŸ™‚

This one because it shows our sunny shiny summer weather, and also Abhi’s necklace. Abhi made this shell necklace on a knitting thread, with help from Murali and he wore it for the longest time. He didn’t take it off for days. He lost it when the thread finally wore out and broke. But he looked so damn cute with his shell necklace. πŸ™‚


Here are my little kiddos having a chat in the front porch. I have a yellow rocking chair, and I painted a tiny lilac colored rocking chair for them, still my yellow chair is their favorite.

IMG_0369Achu is obsessed with her treasure box. This was something she hung on to for days. She still hates to wash her hair. Giving her a headΒ  path is big challenge for us. But when she finally does, I put her in this koppu sometimes and that’s my reward looking at that cute head. πŸ™‚ Here she is calming down after a crying session, with help from her treasure.

IMG_0676Kids come up with the weirdest stuff. We were dining at P’s house and kids came up with this motorcycle cum sleeping station.


One another treasure collection from Achu.


I really love how kiddos have picked up on their reading skills. While they have so many other distractions, reading always calms them down. Here is my little gal reading on her own, sitting for some reason in the middle of the play room.


One thing I wish we were doing better is with taking kids biking. We don’t give them the opportunity much, taking two bikes in our tiny car to a flat place where they can bike without distractions is a hassle for us. Hopefully next months will be different.

But when we can, we use the garage to make space for them to bike.


Summer time is also about carnival rides. As kids grow up, they are continuing to show interest in rides. And I love the rides too. So I am glad. Achu is more into rides now. This one below was at their little friend Y’s birthday party. I took all the three kids on the rides. While Abhi and Y were scared and wanted me to slow down, Achu wouldn’t want to slow down. Later on, I took her on this ride again, just she and me. I got almost dizzy with how fast we went. She and I both just loved it.

We were at another Summer carnival just last weekend, and I got to go on a ride with my dad. Kids did their own too. Abhi tried Bungee Jumping (more like a bigger trampoline πŸ™‚ ). Achu went on a big-ish ride, all by herself. At some point during the ride, she actually looked bored. She looks ready for more.


Did I mention how much we love reading? We definitely don’t do enough of it anyway, but when we do, we love it. This one was one hot weekend, we settled in the backyard and read books.


Yeah, talk about silly things kids do. One of my summer goals was to go on as many walks as I can with kiddos. Last week, I said let’s go for a walk and Abhi heard that as – Lets pack our school bags, books and toys and go on an exploring camp. Achu tagged along in the same way, of course. So I took them on a little trail instead of our regular route, and they pretended to collect random things. At some point during the walk, Achu was walking on the trail with her school bag on the back, reading a book. Right. Walking is when you read books. πŸ™‚


We celebrated Tatha’s another birthday this month. Just two years ago, my parents were here and we got to repeat it this year.


Tattadadaaaaaaaa.. Look at our new toy. An inflatable pool for kiddos (and adults too. πŸ™‚ ) Kids love it. And have been playing games, slides, cooking shows in the pool, every other day. Here they are making water-angels. Thats how I get Achu to get wet. Otherwise, she would be in the pool, the whole time and not get wet at all.