Rain… Green… Light

It rains for us over here about three fourths of an year. And you would think that if we saw it rain for another day, we all people will go crazy. Well, we do go crazy sometimes, but most of times, we are rain loving people. Once in a while, stuck in a bad traffic, cloudy skies or rain, gets annoying. But if we have a minute to relax and look at the weather really, it so pretty. So serene. This picture was taken from my front porch last October. See how serene and beautiful it is? This day especially wasΒ  a crappy day for me, but my mood got fixed and my mind was at peace later, all because of this serene weather.


Last summer, we added this rocking chair to our front porch. I painted it yellow because we wanted it bright and shiny. I really loved the color. It was almost end of summer, and I would sit in this chair, sip coffee and enjoy the surroundings.

Our front yard used to be very different. One day, we spotted a tiny little green striped snake in these bushes. We were told it was a garden snake and is harmless, but who wants to risk it, right? My parents were here that time and I didnt want them or kids to see a snake, lose balance and get hurt. Even if the snake didnt hurt, just randomly seeing one can make people go a bit crazy. So I proposed we clean it all up and keep it open and simple. Everybody agreed. And then I also proposed that instead of having someone come and do it, we clean all this ourselves. Everyone disagreed. πŸ™‚ That happens. Finally, Murali changed his mind and took care of this all by himself. My proposal was to do this together, but dont know why, he actually did it all by himself. You know, I really like how clean it looks right now, but I like it more because Murali took care of it all without paying for someone to do it. I mean, isnt that what makes all the difference? You see something and you love it more beause its a product of your labor. I am that type, I love doing some hard work than hiring people. This logic, however, doesnt apply to cooking at all. That I would happily pay someone to do it for me. πŸ™‚
All the clutter gone. Doesn’t the transformation below look beautiful?Β Β It was all Murali’s idea. He gets all the credit for this. Design and effort. πŸ™‚ I look at this every time we are here and think of all the effort he put in. Makes me so damn proud. πŸ™‚
WP_20150824_001Thanks to the rain, there is so much green in here. But the fall season and finally the harsh winter kills it all. Every tree and plant bares it all and just manages to survive. But this week, it looks like its almost time for the end of winter. There is tiny green things around the house, that such pretty fresh green leaves and grass growing all over again. So beautiful.
Murali and kids have been working on planting some daffodils and Tulips bulbs in our front porch. And one naughty bunny is making such a mess. It smells the sowed bulbs, digs everything out and then leaves without eating. If the naughty bunny decides that tulips are not tasty, shouldnt it sow it back?
Abhi said naughty bunny needs to be taught a lesson. Achu said naughty bunny should come and apologize to us. Of course, they know none of that can happen, so they made this sign asking bunny to stay away from the garden. πŸ™‚ The bottom left corner picture you see is Achu sitting in her chair, waiting for the bunny. πŸ™‚
Today, I was coming home from work at around 6 and I noticed how there was still sun light left. Usually at about 4, its all crazy dark skies for us.. for months. Finally, it was so nice to think of Spring and Summer. More fun times, outdoors.
Like a curse, every summer, my work life turns upside down. I know asking for it to be fixed wont help, but I at least hope that we will be able to enjoy more sunshines and outdoor time this time than the last years. πŸ™‚

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