Good Things

It feels pretty weird that given that any kind of bomb would drop on my head, I am actually trying to write about any sort of good thing happening in life now. But I got to do it. This list is not going to be long, anyway. 

* Drive today. Rain took a break today. So, we headed out for a drive. First there was mountains to see, then lake. None of that happened. But when the little guy stopped us for a bathroom break and I found out there was an Indian restaurant some 30 miles away, that became our new destination. Food was good, best of all, kids ate a good lunch. Canada border was some 30 miles away, so we drove there again. This is the first time I saw a different country from land. I know it means nothing, but I felt good. 

* Back to boots. I love my fall/winter boots. I can’t stop wearing them. I am ready to buy more, but situation at home always stops me from some spending these days. 

* Home shopping again. Exactly a year ago, I decided to not buy home decor from store, but try to shop thrift store and make my own. So, for exactly an year, I didn’t set foot in any of the home decor stores. All that I added new in the last year were thrift store finds that I painted or am waiting to paint. Well, except for Halloween stuff of course. So this Friday, I gave up on that and went wall decor shopping. I was going through the aisles and literally wanted to bring home all of them. But I didn’t anyway. I got two laundry room signs and first piece of decor for kiddos bathroom. That made me happy. 

* Also, a year ago, I decided to force myself to cook better food and not just eat at restaurants. So, in the last year, I didn’t set foot in any of my fav restaurants to eat food. For this exact reason, when we went to San Diego, I made a list of what I wanted to eat and did exactly that. And I also ended this little rule last week. Since giving up, we ate out already 4 times. 🙂 

* And you know what was the most exciting part of my weekend? Our dishwasher that we thought was broken started to work. When I realized, water wasn’t coming in and I knew no body touched those knobs in years, I researched and found out it could be a valve issue. I watched videos, called repair folks, bought the part, attempted the repair myself – all of this going on for weeks now, and we painfully washing the dishes our self. I couldn’t do the valve replacement myself, but guess what. Problem was really that water was turned off. Yeah, those knobs I assumed no body touched in years, was touched by someone and got turned off. And to think of how much time it took for me to realize this wasn’t a complicated problem. Stupid, I know. This is just another classic example of how I think all problems are complicated. Some are really not. It’s important to separate them out. Anyway, dishwasher working again is something that really cheered me up this weekend. I needed that really.


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