Cookie Drama

I found this today sitting in my drafts. Not sure why I never published it. It sure is nice to be reminded of these little things. 🙂 This was I think when Abhi and Achu were just over an year old. Achu was such a naughty gal then. She is now, most of the times, sweet and kind. 🙂

The time I spent with Abhi and Achu in that last apartment is my most favorite. So, even though this is old, I think its time to publish this now. 🙂


Abhi and Achu asked for demanded ‘Cookie…Cookie..Cookie’ seeing them (For some reason, they think saying it more than once is effective) and they got it. While they were nibbling, I asked Achu,  ‘Achu, wont you share it with Amma?’ (I asked her first because I knew she wouldn’t). Achu doesn’t respond. Gives me weird looks. I ask again. Then, she pretends to look away. 🙂 Meanwhile, Abhi comes to me smiling and even without me asking him, tries to stuff the cookie piece in my mouth. He really wanted me to eat, so he was pushing the piece into my mouth. I went ‘Awww’ and told him how nice he was. I asked Achu again and she hasn’t changed her mind yet. Weird looks from her continued 🙂

I took out the phone to shoot a video of Abhi feeding me because he cutely kept coming back to me. As soon as the phone was on recording, Achu jumps in front of me to feed me. See, for showing-off she will share her cookie with me. Anyway, she changed her mind and gave me a tiny piece of cookie to eat. Later when Murali came home, they had cookie again and fed Nanna without he even asking them. 🙂


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