This And That

Every time I decide to take a little break from blogging, I don’t intend to go long, but I start putting it off by day, another day and suddenly I haven’t written anything down for a month. And when I finally want to, I have no idea what to write. There are just so many things, I could take this as my third full-time job 🙂 . But I wont. So, I will resume with some random things.


As Abhi and Achu grow up, I love sometimes how I can have little grown-up conversations with them. As the only person in the world caring about Abhi and Achu learning proper Telugu (its true, I am the only one trying 🙂 ), I play Telugu songs on our drive to school. One day, Achu asks,

“Amma, What is this song about?”

“It’s about falling in love Achu”

That was a guy singing the song, so she immediately asks, “With a pretty girl?”

Now, how this concept of pretty girl came up is unknown to me, so I tried to correct her.

“With any girl Achu. Or even a boy”. I threw a boy in there as well, just to show her its okay. 🙂 She didnt have any other further questions about falling in love with a boy. Goes to show what standards society sets on kids and us. Doesn’t it? They know nothing about color, gender. Society or we teach them all these things.

Today, she asked me what another song was about. It was just a party song and instead of mentioning it, and since they don’t understand the language anyway, I started to tell her about little things, they need to know about. Even though Abhi is not an active participant in some conversations, he is ALWAYS listening. 🙂

“This song is about how every one is special, Achu”.

“Ohhhh..”, she goes. And that leads to a little conversation between Abhi and Achu about how we all are special. Mission accomplished. 🙂


Murali just got back from a 2 week-long business trip to India, that by all stories sounds like it went awesome. He had fun and ton of good food. He toured Mumbai, Delhi, Agra and Hyderabad in 10 days 🙂 . I am so glad he got to go on this trip.

I have to say this though. This trip just proved how negative I get in my thinking. From the moment his whole trip was getting planned, I was joking in my head, with all the things going on now, how will he go to India and come back in 2 weeks. I was sure there would be something coming up. But every time I had this negative thought, I remembered how much he wanted this trip to happen. So every time I thought something would not happen right, I reminded myself, “Why not? Why would it go wrong?”. And looks like it didn’t (Touch wood) and he had super fun.

I, on the other hand, had a terrible time managing kids and home and work. I don’t want to talk more about the time. Murali came back with a box of Jilebi and that made up for the accidents in that week. 🙂

I also realized what my dream vacation is. It is this: Check-in to a luxury hotel. Not leave the room. Order room service. Only Indian food, of course. Watch TV and eat. No kids or other grown-ups allowed. 😀


Weather here sucks SO MUCH for us, you have no idea. Its been a month almost Spring season sprung up on us, but only in theory. Its been raining for months now. We haven’t had a good warm and sunny day this year. Last year this time, we already toured multiple places, without jackets. And this year, we are still stuck with thick jackets. I hope weather gets better.