Portland Trip

Last weekend was a long weekend for us. One extra day off. This time of the year is so cold in here, you wouldn’t think of going out on a vacation anywhere close by, but we did it. Last month, we booked a small trip to Portland, which is some four hours away from us, along with a trip to my favorite Multnomah falls.

As we got close to the vacation day, it started snowing so bad in Portland, they had like historic snow fall. Usually it rains for over here A LOT, but snow is not very common. So began my conflict. To bare it all, risk it and  make the trip into more freezing weather (and keep up with my new resolution of one trip a month) or stay warm and cozy at home. Of course, such a HUGE conflict, I couldn’t decide. I couldn’t consciously decide to break my resolution already just because I am a chicken. And so I let Murali decide. He decided we are going and so we went. 🙂

As usual, I packed stuff over night, kids clothes – This times I even gave them their own bags; Kids car snacks, candy, ton of winter gear. We take a small  house with us, every time. 🙂

Kids were obviously excited to go. After a trip to Olive Garden for late lunch we reached Portland. Until now, roads were snow-free. We don’t have an AWD car, which makes driving on snow not fun at all. While freeways were super good, inner roads and parking lots were super bad. There is the risk of sliding, losing control or tires getting stuck in snow. And so started my worry. Silently cursing myself for deciding to go on that trip, instead of staying home. I swear every time we had to drive on one of those roads, my heart was in mouth and I swore to myself to not do this again. But like the new adult I am, I also refrained from saying it all out loud (Well, maybe I did only a tiny bit 🙂 ). We finally made it to the hotel. I could actually see sheets of ice on the road. Seriously, the whole place was frozen.

But you know whats wonderful about kids, they have no idea of what the situation is and their only goal is to have fun. Abhi and Achu somehow like going to hotels (after couple of days they do miss home too) and once we checked-in, the first thing kids do is jump on the beds. And so did, happily. 🙂

Plans later that evening were super unclear. Roads were obviously crazy. Murali was even crazier about taking a train to go to Downtown Portland. Place was new to us. So we roamed around trying to figure out our options. When we finally got to boarding the train, freezing weather combined with cold wind hit us. Imagine that. We were all bundled up and kids were telling us their teeth were chattering. We couldn’t put them through that cold anymore. So we headed to Ikea. Yep, furniture store. 🙂

Once we went in, we saw that Ikea had kids drop-off. And of course, who wouldn’t like that. We checked kids in for an hour of play time and went window shopping at Ikea. It was totally unplanned but it worked out superb. Kids had fun, we got some alone time. ( I silently made a list of what to buy next 🙂 ). Dinner at Red-Robin and we headed back to hotel.

Next morning, after a lazy long breakfast, we headed out to the museum. Snow and ice on roads drove me crazy again but once we reached the museum I was better. I love love love museums.  I want to get lost in them reading about every item in there. But this trip was for kids. There was a planetarium here, my main wish for this trip. Last I was in planetarium was in Hyderabad when I was a kid and I love them. This was Abhi and Achu’s first trip. We watched Winter sky stars. It was amazing. We spent the whole day at the museum. This was such fun for kids. They also have kids play area, with white beach sand, water, caves etc.

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We then headed to the second fun event of the day. Watching a movie. We watched Moana. And this was the best movie I watched in a long time. I don’t know if it was the girl or the beach or the ocean or the sand or the songs. I loved loved loved the movie.

We spotted a Indian restaurant pretty close to the theater. Enjoyed a good dinner and made it safe back to the hotel. It was such a day, full of tension and as well fun. I was tired by the time we got to the hotel and hitting bed that time was a blessing. Of course, I stayed up late and watched a movie. 🙂

Next day was our trip back home. To make kiddos and Murali happy, we finally took that trip back to Portland downtown. This was also kiddos first train trip. (Firsts are a lot special to me. 🙂 ) Train ride was nice, Portland downtown so super slippery and freezing, that we headed back straight. Apparently there was a nice library but we couldn’t go see.

After that, it was a quite trip back home, away from the snow. We never made it to my favorite falls. It was frozen even more. So, may be some other time.

It was a tense trip for me, we definitely got lucky. I am not sure I would risk it again, but I am super glad we went on the trip. Its nice way to start the year.

Next month is a special month for us. I am hoping we could make another trip. Lets see. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Portland Trip

  1. Know what you mean by winter trips. I hate then too..And our sedan is not AWD either . We were in Portland in May for our anniversary weekend. Highlight for me was trekking upto multanomah with Bandar. The museum was fun too.. Planetarium being the best

    1. Thats why we didnt go P. I wanted to hike up too and watching the cams that morning, parking lot was so full of snow. There was no way we would have made it to the top. Hopefully, in summer. 🙂

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