Camano Island State Park

I swear I want to write about every weekend as it ends, because spring or summer weekends are such a big deal for us and we want to cherish them as much as we can, to remember the whole year. But then life happens, laziness happens and I forget. Our San Diego trip happened a year ago and I still haven’t written anything about it. Sigh! I may have already forgotten those happy moments. I should have written them down.

Anyway, coming back to this summer, like I said, we are trying to make our weekends special. One outing at least one day of the weekend.

Weather has been super crappy this year for us. I know I have said this before, but seriously we lost all of Spring to rain and now summer sunny days are sparse too. Just this weekend and today, it feels like we are living on a hill station. You know the weather? Foggy, little drizzle, bit cold, etc. And to call this almost summer, sigh!.

Among the very few sunny days we had, our first weekend trip was to Camano Island State Park. We live real close to the bay and there are ton of parks around with water and views. Murali and I visited this park in pre-kids era. I don’t remember much from that trip but this one with kids was a good one.


This day was still a bit windy, given its next to the water, but also warm enough so the wind wasn’t a bother. We got here some time in the afternoon, with food packed. Place wasn’t too crowded and kids had fun throwing rocks into the water, eating pizza while playing.


One of the funniest things that day happened when Achu was eating her pizza, a dog came in and just snatched her slice. Achu let go of her slice but wasn’t scared at all. It was so funny – dog ate my pizza. 🙂 We laughed about it the whole day. While kiddos played by the water, Murali and I took walks (not together of course), ate food. I got to sit calmly and read a book. Murali even got to take a nap.


IMG_0174When we were leaving, kiddos found this little log house and pretend camped. We need to take them real camping some time.


It was such a quiet and relaxing day. A good summer day. Seriously, we need to be rid of this weather and need our summer days back. Please give us our summer back. Please….. 🙂


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