Important Questions

As three-year olds turning four, there were few things very very important to Abhi and Achu. You know, for you and me, its like can I have put healthy food on the table on time? Am I being a good mom? Are we healthy?, etc. For kids, it’s quite different.

For example, favorite color. That day or even that hour. Kids casually ask us all the time, “Amma, Do you know what my favorite color now is?”.

For some time it was purple for Achu. Black for Abhi. And that did change several times after that. Achu was at Orange last week. Abhi is back to Black and Grey.

This week she made some slimy blue thing at school. I told her that was good she tried a new color and she says, “But amma, you know I don’t like pink now. I like blue and yellow”. When she joined her old school she went through a pink crazy phase. And we tried a lot to make her pick all colors. Hopefully that’s working now.

Now, another quite popular one. “When is Halloween Coming?” This is really hard to answer, especially on the day after Halloween.

“It’s a long time away Abhi.”
“Nooooo”. World war breaks out.

Then I learnt to give better answers.
“Its only 11 months away, Abhi”. I say with a super excited voice.

“Yayy! Halloween in 11 months”. Poor things. They can’t tell how long the time is yet.

On a related note, Achu asked for a puppy for the longest time. Like, every night, before we go to bed, that was her question. she is also very good with petting dogs. While she might be better to take good care of dogs, they are still lot of work. And I am not over taking care of these babies yet, so one day, I told her, she can get a puppy when she turns 10.

Now, I was ready to hear her protest and all, but she was okay. Poor kid again, she doesn’t know that her turning 10 is a long way from now.

Well, good for me. πŸ™‚ So come back and check on later, in 5.5 years, we will be getting a puppy then. πŸ™‚

All of last year, question was “When am I turning four?” Now that they are four, next question is, “When am I turning five?” “You will be five in 5 months”.

They are patiently waiting on counting down months.

We are not done with favorites yet. Next important thing is, “What is the favorite season?”

Obviously spring and summer are top choices. But sometimes Abhi goes, “Its fall. I can watch leaves fall and change colors”.

The most important question of all, “Are you happy, Amma?”. When they were three or almost four, they would ask me this question every day. It mostly came from when one of them did something wrong and comes back with an apology, they ask me if I am happy to make sure we are back to normal. The other one does too, just to make sure he/she is not in trouble for whatever happened.Β This one I haven’t heard in months now. So, I guess it’s not important that mom is happy anymore. πŸ™‚