Good Things 2016

Today was the day of depression. Unlike other depression days, today I can’t put a finger on why I am sad. Too many things wrong. Too many worries and not an ounce of excitement in me about the new year, which in turn is helping me get to my new year resolutions, but for now, I decided to write about good things in this year. Not really want to think about things that went wrong this year.

  1. Kids, of course. Another year older. A lot grown-up. Honestly growing up deserves a post of its own. A lot has changed this year; The way they act, things they do, things they say, new challenges that come with their age, the excitement of turning 4. Perks of growing up as well. Overall, good year for the kids and I am happy for them. Of course, I think I could have been a better mother to them, but lets not go there for now.
  2. BFF. Honestly, today it feels like I am writing this post only to mention how V has been such a good friend to me. Another year, she was there for me for everything. Every little thing, every big thing. Every day. I almost lost connection this year when I stopped responding to her for couple of weeks. There were things I didn’t want to share with even her. Something about always spreading  bad news. But like the best friend forever she is, she didn’t give up on me. She pinged me every day, despite the lack of my response,  so very patiently. She is the best thing, really. And definitely top of my good things, this year.
  3. With kids little grown-up, we took our big out of town trip this year. Trip to San Diego. I still haven’t written about it, but I will get there. 🙂 It could have been perfect, but the trip was awesome and I will take that. I went on the big rides after a long time and I even went alone. Kiddos had fun with the rides too. Food was good; We went to a temple, drove by the ocean. It was awesome. No matter how the year turned out, I will always be happy about this first official family vacation.
  4. Home. Long over due but slowly and steadily is becoming what I dreamt it will be. I have a long way to go, but at the least, it’s a tiny step in the right direction.
  5. And lastly, changes in me. Well, at least for now I think it’s a good thing. Only time will tell. But I think I am a better me. I expect less, compromise more. I have started looking into some self-help readings that I know I need. First step is knowing I need help right. This is another thing that will hopefully end up on my resolutions list. I also think less of bad things from the past, but only because new ones keep me busy. Okay, stay positive, stay positive.

And that’s it. Now, I will continue with my day of depression and hope that 2017 will be a better year for me. Some miracle will happen and it hopefully will be.



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