The Kitchen Dream

Last week saw one of my top dreams come true. Well, at least a part of it. 🙂  And that was to own a white kitchen. I have always loved a modern, white cottage style kitchen. And when we moved in to his house almost three years ago, we loved the floor plan, location, space, all of it. Kitchen was not particularly old, but it wasn’t my dream kitchen either.


So, as soon as we moved in, I wanted to upgrade it. Now, practically speaking I knew that meant a year at least. Also I knew we would start with replacing the countertops, and leave the cabinets and appliance the way they are now. They are in good shape now and given that we still have two four-year-olds in the house, it make sense to let them have the chance of doing the kid destruction and then replace it all. 🙂

And I kept waiting. This or that reason, we kept putting it off. Until the debacle of year 2015. When I realized my dreams are coming to an end and I didn’t even get to live the tiniest of my dreams. I realized how I restrict myself from enjoying few things because I think something bad is going to happen and yet the baddest thing happens anyway. And again in 2016. I don’t know if I felt I deserved at least a part of my dream coming true now.

Things were set in motion, on my birthday, last year. Murali arranged for an in-house consultation, where a person comes home with sample stones etc, we discuss options and cost. In all the years, that was the first time we ever got close to getting my counter-tops upgraded.

And then three and half months later, TADA… Here presenting part 1 of my upgraded kitchen.


I have always always always loved the marble look on the tiles. Marble look in itself is not recommended for kitchen because it’s a pain to maintain. Luckily for folks like me, we get the same look of stone in Quartz. And this is what we chose. We toured a couple of places along with kids to pick this stone. That was such fun ride to take kids along on. 🙂 They didnt like it, but I did.


We also got a new sink to go with the set. Called a undermount sink. I now see why its popular. Its super easy to cleanup now.

Two things we changed in this kitchen before the counter tops. New handles on the cabinets which I installed during my winter break and the new tap. The tap story is essentially our life story. We didn’t choose to replace it originally. Our old one was good enough. But one day it started leaking. And Murali and I are so good at putting things off quoting “lack of time” that we didn’t replace the leak for over a year. One day, we just shopped for it; Bought one home; Installed it our self and then again, TADA. New look and I was left baffled with the question, why do we take so long to get few things done? Beats me.


Installing this tap was another fun part. I actually wanted to install it over night and surprise Murali, but didn’t dare to. I thought I needed his help. Turns out I am better at fitting underneath that sink than Murali, so I ended up installing the tap myself. Such a proud moment when you do something you think you can’t do.

Installing the tap this time was  a breeze and now we are struggling with getting the pipes under the sink working. We only have one sink connected now. We are yet to figure out how to connect the other part. Oh! the fun ride of getting there. 🙂

Anyway, I love love love the tile. I honestly wish I never have to cook in this kitchen and can keep it clean. But yeah, that’s not possible. Having a white tile makes the stain more obvious, and like I read, its making me more conscious in keeping it clean. Hope that will continue.

I am practically dizzy with the excitement writing this post about my new upgrade (I also have a bit of fever this week. That’s another reason. 🙂 ) But I do love it. I just keep popping my head into the kitchen once in a while and smile. 🙂 I hope this happiness stays with me. 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Kitchen Dream

      1. Yeah! it looks cool 😀 My brother and I had done same thing on our bedroom cupboard 😛 We would put all stickers there. Mom colored the cupboard later, after many years, when she was confident that we are over it and won’t do it any more 😀 😀

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