End Of Winter Break

It’s done. Three weeks of freedom from back to back routine is over now. I am definitely sad its over, but I am also glad it was a good and productive one. Every time I have one of these breaks, I vow that I am going to make it awesome but of course, things wont go as planned.

First week, was the best and most productive of the three. Kids were in school, Murali at work and I had the house and day time to myself. Monday morning, I dropped off kids and did the silent hurray in car. “ITS MY VACATION TIME”. 😀 😀

I made a OneNote list. Ton of things to be done. I kept adding to the list almost every day and then checking things off the list is the most fun part. I also had time to shop for stuff in no hurry. Because I had time, I just walked through the aisles even though I wasn’t going to buy anything from there. Especially, in Home Depot; Imagining all my future projects, which kind of need ame to be a carpenter or plumber or electrician. But, hey, its my vacation time. I can imagine anything I want. 🙂

First proud thing to be ( and yet the most simple one) was making my healthy breakfast and having it. I was so proud that I even took a picture. Little things, right? 🙂


I paid bills, made phone calls, took care of reimbursements; One of the days, I went in and got an awesome hair cut. I have always wanted to try bangs. And this lady at the place was so nice and she asked me if I wanted to try it. I said, why not? Its all in the mindset, right! And I loved it. I think I am going to always get it and maybe a little shorter next time. 🙂

House projects also made great progress. I installed a new coat hanger in the laundry room. It looks simple now, but boy was I worried about it. But I am super happy at how this turned out. I still need to pester Achu to hang her stuff here, but Abhi even gets his socks to hang on the hooks. 🙂


Our kitchen will be soon undergoing an upgrade. I have been waiting for this for almost two years now. Finally, its time. I did a minor upgrade and changed all the cabinet handles to nice looking pulls instead of knobs. I messed up few, but finally managed it, somehow. Even if it’s a little thing, I am so happy about having these new handles.

Most time-consuming project probably was the bookshelf redo. What a good time I had painting it. This time, because of freezing cold weather, I decided to paint it inside. In the living room. As a staycation ritual, I have to watch Harry potter. And I painted the shelf while watching the movies. I wish I could do more projects while watching HP. It was so awesome. 🙂



Can you believe all of that was just first week? But then, things changed. Achu came home sick on Friday and when their winter break began, she got me and Abhi sick as well. So for the whole of next week, nothing much happened. Except for us running out of tissue boxes wiping our noses. Fevers, cold, cough and tiredness ran their course. I still managed to take them for carousel ride and lunches. Playing in the backyard and snow, all bundled up. (I can never be sure if they are warm enough).

Another snow day. 🙂




Projects with nanna.

Recovery took for ever and Murali took break a day early to help us out. The final week of the break, we took some short trips. Good old Snoqualmie Falls and a Seward Park. It was FREEZING COLD. I am not kidding.



There was only one little project I did after that. Putting up some decor in kids play room. I had a list of funny things Abhi and Achu talked non-stop. Like Achu saying “Okay, Amma. I double promise. I wont do it again”, in response any complaints of mine. Abhi always asking “What do slugs eat?” Achu’s non-stop request for, “Amma, Can you tell me the story of Achu sleeping in the crib and Curious George coming in?”. Oh! We surely told them a lot of stories then. I miss those days. Anyway, my plan was to make canvas with those sayings. I only got two done in the last one year. 🙂 And now they are finally hanging here.


Almost close to new years day, I finished two books. Liked neither of them, though.  I almost went into depression mode, thinking of the routine and exhaustion that’s going to hit me in a day. To my surprise, at around 11:30 PM on December 31st, I realized Jan 2nd was a day off for us. So, one day late to work. 🙂 And guess what? Kids had school. So on Monday, instead of being sad, Kids went to school and Murali and I had a leisure day watching movie in a theatre and eating out. We also went to P’s house.

Our new year day was going rather quiet. During the break, we watched a record number of TV. Kids watch one movie a day, and I watched quite a few as well. On the new years day, we went to L’s house. We have this kind of tradition to have the three kids cut the cake. This time a little cutie joined their family and I had to see all four kids cut the cake. And so we went there, when L proposed we go watch a movie with kids. It was going to be Abhi and Achu’s first movie in theatre. I was a bit scared, but it went so smooth and I was so relieved and happy. New years day ended on a happy note with the movie experience, all four cuties cutting cake and heading back home leisurely to another day off.

Of course, all good things must come to an end and it did. I can’t wait for the next break though. I think I am already planning for it. 😀



4 thoughts on “End Of Winter Break

  1. You are a rock star in craft and DIY projects. I love your dedication and the fantastic results are proof of the creativity, patience and effort you invest from time to time. That’s quite a lot done in 3 weeks of vacations.
    Wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, vibrant, adventurous 2017 ❤

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