Our Little Readers – I

One of my favorite things from last year is Abhi and Achu picking up reading. I love to see them read books on their own. They sound so cute when trying new words. The interest, focus and the effort – Its just amazing to watch kids read. Since its our favorite thing to watch, I spend more time with them reading than anything else. If we find time, we say, let’s go read BOB books.

But this video began before they could actually read. Murali bought this book “Apple Tree Farm” that came with an audio CD as well. We read the little stories with kids so many times and heard the audio version for so long that kids were able to repeat the story by heart. Thats why I love this video so much. This was a glimpse of the kids reading all by themselves. This audio disc was also one of the few discs we took with us on our San Diego trip. Whenever I think of this video and the audio, I remember out trip. 🙂

I found other videos of Achu reading earlier too. I think she was two and half years old and was just flipping the pages and reciting the whole story. I can hear all the lines. It’s the cutest thing seeing her wearing nothing but a diaper and shirt, reading on the bed. 🙂

Even that other time when she couldn’t remember all the lines, but she was flipping pages of Beauty and the Beast, turning one of the pages, she goes, “Journey went badly”. I cant forget this little moment and her voice. 🙂

So here is Achu reading one of the Apple Tree Farm stories with us. This was bed time too. I was supposed to read this to her. Only I found her reading so well, I started recording. 🙂 She even imitates the australian accent of the narrator in the audio disc.


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