The New Ottoman

Blogging seems like a lot of work these days. I don’t know why. It is not like I don’t have anything to write about. I have ton of stuff to write and try clear my head, and yet I write nothing.
Anyway, something that happened few minutes ago today is making me write this post. I am just excited at something I just finished. Another home decor DIY, of course.
Few weeks ago,  I saw these IKEA lack side table makeover ottoman and it immediately got my attention. Because we have two of those lying in our guest bedroom. I am really not a fan of those; They are very basic thing and definitely not my style. But the DIY project was to turn the table into an ottoman; That means the possibilities of making it over are endless. You can pick any kind of fabric.
So, I just started prep weeks ago. Like my ‘one book a month’ goal, I also have ‘one DIY project a month’ goal. Otherwise, I keep piling on the list of things to do, without actually getting to it. So, making over the ottoman was going to be project for this month.
First things first. Supplies. This is the first time I actually bought a tool to make a project. It is called a staple gun and it may be my favorite tool yet. Honestly, I get a kick saying that I own a tool. No matter how small it is (What is it with me? 🙂 ). It just is like a normal stapler, just this works on harder surfaces like tables, etc. I got the gun from amazon and then bought the staples locally. I was going to buy a crafts foam but I found this insulation foam from the local hardwood store, it was a perfect fit. I didn’t have to cut it nothing. I already owned some spray glue. Today I bought some batting and with Murali’s help picked a fabric. And then Ta tada…..da……


See what I got now. A beautiful looking ottoman for the base of my bed. I need to finish the second one tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to post it here. I may paint the legs a different color later, but for now, I absolutely adore this new table. 🙂
Using the staple gun was SO easy, I went on stapling the whole thing. Awww! The projects I can do with this, canvas pictures I can build are endless. My whole house might be full of canvas pictures now. I might starting selling them. I am so psyched. I love my handy little tool and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I turned the boring table into.
Achu (who is still awake at 11:30 PM – who also put me through a nightmare two days ago), was so cheering on when I bought the ottoman into the bedroom. I cant wait to see Abhis and Murali’s reaction tomorrow.
That’s all the writing for now. I will go and enjoy this mood for now. Tata. 😀
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