Preschool Days

From the time we found out we were having twins, we had this thought of hiring a nanny to take care of the kids. I honestly don’t even remember us talking about sending kids to a day care. We knew having two babies, it would be so much work to get them ready, drop them off, making them more prone to colds and fevers. The list is endless. We didn’t sign up for it with two littles ones and two full-time jobs.

Our first nanny was R. She was a wannabe-mom then. She took care of Abhi and Achu for almost 6 months. She had to leave only because I took a trip to India. We visited her recently and guess what, she has twins now too. Two cute little boys. R was great with kids. She took care of them like they were her own. She bought so many gifts for them. She was the one to buy kids their first shoes. I still remember how they looked. 🙂 Not just her, her husband was so good with Abhi and Achu too. Every time they visit they take pictures, they pamper our kids.

Our next nanny was P. She started working for us when kiddos were just one year old. And she stayed with us until kids had to go to preschool-For almost two years. She was also so great with kids. On thing I will remember her mostly for is how active she was with kids. You know, she read them books (same ones again and again), she took them out in summers, but mostly during those cold days, I would always see her and the kids running around. Another thing I absolutely loved her for was how persistent she was with feeding kids. When she started working for us, kids were really in five percentile of their weights. They were so small. I told her it was one of my big concerns and then, it was easy for me to dictate the menu and even cook. But feeding two kids every day, three meals a day patiently is not easy. We found some ways, but she kept up with the portions and everything consistently. Then kids weights just spiked up. And stayed a healthy number for the whole time she worked for us. I also loved how patient she was dealing with two kiddos. No wonder kids used to call her mamma.

I feel like I have been blessed to have two nannies work for us who took such good care of kids. Like Abhi and Achu were their own. Everyone asks me how could I hire a stranger and leave kids alone with them. And I think you just know. I had a really waste-of-my-money nanny in between R and P and I could tell from day one she wasn’t a right fit. I had to find a nanny P in one weeks’s time because the bad one just left without much notice or help. And I left kids with P completely the second day. The very first day, I could see how she could make it work and how kids were liking it.

Okay, I know this is our preschool days post, but its only fitting to mention what comforts we had before that we lost it all to the preschool days. 🙂 Kids started preschool after they turned three. We chose one school that was close to our home, is home-based. Not that commercial type, but also not easy on teaching. It was right for this age, we felt. Plus lunch was provided, which is a great help for me.

Funny thing about starting preschool was that we prepared kids for weeks before they started. First day of school, they were supposed to stay for an hour or two, but they ended up staying the whole day. First week went great. And then they realized this school thing, they had to do it every day. LOL. Poor things were probably thinking they will go just one or two days and that’s it. They were not prepared for school every day. Then, it took them a month to adjust. A LONG LONG month. Everyday there was non-stop crying and kicking. Only thing we did was talk to them everyday and be persistent. Finally, they realized no matter what they need to go to school and that everyone has a job to do. But even today, there is little resistance but its not too bad like earlier.

Life is so crazy busy with this school stuff now. We are always in a hurry. Wake up, get ready, drop kids off, pick them up in the evening, cook, clean, feed and bed. Its a cycle. Its a crazy cycle that I am not liking at all. I feel that I am losing precious kids moments because of this cycle. I took it easy on cleaning, that didn’t work out well. We started getting some food help, I am not sure how it is going. All in all, I feel lost. Compared to our nanny days and thankful to their care and love, this is so crazy. I don’t have time for yoga, quit it months ago. We don’t even have time to give kids a bath sometimes. Kids weights have gone down considerably. And I don’t remember when was the last time I read them books. Its all about getting through the day so that we can start another one, just like the day before. What a waste of these precious days.

I have been having some crazy thoughts to just quit my work and take it easy. I really don’t know where I am headed with that, but I know its not going to happen. Not for another year. I kind of determined that when kids start public school, I am going to quit. I have no idea if I will or if I CAN do that, given all the obligations I have. I have been trying to do some things to make it easy or may be we are still in that phase we are getting used to this crazy life style, I don’t know. Only thing I know is that I am hating it. I really don’t know if I will feel better about it anytime soon, especially with new projects approaching at work, work load and tensions increasing…I feel screwed. Sigh!!!!

8 thoughts on “Preschool Days

    1. I don’t think so P. I was talking to a friend whose son is in elementary school and when I said, I wanted to take a break now, she suggested doing it after kids started school. Homework, projects, extra classes, etc. I don’t know it all yet.

      I don’t think they will ever need less us less. Taking care of them physically, yes, but for spending time with them…no.

      1. Interesting. Another friend told me to stick with working remote when my child is in elem as i would get afternoons with her. Hard for me to understand now. Somehow seems like i wish i had more time with her now at this age than later

        1. That makes sense. Working full-time to six means kids need to as well. Working remote, you can go pick her up and continue ur job.

          This is a great age to be with them, as much as we can. That’s why I feel the rush to quit. I can always come back to work when they are much older and think hanging out with mom is not cool anymore. 🙂

  1. Even I feel like quitting job you know. I hate going to work. After what you have written about nanny, I feel I should reconsider my decision to go with daycare. I will email you more about this

    1. Sure Ash. Its a very personal decision but I can tell you what I think. Hang in there. With new baby its more challenging, but personally I think its more useful to take that break when D is little older. Of course, longer breaks are always good. 🙂

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