Books 2016

I am not done summing up the last year. And I checked, we all have until Jan 31st to write last year posts. So here is my not-so-impressive reading summary of 2016.

So, the goal was 12 books in the year. And I read, drum roll please, only eight. Yes, expectations not met. But no surprise there, I am sure. However, what was weird about this reading was that out of those 8 books I read, I read 3 in the first month and 2 in the last month. Rest of the year I went completing 2 books, and attempting to read and throwing away 3 more. (I can’t count the books I attempted to read, can I? )

Year was off to a good start. I didn’t read the MazeRunner first book, but having watched the movie, I read the second installment, Scorch Trails”. It was okay. Didn’t really blow my mind away. But I can live with reading that one. What I have deep problems with is the third book, “Death Cure”, a complete waste of time. I think the author only wanted to create some sensation with that kind of ending, but I read that book waiting for something to happen and ended up completely disappointed. I remember closing the book and thinking, “Is this it? Really? Noooooo”. Why do authors think they can write anything Zombie related and it will sell? Sigh! Well, if you read a lot of books, you can live with reading one bad book. But like me, when you can make time only for few books, you would certainly want to make it count. Too late anyway, total disappointment, this one was.

Next one I picked after very careful amazon reviews only to say “meh!”, was “Wool”. I still didn’t understand why the name of the book was wool. Really didn’t. This book, at least, was set in dystopian times, so that was interesting. But I honestly expected a lot more based on the reviews.

Every time I read a book, I have a goal. To see, if the book title will go in my loft. I turned our loft into reading room. I have a comfy couch, a bookshelf and these canvas pictures I made of books I love (or are classics). And to fill the next wall, I need more books that I love. I am looking for four titles for my next project. So far, I had “Little Women” and “Jurassic Park”. And two books last year, made it to the list. One was “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. Oh! my, Why have I waited this long to read this book? So far, Little Women and Mocking Bird are the only two books, I would love to read again. Knowing about the story, I thought it would all about violence (which I can’t really read) and this was nothing like that. I cant wait to go back and read this book. I wished Abhi and Achu will be like Jem and Scout. 🙂

Having had some bad luck, I went with known to be hits next, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” and “Anne Of Green Gables”. Both made me happy. Anne was my fourth title for the canvas.  🙂

And the last two from my December reads, were flops again. I picked both these books from the library Choice Reads section but they failed to impress me. This one, “The End Of Eternity”, was supposed to be a time travel classic and it was nothing like that to me. I expected a lot more from this classic. Honestly, this guy, the hero of the book, goes to extremes, just like that. This page, he hates this woman (and everybody) and next page, he will do anything for her. I couldn’t even sympathise with him and was hoping he would fail 🙂 . And all that drama later, it takes the woman just some little chat to convince him to do against his wishes. What! The technology was certainly geeky. But there was no other story to like.

The last one, Invisible Library series, “Masked City”. Maybe it was my mistake I started with the second one in the series, I didn’t love it, but didnt hate it either. It was certainly an easy read. This was definitely better than the time travel classic, to me. 🙂

“Little House on Prairie”, “Atlantis Gene” and “Anne of Island” were the unfinished books. Mostly because I was too distracted to read. I swear I started to read GOT book 2, at least three times, before giving up. I just don’t want to read it or watch it. No matter how much people like it. It’s too barbaric. Maybe some day.

The last one I couldn’t read was Dune. Another classic,  and this, I can see why. I had to return the book last year, but this year, I remembered to go make it my first book. I am reading it now and loving it. That’s what a good book will do to you. It will stay in your mind and will make you read it.

So, here is hoping my reading will be better this year. I promised to read variety and I don’t think I can afford to do that. With few books I get to, I want them all to be super good. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Books 2016

  1. I liked a lot of books that you mentioned. For me, the first Maze Runner book was okay but it got better for me as I progressed. I ended up loving the third part 🙂 Anne of Green Gables and Hitchhikers guide are my favorites but I did not like To kill a mockingbird.

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