This and that, again

I don’t know how to get into a rhythm again. Until then random things it will be.

  • Finally after seven generations of iPhones, Murali and I decided we should get an iPhone. Even with that I wasn’t sure, but for Mother’s Day, Murali just went ahead and gifted us both the new phone. Why is the dad receiving a gift on Mother’s Day is something I will ignore. 😊 I do like the phone, but what I like more is that we bought something we really didn’t need. Something of an nice to have but not necessary. We don’t do much of that at all.
  • I watched Guardians of the Galaxy movie recently and I love the idea of coupling action sequences with old songs. Especially the soundtrack they have in the new movie. I so love watching movie these days.
  • I swear there is a better reason for my lack of blogging. Two reasons actually. I have been recently trying to make time for things I need to. Successfully that is. First one is more exercise. I have joined the yoga classes again and I simply love it. And thanks to a work friend, I have also been making walking trips more than I did before. Bought a fitness watch to go with the routine and now I am serious about making 10k steps every day. I hope the hard work pays off and I lose couple of pounds. All in all, I feel better just getting som exercise into my day. Second reason being that I am also able to make time for reading books. More on what I am reading later, but I am happy what I am getting to read.
  • Weather’s been not so great this year. It’s supposed to be summer for us now. Temps are better but the days are cloudy still. Rain keeps coming back now and then. It’s not so great but at least it is better than crazy winter cold, right?
  • One of my highlights of the past couple of weeks is our Friday evening gathering. We have been trying to meet with couple of friends every week. Except for one or two instances in the past couple of months, we did this regularly. And it is so much fun. Initially there used to be so much snacks that we never got to dinner. Then we started skipping snack. With summer evenings, we head out for walks some times. Kids hang out together and we used to play cards. Last weeks we have done late night movie. It’s so much fun and this is one event we look forward to every week. Hope we continue this routine. We so need this.
  • And that will be the end of my random things post. Also the first one I wrote from my phone . 😃