A Trip To The Beach

In this year, yesterday was our third beach trip. Of course it was unplanned. But the little kids said ‘Beach’ and Dad immediately decided it was the beach. I love beach trips as well. But given that we had a big beach trip to San Diego few weeks ago, I wasn’t very excited. Plus that beach is a 4 hours away and we spend less than the total travel time over there. But, yesterday, beach it was.

We set out a little early, but not too early. We stopped over for lunch way before we reached the beach. We ate pizza at McDonalds. Don’t ask. 🙂 Things we do for kids are uncountable. Beach town we were going to head down to was WestPort. But we told kids it was Seaside. We were at SeaSide beach for kiddos third birthday and for reasons only known to kids, only that place was acceptable for beach trip. So we did what any parent would do, took them to WestPort and told them it was SeaSide. Kiddos happy; Parents happy. 🙂

Surprisingly, by the time we reached the beach, we got down and realized, it was COLD. Not too crazy winter cold, but it was cold. And guess what, in the back of our trunk, we found one of my jackets, one kid jacket, that’s all. Luckily we had bunch of backup clothes. Like a dozen of them. I know it was a lot of help at that time, to warm the kids up, but now that I think about it, I don’t why we had so many clothes in the car. Well, I am not complaining anyway. Abhi wore three shirts and said no to jacket. Achu wore like 3 tops and then put the jacket on. I had my jacket for a while but decided to hand the jacket to Murali and bare the cold. See, things wives do for husbands, uncountable too. 🙂 I am happy Murali was warm, but I have to say, now all our pics are odd with Murali wearing a girls jacket. He was also wearing Achu’s kid yellow sun glasses. 🙂

In total, this was our third trip to WestPort, so we knew where to go. But this was a good surprise. We were walking towards the beach and we found this hut built by logs around. Not sure who took the time to do this, but this was just amazing for us to go settle down in. Especially because it was little cold, we all settled down into this cozy logs hut and warmed up a bit. It wasn’t windy inside. Pretty good view of the beach as well. What else do you need. 🙂

We all cozied up inside for a bit and slowly headed out to play in the sand. Sand was just beautiful. So soft and cozy. Murali and kids played the great act of ‘legs disappearing in the sand’ and ‘warriors coming out of the blocked sand’, while I spread out the beach mat, lay on my tummy and rest. When it was time to leave, it was really hard to get up because I felt so relaxed. Don’t know if it was the sand or the breeze or just the beach itself, I left the beach very relaxed.

When we got to the beach, it was  bit foggy. And that was beautiful view as well. Soon it cleared out and yep, that was beautiful too. Okay, I change my mind. I will be more excited about a beach trip next time. 🙂

Kids had so much with their beach toys, digging in the sand that none of us even stepped in the water. Yes. We went to the beach and didn’t step in the water. This was the first time I did that. I have learnt that water in Washington is never warm enough. Cozy log hut and was good enough for me this time. 🙂

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While heading home, we took a little detour of the marina. Bought some candy and we all had a little candy fest in the car. Eating, sharing and fighting for yummy chocolates. Dinner later, my choice, was a disaster. I am still trying to forget the disappointment. I made a rule for myself to not eat at restaurants as long as we are in town. And on trips like this, is when I want to enjoy restaurant food. But this restaurant was a major disappointment and I wish I had home food to eat. Anyway, next time, we will choose better.

We got home after some 10 hours trip. I bought some shells home, still got to decorate with them in my book shelves. I think I can say that we wont be doing any more beach trips for this year. Unless we plan to go to Hawaii. I am always okay with that. 🙂


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