Little Things

Recently, we were trying to recollect what was that letter Abhi couldn’t pronounce when he started to talk. One was R, he couldnt say that. Other one, I cant remember what it is, but for the longest time he would substitute some letter and make it so funny for us. Too bad, I didn’t write it down. Like I have always felt, I should go around these guys with a recorder.


I was turning on light somewhere in the house, by mistake, I hit it too fast, so it went on, off and on again.

Achu comes to me, in the most serious tone ever: “You know you are a grown-up. Dont play with the light switch”.


Abhi was doing something funny and silly. As the doting mom, I asked him to do it again, so that I can record it. He replies,

“I hate to disappoint you amma, but I have far more speeching to do”.

I don’t know what speeching it was.


Achu sums up her day.

“Another day I have seen with Abhi and Achu the queen”.


Abhi was crying for something. These days, I assign one kid to help the other. What is the point of having two kids, otherwise? 🙂

Achu goes, “Abhi, if you want my help, stop crying and put a smile on your face”

I swear, she didn’t get this from me.


Abhi sneezes, looks around,

“Is anybody going to say bless you?”


And the most important discussion of my life with Abhi on the potty seat.

Me: “Are you done Abhi?”

Abhi: “No I have to go poopy. I am trying so hard. But it’s not coming out.”

Me: “You dont have to tell me all that Abhi”

Abhi: “But I just want you to know Amma.”

I start laughing at this very important point that I was supposed to know.

Abhi: “Amma, stop. If you laugh like that, I think you are laughing at my bladder.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

Abhi (with the most serious face): “Amma, If you laugh like that, I think you are laughing at my potty tricks….bathroom tricks”

I had to turn around and not see him for a minute. I couldn’t stop laughing at his bathroom tricks.


Now, Achu in bathroom. I am no where near her and I hear her counting.

“One. Out”, “Two… Out”, “Common three”.

When she came out, I decided not to ask her. I didn’t want to know. But kids tell you important stuff anyway.

“Amma, I did three poopies in the potty today”.

Like I said, I didn’t want to know that.



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