What has happened to my blogging interests? Honestly, what? I choose to be spending my little time and energy on happily binge watching Netflix, but blogging? Nope. Seems like a big task.

I have so much to catch up on. I looked back few days and it seems like we haven’t done anything this Summer. And summer is almost over. I don’t remember much because, I don’t write that down. It’s some type of thing with me. If I don’t write it, I forget. This is why all my school/college text books will be full of random notes. 🙂

Anyway, I must catch up now. Too many memories lost already. And especially because a very special event happened last weekend. Abhi and Achu turned four years old. I want to say time flew, it did a bit, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel that fast this time. Last birthday I could swear time just flew.

Unlike their last birthdays, this time we did a birthday party. There is the kids favorite farm park. That even we have come to love. If we ever did a birthday party outside, that was our first choice. And I am so glad we went with it. Kids actual birthday was on Sunday, and we did the party on Saturday. That way we could celebrate more than one day. 🙂

Day of party was so cloudy (honestly, summer this time sucks big time). I was so worried about having to cancel the party. But lucky us, sun shined bright and just right, just in time for the party. Even though the party was just kids pre-school friends, I decided to invite my best friends and family. For some reason, I can’t imagine a party without them. And oh boy! that was the best idea. It was just so much fun to celebrate with P, her husband and our other friend family (included a bunch of visiting kids, more the merrier. 🙂 .

P and her husband V were so helpful in arranging, decorating, watching kids. Everything. It is just the best thing to have people. They treat our kids like their own. Isnt that amazing? 🙂 I feel so lucky Abhi and Achu know people that love them so much. P put mehendi for kids. Even Abhi got “Star Wars” written on his hand. Oh, star wars. Yes that was our theme. This time we let Abhi and Achu pick dresses. We did the whole shopping, trial room thing, etc. Abhi picked a Star Wars shirt obviously. And Achu got a Black dress with loads of tiny golden stars on it. It was the perfect dress for her. I was indeed looking for a black dress for her. I didn’t want it to be flowery and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Most of Abhi and Achu’s friends came. Party being outside, I didn’t arrange any activities. Instead I got the kids, couple of balls, Jump ropes, Bubbles, coloring face masks, etc. And it was such a success. All mom and kids set out to go see the animals, but the barnyard was closed. So instead we all walked on the trail and everybody had fun. I bought these bubble maker machine that blows gazillion bubbles automatically and it was such a hit with kids.

We had Pizza, cookies, juice. All easily manageable. Cake was of course Star Wars, BB8 themed. Even we moms had fun. 🙂 After all guests left, couple of close friends stayed behind and we had extra fun, taking selfies. Even cleaning-up was fun. You wont believe it. 🙂

We got home by kids bed time, put them to bed and I watched a Telugu movie online with P and V after a long time. We had Pooja scheduled for the day of kids birthday, that got cancelled unfortunately. So we packed food and set out to a nearby park for a picnic.
Enter Murali, who finds the close by and hidden, beautiful park. With awesome river access. It was so picturesque. Weather was just beautiful this day, despite the otherwise crappy summer. And then the long walking bridge, over the river. Campsites. And the water; Just amazing.

We all had food and fun. P and I went again into silly girls mode and spent most of our time in water. V helped Abhi score his first Peeing incident, out in the wide open. When we were talking about where he did it, Abhi said he will show me where he peed and he asked, “Are you excited to see where I peed?” Hahah. Okay I was a little bit. 🙂

It was such a beautiful way to spend kids birthday weekend. Four years old. Okay, I will say it anyway. Time did fly. Very happily too. 🙂