Talk Show

I think of my old Abhi and Achu talk show posts and then wonder writing about something like that now, but I don’t think its possible now. Earlier, it used to be a cute line or a word (or two), so it was easy to remember and jot that cuteness down. But now, its non-stop chatter of funny and cute sentences and phrases one after the other. Non-stop. I laugh every day at these conversations, especially now that Abhi and Achu are soooooooo good at talking to us or each other. I know I want to write it down, but unless I turn on a recorder, I cannot remember the whole thing.
Anyway, I will try to write and remember at least these things they said.
Achu is doing a stage show. Standing beside the slide.  Behind the slide is her stage area and her audience is on the other side. Toys come in as her guests. She does something funny with each toy, laughs. Then it was Abhi’s turn. She announces,
“Now, for my next surprise… Abhi….Amazing gentleman”.
I don’t know what they did after that but I laughed so hard on Achu declaring Abhi was an amazing gentleman. Lets wait and see what she thinks of him in the near future.
“Can babies play in an instruction site, Amma?” Abhi asked me. I didn’t know if they made instruction sites. Wouldn’t that be nice? I will keep the kids on that site always. Make sure they get all the instructions for life. In fact, I think all new babies should be sent there. After all, haven’t we parents wondered if babies would ever come with a manual? This would solve that. Push the quality upstream, type of thing.
Anyway, I realized later that Abhi was referring to construction sites. Not instruction site. So, no Abhi. Babies cannot play in instruction site.
“Amma, if somebody is playing with Legos, they are Lego’ing around”, said my amazing gentleman.
“Amma, I am philosophical when I go to school”, said the gentleman again. I don’t know what that means. However, from what I heard from the last parent-teachers conference, he is anything but philosophical.
And then the amazing hostess asked,
“Amma, What do you call a scientist who studies sleep?….. A sleeping scientist”
“Achu, Eat your food”
“Amma, Look, I am eating so fast”
“No Achu, Don’t eat slow. Don’t eat fast”.
… After a while,
“Amma, look. I am eating within speed limit”.
And that time she put her tiny chair on the couch, sat on it and sang, “Santa Santa Santa……Santa Clause…Santa….Santa….Santa….” (in the tune of happy bday to you)
Achu is on Phone. Hmm. That’s remote actually. She is pretending to talking to someone. Like she says something, waits for a response, listens for a while and then resumes talking.
“That would be A.B.H.I, ”
“No no no no…”
“Oh man….”
I think she called some customer service. 🙂
Abhi did something. Achu did something. Now they are arguing. Achu tells him nicely.
“Don’t be so generous Abhi.”
Well, she may have misunderstood the meaning of the word generous. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Talk Show

  1. Oh my god! Such eloquent little kids you have! 🙂

    Amazing gentleman and hostess are too cute! 🙂

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