Winter Break

It is the most awaited season of the year. Winter break. When taking break from work is okay and schools are closed. I took off work one week earlier than kids school closed this time, so I had time for myself to finish a lot of things on my to-do list. I thought too much wondering if I should take the extra week or not. I might regret taking the extra days off in the new year, but now I am super happy I did.

Like last year, I made a list of things to finish. Mostly home projects. About half of things my list were done and then kids school break began. And you know how much free time that leaves me with. Not much work done in the last two days, but that’s okay. Achu and I are sick, Abhi too. I need all of us to recover first so that we can also do some outdoor trips.

One thing that’s not going well at all is my exercise target. Lack of exercise is killing my mental state. And then when I get to do it, exercise is killing my physical state. It’s crazy. I stepped on the treadmill, 40 mins two days last week, felt awesome and then horrible when my leg pains kicked in. Rest of the week I couldn’t even walk. This is also the reason I quit on yoga. Although I love it so much, 90 mins of it exhausts me out. I have no energy for anything else after I get home and unfortunately I don’t have the luxury to just come home and relax for the night.

And then the cold and headache  joined. I haven’t exercised in a week. And that’s bothering me too. I feel so heavy, hate sitting down, eating rice and go around the day not feeling good about my body. I don’t know what middle ground I can find. I need to try.

In the home projects, I finally finished the bookshelf painting. Well, almost. I replaced the kitchen cabinet pulls as well, as part of my kitchen upgrade plans. You would think it’s easy, but it’s not for me. I managed to screw up 3 so far perfectly. I think I need to head back to the store on how to fix it. I still need to finalize on our countertop upgrades. I installed a new smoke alarm, replaced lights everywhere, got new festive lights and a new coat hanger to help with the kids mess. I tell you, every time I get to the use the drill bit and drill a hole where I need it, I feel so awesome. 🙂

I have also managed to read a book and I don’t think I am liking it much, but I will finish it. Just for the record.

But you know what I have consistently done every work day morning and super proud of? I had breakfast. I had healthy oats and fruits breakfast. Every day. Last week, I even made plans to eat healthy meals. This week for the lack of healthy food available, I am skipping eating. But breakfast is still on. This was one reason I was so longing to take a break. To take better care of myself. Past week I have been wrapped up in finishing stuff, but I need to focus on myself. Go back to yoga and eat healthy food. That’s my first priority. Last week definitely proved that I am ready for my break from work, for couple of months at the least. It’s time I put my needs first. It’s necessary.


2 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. After reading your post i feel like, do we ever get to settle down? I mean i am going through the same situation. I make plans plans and plans. And it takes a while to execute them and make the new changes our habit. And by the time we are happy with ourselves, we have other plans. When does that stop? But anyway, it sounds good that you are doing good with your plan. Having healthy breakfast and all 🙂 good luck with the rest of the things!!

  2. Hope you and the kids are feeling better by now.
    More power to you for sticking to the healthy breakfast eating every morning. May this break help you relax, rejuvenate and find time to do all that has been on your to-list to feel yourself again.
    Happy Holidays Dil and loads of love for Abhi & Achu ❤

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