Happy Indoor Painting

Before summer wrapped up last year, I luckily had time to finish two of the beautiful refinishings I did in the last year. A table for the window side of our bedroom and two end tables in the living room. Really, I loved how both these pieces of furniture turned up. I picked up this sofa table and two end tables for $40. Score. What a deal it was.

Picking colors to paint is always fun and crazy. There are good chances you can go wrong when painting the room in different colors. Our bedroom is in blue-ish theme; I am trying to make it into beach theme, not sure if that is happening right now. 🙂 Pinterest is full of this color called Robin’s egg blue in Matte finish and I think this is one of the best spray paints I used. Such a beautiful and elegant finish. I sit on my bed and admire this color almost every day. 🙂 Picture on the table is of Murali and me at Snow Lake. Its a beautiful picture, until you zoom in and see the dog peeing in the picture. Once you see that, you cant see anything else in the picture. 🙂

Now, coming to living room, I have no idea what color or theme it is turning up into. I have the black leather couch, that darkens the entire room. And looks like I am trying to add loads of bright colors here, in random. Anyway, at least for the these end tables, I wanted to keep them close to the color of the curtains. So Murali picked this color for me and then, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but now I really like it.

Then the summer ended. I thought I was done with my painting for another year. Sigh. I was really sad. Then I came across a fabric painting tutorial. I was so excited knowing that I could actually pick up a fabric chair and actually paint it the color I want. It may also have been just about getting to paint again, without having to wait until next summer. 🙂 Anyway, thank my lucky stars, I found this perfect condition wingback chair with ottoman for just $25. The fabric is not something I like at all, but the wood and foundation is so good and chair is so comfy.

Achu agrees the chair is super comfy. 🙂


So I picked up chalk paint (again, in a different blue shade) and a paint brush. Happy painting season with spray paint was over and now was time for indoor painting with old school brush. I tried painting with rollers couple of days okay, that project was a big flop, but painting with brush with chalk paint was fun. Unfortunately, painting fabric was so different from wood.  And again, this piece of furniture became my guinea pig. I painted it so many layers to cover the darker fabric. Finally gave up and bought another darker shade of blue and painted the ottoman with it. And then I decided that I don’t have the patience to paint the rest of the chair. 🙂 I wrapped it up for now, just painting the base wood, a lighter color. I know, this looks so odd, but I am not touching this again now. Maybe, again when I am bored and have energy. 🙂


Luckily, I took the opportunity to do more indoor painting and finished the other end table in our bedroom. The other end is green and blue. I was trying to get rid of that flashy green, so I switched this one to the same base color as the painted chair above. At least, now I can see matching colors in the room.


And that is how, I found out that I dont have to wait until next summer to wait. Now, as usual, I am back to finding more funiture pieces to paint. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy Indoor Painting

  1. That chair looks super comfortable! 😀
    And the paint job is also damn good! I keep going back to that pic of the chair in the corner. Its so inviting! 🙂

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