Fall 2016

Fall has come and gone. Well, a year has come and gone. Having kids and being busy means that time flies so fast, you have no idea whats happening. I know everyone says this, but unless you experience this, you don’t know how fast it is. 🙂

Anyway, so I am trying to save whatever is left of my memories for the last Fall. We were going through some pretty rough stuff again. But then we still managed to stay a bit happy and keep kids happy. Picture heavy post ahead. 🙂

Fall always starts with two events. Vinayaka Chavithi and new school year. We had just received some pretty bad news but we chose to forget that and have a good chavithi. Back to school as expected was crazy.


This was the first time I had a better celebration of an Indian festival. Friends came over for dinner and kids got mehendi. Abhi got something car or star thing and Achu went for butterfly. This was a fun night.


Weather got cooler and beautiful. Kiddos kept up with some of the outdoor activities. Did you see how serene it was? 🙂

Fall’s official starting trip. Our first corn maze. Pumpkin patch and hayrides.

 And then began Halloween Shopping. Our most favorite. Shopping almost every week, buying and decorating, talking about costumes. All the fun stuff.

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Compared to last years, we had plenty of decorations this year. But still not enough. 🙂

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We tried out Star Wars Rey and Poe costumes, but the quality was so poor that we had to switch to something else. Here presenting our Little Witch and Storm Trooper. 🙂

We went trick or treating at the town center, our office and then home. All in one day. We also took kiddos on their first haunted garage. They didn’t like it much. 🙂 And of course, face paintings. 🙂

One other small walking trip to a near by Tolt McDonald Park. We were there for kiddos birthday. It was a cold day but refreshing. Kiddos did some pretend excavations, we took some silly pictures. Nice one.

This one was a Sunday night trip to the nearby Mexican restaurant which is basically a quick dinner for kiddos and margaritas for us. See a Mango Margarita at the table. That was mine. And it was yummy. Put me in such relaxing mood, making me smile and forget all the crap that was going on back then. I remember we all came back home shouting and screaming in the car, just for fun and letting it go. 🙂


And finally ending it with the SatyaNarayana Swamy Pooja at home. All by ourselves. Something I liked again. Thanking him for getting us through tough times. 🙂



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