Little Dreams

One of things Abhi and Achu constantly did in the mornings for few days, is tell us what they dreamt last night. Now, I have no way of validating if they are just making up some story or if this is what really happened, but its amusing to hear about their dreams. Sometimes, I find them in the mornings discussing their funny and silly dreams with each other.

One morning, Abhi tells me, “Amma, In my dream, there was dust on my tongue. And when I was trying to spit it out, my tongue got longer and longer, like a lizard”.

One of Achu’s dreams was scary for her. She mentioned she was being chased by a dinosaur and what happened after that was so scary that she couldn’t even repeat it. Poor thing, judging her voice and face, I think this really happened. Don’t worry Achu. It’s a good thing if we are being chased by dinosaurs. 🙂 We get to see them, for real.

Dream another morning was a scary one too. For Abhi. I was in the dream with him, he said. We were walking by the ocean. A part of shark shows up in the water. And somehow Abhi drowns. He got so sad when telling me this, he said even I couldn’t save him. Oh! boy. That was a scary dream. So I decided to distract him.

“Abhi, you know what I will do? I will use my magic and freeze the water around the shark and then shark can’t move”.  He liked that.

“And then, I am going to put a bicycle under you, so you can just bike out of the water”. He loves that idea too.

“Amma, You have to put two seats on that bicycle. One for you and one for me”.

Before you know it, we continued to build the bicycle and finally it had 11 seats. For his friends and family. And then, he requested one giant seat.

“For what, Abhi?”

“We will take our house with us too”.

There you go. We will be that family riding the ocean on a huge bicycle with 12 seats; For all of us. 🙂

I thought kids said the silliest things, but looks like they even dream the silliest things.  🙂

For some reason, they have taken a break from telling us those dreams these days. I will have to ask them first thing in the morning next time. 🙂

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