Silly Things

From time to time, Abhi and Achu make up the silliest things. We all laugh. Suddenly it becomes a thing and we go over it again and again. There are things that are easily more than a year old now and we still do it and laugh over it.

Like couple of weeks ago, Abhi, Achu and I were chatting at their bed time. Saying this and that, Abhi makes up a silly sentence, “Fruits and Yogurts Shalo Deetho”. It really didn’t mean anything. We had to do it with a serious face thats all. And kiddos would burst out laughing unable to control their smile. I thought we were only saying that meaningless sentence with funny faces. I laughed with them and forgot about it. And then I don’t know why, the words Shalo and Deetho stuck around. They call one of them Shalo and the other one Deetho. Even talk to each other using those names, “Okay, Shalo?”, “Okay. Deetho”. It’s so funny. We use them sometimes too.

Some evening I was playing with kids. When kiddos came and sat in my lap, I held them tight and said, “Oh! I am not going to leave this baby”. And then they escape somehow. I then say, sadly, “Oh! there are no babies in my lap”. Abhi and Achu come running into my lap. And the cycle continues. This is so old I don’t even remember when this began. I still do this, on kids request.

Feeding time is still a challenge for us. I make up quite a few tricks to make them eat. One of them is pretending like I am feeding some object around them. Like a light bulb or fridge and then while I do that with my eyes closed, Abhi or Achu eat the food. I then ask the fridge how food was, pretend like it told me it didn’t get any food. Then kiddos burst out laughing and tell me they stole the food. This works so great every time (touch wood) but only I get tired doing this for every spoon.

Another one is telling them what their organs are saying. “Oooh! Milk is coming. I am going to be stronger”, say the bones. “Yummy pappu” say the happy muscles. Kids like this so much, they always ask me, for every spoon of food, “Amma, what is my tummy saying now?”. I get tired of doing the routine, but they never do.

Our store manager story is still a thing. This evening, Achu comes to me pretending I am an elevator and asks me to take to another planet. I take her to Mars, she get down from my lap, pretends to step on the planet, walking carefully and jumps back into my lap. “Elevator take me to Venus”. Pretend game evolves with Abhi joining as Sir Navigator telling us where to go while Astronaut Achu tours the planets. There was flower picking on Jupiter; We go see if Planet Nine exists, make up a macaroni planet, baseball planet, pirate planet. Also a beach planet. In the end there was planet called Joy-Land where you throw candy everywhere to spread joy. I decided we all should just live there.

This one is new, not sure how long will this stick around. We will see. I am sure there is ton more of silly things they do. I just can’t keep track of them all. But sure know that it’s so much fun being a child and be able to laugh at the silliest things. Wish we all would ALWAYS find and laugh at the silliest things. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Silly Things

  1. These sound super cute Dil 🙂 There are so many silly things that we (sister, me and mom) still remember and do from many years ago, I cant tell you how fun that is even today 😀

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