The Talk Show

The show that never stops; Of course hosted by Abhi and Achu.

To start with Achu’s rhyming songs and sentences.
“Butterflies flutter flutter flutter….Do they need water?”
“Cock a doodle doo. My rock in the shoe. Sitting on the couch, I fell in soup.”
“Darthvader Darthvader, don’t go into space. Because there is dust and meteors at base”
Abhi: If a dinosaur was chasing me, I will put mucus on the dinosaur and make it stick to the ground.
Kids find weird ways to save themselves from dinaosaurs..dont they?
Murali: Where do apples grow? (We have a map of US states with what the places are famous for. So answer he was expecting was Washington).
Abhi: Apple tree.
Can you blame him? 🙂
Abhi: “Amma, I know how to spell ball. B.A.L.L”
Me: Nice Abhi. (I was amazed)
Abhi: “Amma, I also know how to spell cat”.
(I get ready to be amazed again)
Abhi: “T. A. C”
And then Achu tells a story with a bunch of characters.
Saline drops said “Lets get wet.”. Jill said yes. Jeanie said No. Creakie shouted. “I know lets call her Jolly the ladybug.”. Then Millie fell sorry for him. Jolie started crying. Millie, Creakie and Ollie lived happily ever after. End of Beautiful story.
I have no idea who Ollie is. Or in fact, rest of them.
The main thing, I guess, I teach Abhi and Achu these days is to focus on what they are doing. You know, to make them brush instead of sticking the toothpaste on mirror. So “Focus on your job” is something I repeat pretty often. One time, Achu was sitting and crying. I ask her why. She says, “I am focusing on crying”.
Yeah, that she can focus on.
Out of the kids, Abhi was the first one to refuse wearing night time diapers. I was praising Abhi for that. Called him “He is our NO-Diaper pioneer”. Achu, who then hated getting wet and hence was still on diapers, called herself, “I am YES-Diaper pioneer”.
Murali: Who invented gravity?
Abhi: Achu did.
And of course, we will never forget Halloween.
“Five little butterflies going into space. First one dressed as pumpkin. Trick or treating with space shuttles”.
I hope that happens someday. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Talk Show

  1. This is hilarious!! Enjoyed reading them all. ‘focusing on crying: hahahha…..saline drops said lets get wet…hahaha…put mucus on dinosaur and stick him to the ground…good idea!

    Adorable your kids are i believe.

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