Just What Achu Says

Achu in my office, writing letters on the white board. She forgets how to write Q.

“Ohhhh! What in the world is wrong today. I cant remember how to write Q”.

(she didn’t hear those words from us, btw πŸ™‚ )


The other day she accused me of not being a good nose wiper. She got me a wipe to clean her nose and when she was going to, she told me that I only spread it around. As if that accusation was not enough, she ran away to her dad with the wipe. See! In the three-ish years of nose wipings, apparently, I have learnt nothing.


“Amma I don’t want to be a grown up”.

Me: “Good decision Achu. Kids have way more fun than grown ups”.

“Yeah, I know that. That’s why I don’t want to be a grown up”


Achu is telling us another one of her spooky stories. There is a troll not letting anybody cross the bridge, etc., etc…

“And then he found a purpose. He looked in the purpose which direction to go.”

“Hmm. Do you mean compass?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Compass. Then he said….. Compass, compass….show me the way. Or else I will not pay”.

I watched this in her video later. I laughed so much at her rhyming. Its not just this, she is trying to rhyme a lot.


Singing Arthur song.

“What a wonderful kind of day…”

Achu: “Now, lets go out and play”


I was walking silly around the house, Abhi and Achu walking behind me, singing a song…

“As I was walking down the street…down the street…down the street…”

Achu: “With a nice croissant to eat. Hi ho… Hi ho.”



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