Life With Kids

I was reading a book Saturday afternoon. After a long time I found a book that I couldn’t put down and so after our lunch was done I went back to reading it. I took the kids upstairs to our bedroom hoping to make them sleep. But like any other four-year olds, Abhi and Achu hate nap time. So they decided to go against my suggestion and left the room to play.

I let it go and told them not to come back and disturb me. That ask was promptly followed by a dozen “Okay. Amma” and they left. And then this happened.

Minutes later they came back. Like I didn’t say anything about letting me read my book. Of course I knew that was expected. So I smiled and continued on with my book.

As usual, Achu comes up with a new game.

“Abhi, let’s go play – Brother and sister parties all day all summer long.”

Obviously the game also needed them to call each other brother and sister specifically.

“Okay, let’s go sister”. They are off again.

Few more minutes, they are back.

Achu all shy and calm and smiling. “Amma,  I am so nervous to tell you this. Will you be mad if I tell you something?”

“No Achu. I wont. Tell me”.

Abhi walks in with a yellow paper balloon that was supposed to be hanging from the roof.

“Achu was throwing some stuff and the balloon fell down.” I was actually relieved to hear that. I thought she climbed something and pulled the balloon down. Achu is still smiling (She always does that; When she knows she has done small things like these, she actually is shyly smiling with her tongue sticking out).

I take the balloon and send them away, again.

Few more minutes, they are back. This time with a song. Achu is obviously over whatever feeling bad she was supposed to be over the balloon.

“Today is the day. Today is every day. Beautiful summer day…”

Achu was the composer and I am watching Abhi sing in chorus, both of them running around in circles. I keep smiling watching the rhythm and the words Achu is making up.

All right. Gone again.

This time Abhi is back. With something wrong he has done.

I tell him its okay and send him away. Like every other time, he leaves saying a dozen I love yous. He says I love you, keeps looking back at me, almost like he doesn’t want to leave. It’s so adorable to see his face when he has to leave, even if it is to the other room. It’s like he thinks I wont be there when he comes back and he wants to see me one more time. This is all probably just in my head, because that’s what I fear. Fear that these kids are growing up too fast and I wont see these giggles, silly songs and faces after some time.

This time, though, in addition to the I love yous, Abhi says, “Amma..Air hug”, from across the room. He extends his hands around empty space as he is hugging someone. He just made up something silly new. I smile again. “Air hug, Abhi”. I air hug too.

Achu comes to get him now. “Common…. Brother”.

Okay. Gone again. Continue with book.

This time Murali walks in with a bowl of grapes. Apparently he was trying to make and eat Cheese Tomato Lasagna and as lasagna was unavailable, he settled for grapes (Almost the same, right? 🙂 ). And yeah, you guessed right. Kids are back for their snack.

“Guys, if anyone offers you Anchovies, say no. They are fish”. Murali offers a little education to the kids.

But four-year olds are not interested in Anchovies. They surely are about making fake fish names and finding another reason to laugh.

 “BlahBlahBlah is a fish too”.

“Hmm. Thats a good point Abhi. AnotherBlahBlahBlah is also a fish”.

As if I didn’t have enough entertainment for the afternoon, Achu goes onto put on a one girl show about making up meaningless fish names and pretend feeding them to us. Abhi, Murali and I laugh out loud non-stop at this gal’s antics.

Kids leave the room again. Saying I love you wasn’t enough, so Abhi decides to even spell for me. “Amma, LOVE MOM. LOVE DAD”. “LOVE ABHI”, I tell him.

From the room, I hear their bathroom breaks. Achu waiting outside singing Shiny from Moana while Abhi was in there.

Few more minutes, they are back. Apparently Achu didn’t know how to jump from the bed before and Abhi encouraged and helped her achieve that. Great. One more important thing I was supposed to know about.

Entertainment was not done. They went on to do more silly things. Randomly stopping by the other kid, “Hi, Abhi”. Or saying “Hi, amma”, even though they saw me just 30 seconds ago. They were more kisses, I love yous, real and air hugs from Abhi; There was more of Achu’s fake Telugu. More and more silly things surely.

I got to read and finish my book that evening. But I was thinking later, what a sweet afternoon it was when I got to sit and just observe kids. This is our life with kids. In addition to all busy-ness, challenges, craziness and exhaustion, this is exactly how our silly life with kids is. 🙂 And I am glad I at least have memorized one afternoon of it.



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