Holiday Season

Holiday season is here. I am still focused on getting holiday lights up. One side of the house is lit up and I am still working on the other side. I had to pick and change these couple of times, try out different combinations and finally I think the long mini lights that went around the lawn did the trick. It kind of gives the festive look I was going for. 😊


Friends of ours dropped by their kid’s winter train set last year and I have been waiting all year to put these up. I wish this station was real and was also lit up. I need to find some lights for this set. Seriously, I can’t get enough of lights. 😊


I thought all of this was pretty already but then I realized what make it more pretty and serene is my lights with snow. We had snow twice last week and as you know, it was heavenly. Can’t get enough of it either. 🙂

Kids and I took off work/school both days and I am glad we did. Kids got a chance to go play in the snow and have fun. This time, they were outside when snow was falling, it was so much fun for them. I got them all snow ready and sent them out to play. I preferred to stay in the warm weather inside. I got beautiful view and can stay comfy with a cup of coffee. I am fine with that. 🙂


wp_20161205_09_04_32_proSecond snow day was more snow, but we missed the snow fall. This time kiddos raided the backyard, building a mini snow-man (they didn’t have enough snow by then, it was all ice), throwing ice at each other. Lucky me, I could convince them their beach toys were also snow toys as well. Achu told me that it was a best snow day at the beach. 😊


Sure I wish for more snow. But of course, after we all reached home safe and sound. I don’t want to be stuck in snow.

Holiday season also means, its festive everywhere. Huge decorated Christmas trees, lighting, carousel and train rides. We already went on few trips on the carousel. Its Achu’s favorite and this time Abhi is enjoying it too. And we did the train trip through the downtown already as well. It’s so much fun to see the kid’s faces light up on the rides. We should do more.

Kid’s school wraps up this week and they and I will have winter break away from school and work. Hope this winter will be a good memorable one. 😊


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