The Lazy Long Weekend

Thanksgiving long weekend has come and gone. Just like most of the year. Our wedding anniversary, spring, summer, all four birthdays, end of summer, fall and Halloween. All of them have come and gone. This Thanksgiving I realized that I didn’t even think once about planning a day trip during the break. Usually when holidays are coming, I plan and see if we can go somewhere, but this time thought of travel was nowhere close to my brain.

Hence, the lazy weekend. I planned and took off from work, Wednesday early, to go shopping. Thankful to the stores that realize mommies like me can’t really go Black Friday shopping at 2 in the morning (or not even any part of that day), and have their sales from Wednesday. Isn’t that nice? I beat the rush and got some good deals. I bought sweaters and dresses for me and for kids. I even went home decor shopping, but it didn’t work out much that day.

Thanksgiving break is usually when my Christmas decoration and lights come out. My goal this time was to decorate the house completely and make it look like Winter wonderland. So when I finally decided to go shopping on Saturday for home decor and bought stuff for $50, I thought I had everything I need. 🙂 Turns out I didn’t. I would like all my home to show the holiday mood, and currently only one corner of our home is doing that. So, back to shopping I will be, this weekend (hopefully).


We bought some lights already and I spent Thanksgiving morning fixing them, while kids watched TV and Murali cooked. It was a perfect scene. Most of the weekend rained for us this time. I don’t have a picture, but it’s usually so serene out here when it rains like this. I love it.

We have more outdoor lights to buy obviously, there is a lot of ground area to light up. Remember winter wonderland goal. 🙂 So that’s yet to be done.


Friday morning, we also did Satyanarayana Swamy Vratam at home, all by ourselves. We usually get a poojari to come help with the procedure, but this I wanted to try on our own. Hoping that it would make us more involved with the process and I am glad I did it. It was more peaceful prayer this time than following what being told. I think this might be another tradition for us to keep. We did the same Pooja last Thanksgiving as well. 🙂

Recently, I broke my ‘no eating out at a restaurant’ rule and I have been waiting to go to this Indian place that Murali and I love. Their Naan and Paneer were the most authentic and yummiest. But you know like that effect where you want something so bad, and when you get it, it doesn’t feel that good? We didn’t love the food this time. But still was nice to go eat out and not have to cook.

We also ate out a Mexican restaurant Sunday night. This is kind of becoming our family tradition. Kids love the food here (obviously) and I love the Margaritas. This should totally be our routine every Sunday night, especially given that I get so depressed then thinking about work. We came back from the restaurant and decide to sit next to the tree and sing songs. 🙂


This is also the time of the year when I love keeping my living room in the dark just for those tree lights. I don’t know what is it with these lights that I love, but it just cheers me up. We stopped decorating our tree after a while and decided to get other color ornaments. 🙂 Can you see the red car with tree on top in my book shelf? Isn’t it cute? 🙂


I don’t even remember stepping out of the house except for this shopping and food. I took a nap almost every day with kids. They both have been a bit sick the whole weekend and naps were needed, for all of us. 🙂 Rainy weather did its thing and made us even more lazy.

Here is to more lazy weekends. I can’t wait for the winter break.


Good Things

It feels pretty weird that given that any kind of bomb would drop on my head, I am actually trying to write about any sort of good thing happening in life now. But I got to do it. This list is not going to be long, anyway. 

* Drive today. Rain took a break today. So, we headed out for a drive. First there was mountains to see, then lake. None of that happened. But when the little guy stopped us for a bathroom break and I found out there was an Indian restaurant some 30 miles away, that became our new destination. Food was good, best of all, kids ate a good lunch. Canada border was some 30 miles away, so we drove there again. This is the first time I saw a different country from land. I know it means nothing, but I felt good. 

* Back to boots. I love my fall/winter boots. I can’t stop wearing them. I am ready to buy more, but situation at home always stops me from some spending these days. 

* Home shopping again. Exactly a year ago, I decided to not buy home decor from store, but try to shop thrift store and make my own. So, for exactly an year, I didn’t set foot in any of the home decor stores. All that I added new in the last year were thrift store finds that I painted or am waiting to paint. Well, except for Halloween stuff of course. So this Friday, I gave up on that and went wall decor shopping. I was going through the aisles and literally wanted to bring home all of them. But I didn’t anyway. I got two laundry room signs and first piece of decor for kiddos bathroom. That made me happy. 

* Also, a year ago, I decided to force myself to cook better food and not just eat at restaurants. So, in the last year, I didn’t set foot in any of my fav restaurants to eat food. For this exact reason, when we went to San Diego, I made a list of what I wanted to eat and did exactly that. And I also ended this little rule last week. Since giving up, we ate out already 4 times. 🙂 

* And you know what was the most exciting part of my weekend? Our dishwasher that we thought was broken started to work. When I realized, water wasn’t coming in and I knew no body touched those knobs in years, I researched and found out it could be a valve issue. I watched videos, called repair folks, bought the part, attempted the repair myself – all of this going on for weeks now, and we painfully washing the dishes our self. I couldn’t do the valve replacement myself, but guess what. Problem was really that water was turned off. Yeah, those knobs I assumed no body touched in years, was touched by someone and got turned off. And to think of how much time it took for me to realize this wasn’t a complicated problem. Stupid, I know. This is just another classic example of how I think all problems are complicated. Some are really not. It’s important to separate them out. Anyway, dishwasher working again is something that really cheered me up this weekend. I needed that really.