Summer 2015

Picture heavy post. 🙂

Yeah, I made a resolution last year to write and post as many posts and pictures about our summer. Every weekend, every trip out in the sun. Of course, I didn’t meet that goal. And the beautiful sunny days and lit up evenings remind me of the last year.

The best way to realize summer is coming is, the sunny and long days, of course. But it’s also people everywhere. Parents from India everywhere, on their evening strolls, when I am coming from home. Kids biking, running around. It’s such a nice sight to see. This is the first thing I notice when we turn into our community. Days are longer now. At least, they feel longer. 🙂 Fresh flowers, grass growing back. Most of all, people out and about. Long day lights. Yeah. We are crazy about spring and summer here. 😀

So, going back to last summer…

We spotted this beautiful rainbow when we were heading out for some trip. Still a cloudy day, but beautiful. 🙂


One of the first trips we took in early summer. It was still windy that day. But look at that sun shine. Given how cloudy it is for us over here, that sub shine is very precious to us. 🙂

Abhi and Achu had fun throwing the stones into the chilling water, while we relaxed on the beach. 🙂


This was a regular trip to Home Depot to buy some plants. And warmer days, also meant….spray painting. The year I turned half-a-pro in painting furniture. 🙂 Abhi and Achu enjoying the ride again, singing. “Driving…Driving in my car. Driving in Home depot. Achu papa driving. Abhi kanna driving.” 🙂


Ahh! The ever so famous Farm park. Bets things about this park. It’s close to us. It has variety of animals; A swing set with beautiful view; And plenty of space to run around. Here we are admiring the Moooos. 🙂 We love the tire swings too. 🙂


This was the time our backyard was in better shape. Lack of care last summer, when I thought we were saving water ruined our backyard. It doesn’t look this nice at all. Here are kiddos helping us garden. They do such good jobs, sometimes. 🙂


One early summer day, I came home and saw Abhi and Achu playing outside with our nanny. That evening we didn’t go inside home at all until it was bed time. Why would we? It was so good outside. Kids played and played and at about their bed time, we went to the grocery store to get chalk to draw here. Our drive way is a huge space to get creative. Thanks to Murali and the kids. 🙂


Then, La lala la…My parents arrived. Here we are visiting the water shed near home. A perfectly preserved swamp, it looked like.


More front yard time… more drawings on the driveway…. more running around. 🙂


Here is my favorite Rattle Snake Park. So spacious, plenty of things to do. Kiddos got super wet here. We even changed their dresses. Splendid sunny day. I cant wait to go back here again. This place is in like my list of places to visit as many times as we can.


Indian style… See the diapers drying? 😀


Weekends are trips. Of course, week days are too. One of our many trips to the parks, biking. Achu wants to bike on her own sure, but she also needs to hold hands with her nanna. Silly gal. 🙂


Best discovery of the year? Splish Splash place. Here is Achu completely drenched on this hot summer day. 🙂


Another trip. To the beautiful Discover Pass. This place has fantastic views. Also a place we must visit every year. 🙂 This lake is always our first stop when driving there.


We found out this year, that this pass has beautiful beach access than the one we knew about last year. Also has camping grounds. And this small but super fun open water park for kids to swim and play. We were not prepared last year. But we should go this time around and spend more time. Abhi found some dead sea thing here. Cant remember what. It scared my mom off, but Abhi was exploring it while Murali was helping him explore. 🙂



My God! THE BEST day trip ever. Ollalie State Park. Why? Because it was not just kids. I got completely drenched too. We were here couple of weeks ago, river was in full flow. But Summer last year, it was kind of slow. This is a must visit too. I feel like I want to take the summer off and go visit these places every day. 🙂 This was such a fun filled day. I loved how calm and relaxing the water was.


Half of our summer pics, Abhi and Achu are in their underwear. 😀 Here, they are watering the backyard with their Tatha.


Just another way to relax. I clean the car seats, she enjoys it.


This was at our all-time favorite Sammamish river trail. More chalk fun for kiddos.


One time, we wanted to go camping, we didn’t have any plans, so we used this little tent to camp in our own backyard, this nice evening. 🙂


And then came the birthday beach trip. I was so looking forward to it, and so disappointed at it. Achu had fun. Abhi was sick and he enjoyed only a bit. Of course. I was the most disappointed. This picture below sums up Achu’s trip. she played in sand, and biked all the time while we were here. We went to this little aquarium, she fed little fish to the seals without any hesitation. I hope Abhi will have more fun next time we go. And of course me too. 😦


I rented this condo next to the beach This is the view of our balcony. Amazing. 🙂


The one thing I enjoyed in my trip is this. When we were coming back, we left the kids to grandparents and took a little stroll in here and got wet. Awwww! Beach. Wish I was there now. 🙂


See, I told you. Underwear again. They decided to cool off a bit here.


One of the many drawings. 🙂


Once in a while, it was cold. Mom made Mirchi bajji and ever so famous dish back home, Operation Bajji. Its mirchi bajj stuffed with onions, cilantro and lime. 🙂 Yummy and spicy. 🙂


A trip I didn’t enjoy at all. But I realized in this spot how much I miss my best friends. 😦 But majestic Mt.Rainier deserves a post here, no matter how bad the times were for me.


More gardening projects This was our major project, last summer. Everybody worked hard. 🙂


And then the rainy days and cold weather kicked in. Kids did their best, but ultimately we had to cut down on our outdoor time.



We had plenty more trips to the zoo, both local and Seattle. Endless evening walks, backyard, front yard time. Skydiving trip, trip to the swing parks; That hot day when we had the most fun running around with sprinklers on. What fun! 😀

Like Abhi would say… “I want summer here right NOW”. 🙂


Just What Achu Says

Achu in my office, writing letters on the white board. She forgets how to write Q.

“Ohhhh! What in the world is wrong today. I cant remember how to write Q”.

(she didn’t hear those words from us, btw 🙂 )


The other day she accused me of not being a good nose wiper. She got me a wipe to clean her nose and when she was going to, she told me that I only spread it around. As if that accusation was not enough, she ran away to her dad with the wipe. See! In the three-ish years of nose wipings, apparently, I have learnt nothing.


“Amma I don’t want to be a grown up”.

Me: “Good decision Achu. Kids have way more fun than grown ups”.

“Yeah, I know that. That’s why I don’t want to be a grown up”


Achu is telling us another one of her spooky stories. There is a troll not letting anybody cross the bridge, etc., etc…

“And then he found a purpose. He looked in the purpose which direction to go.”

“Hmm. Do you mean compass?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Compass. Then he said….. Compass, compass….show me the way. Or else I will not pay”.

I watched this in her video later. I laughed so much at her rhyming. Its not just this, she is trying to rhyme a lot.


Singing Arthur song.

“What a wonderful kind of day…”

Achu: “Now, lets go out and play”


I was walking silly around the house, Abhi and Achu walking behind me, singing a song…

“As I was walking down the street…down the street…down the street…”

Achu: “With a nice croissant to eat. Hi ho… Hi ho.”