Spooky stories

So, how long have I known that Abhi and Achu are really good at talking? How many times do I feel that every day? And yet, how come am I so amazed to listen to those words. Those adorable sounding words and the cutest expressions. Really, just minutes ago, I was listening to Achu tell me various things that happened at her school today and I was just looking at her amazed, thinking when did she learn to do all this talking? 🙂 And I hear them blabber every day. 🙂
Achu is really good at telling stories and singing songs. She follows tunes easily, turns regular sentences into some tune and sings. Recently she started telling us spooky stories and we are all fans really. Like, we are camping and all of us are sitting in circles. Abhi does well too, but soon he diverts into superheroes and people eating bugs :). So we have to stop or call ‘the end’ on his story. Achu’s stories are true camping stories. Last week, one morning, both kiddos wakeup and run to my bed and Achu starts telling a story. I remember the story well. A frog, dog and bear were walking in the woods. Then two monsters come in. One monster hits others. Another one bites. She says all this with so much drama voices. Then some scary things happen and finally bear teaches the two monsters a lesson. The End.
I was so amazed really at her story and expression, next time I recorded all her stories. It was so much fun to sit and listen to her.
Here is one bad witch’s story. Some of this, I think, was influenced was Rapunzel movie she was watching on the weekend. Witch turns a kid into flower. Then there were the slippery snow mountains. And the story went on. Then suddenly there was a sea monster. 🙂   I was laughing out loud when she turned the whole story into the usual question these days. The one she always asks is, ‘can we go trick or treating now?’. Latest one, ‘when can we get a dog?’. I told her she can get a doggy when she turns 10 years old and she asks me everyday when she will turn 10. She managed to sneak in three dogs into the story, Elsa, Sugar and Ginger.
Here is another story of a good witch who shared and cared for friends, she is woken up by animals in the morning and then next to these animals is abhi,achu’s house. Then, she turned the story into a puppy story, again. And apparently after abhi,achu got the dogs, they lived happily ever after. 🙂
Today, she told me about things that happened at school. I packed her snacks today and she apparently thought I packed her lunch. So she told her teacher she got lunch and then together, they both checked and then, lunch was ‘GONE!’. That was her expression. There are so many tiny tit-bits about how some kid went to sit on the thinking chair, how Abhi had a pee-pee accident, how some kid didn’t sit properly at circle time and on and on.
Abhi is good on his little stories too. His talks are, you know, always like free gyan. Like how somebody is doing bad behavior at school and why that wasn’t good. And soon, he would be doing the same thing he swore a minute ago was not acceptable. Its like he never said that 😀 Its hilarious with these kiddos.
I really don’t know when they got to talking like this, but I do hope it wont stop. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Spooky stories

  1. I have started writing bandar’s stories in a book. She dictates while i write fast. Guess blog works just as well:) These stories are so cute. Hope they are entertained reading these when they are much older

  2. Such cute stories. Its always surprising when kids talk. I visited my cousin in Bangalore recently and was shocked and amazed to see who well her daughter talks now. I had met her just 3 months ago but in the past 3 months her vocabulary seems to have increased 3 folds. I want more stories from Achu.

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