Little Things

Abhi brings back his lunch box home, almost full, again.

Me: “Abhi, you didn’t finish your lunch again!!!”

Abhi: “Amma, You know what you need to do. Stop Worrying”.

(I just went wow when he told me to stop worrying. Couldn’t believe he said that. 🙂 )


Abhi: “Amma, you know what? If you add susu to pee, you get soup”.

Introduction of additions, subtractions and spelling to the little guy’s already crazy imagination is what caused this, I believe. Sorry if we ruined soup for you. 🙂


We just got a new toy for Abhi and Achu. Its a cashiers register. With a calculator, scanner, coins and all. So kiddos are playing shopkeeper and customer. Achu is the shop keeper. Abhi comes in.

Abhi: “Hello shopkeeper. Do you have StormTropper socks and DarthVader socks?”

Achu: “Sure. Here they are. Its $10”

Abhi: “No. My son said they are $3”.

Achu: “No. $10”

Abhi: “$3”

Achu: “$10”

Abhi: “Okay. $10. I can still have it. Its okay”.

I think Achu will make a good shopkeeper but more importantly, who is Abhi’s son?


Moana songs are the latest crazy in our house. We are signing them everywhere, pretending to be Maui or listening to them in the car. One of the songs goes, “I am happy as a clam because I am beautiful…. I would rather by shiny… “

Abhi and Achu are singing few words here and there, talking about the song.

Suddenly Achu goes, “You don’t have to be shiny to be happy Abhi.” and goes on to tell Abhi how its more important to be brave and strong.

I think all my lectures about beauty being less important is getting to her. Of course, she still makes sure she sets her hair after she removes her hat. That’s there too. 🙂


According to the unwritten yet binding contract between us, Murali is supposed to drop kids off in the morning and I am supposed to pick them up.

And one day, I broke the contract. I sent Murali to pick them up. As expected, as kids came home, Abhi objected to it.

Abhi: “Amma, you were supposed to come pick us up. You didn’t come. Nanna came”.

He started to cry and throw a fit when Achu interferes.

Achu: “Why are you crying now Abhi? You are already home, right?”

That’s the solid use of logic I have ever seen my kid exhibit. 😀



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