Talk Show

I think of my old Abhi and Achu talk show posts and then wonder writing about something like that now, but I don’t think its possible now. Earlier, it used to be a cute line or a word (or two), so it was easy to remember and jot that cuteness down. But now, its non-stop chatter of funny and cute sentences and phrases one after the other. Non-stop. I laugh every day at these conversations, especially now that Abhi and Achu are soooooooo good at talking to us or each other. I know I want to write it down, but unless I turn on a recorder, I cannot remember the whole thing.
Anyway, I will try to write and remember at least these things they said.
Achu is doing a stage show. Standing beside the slide.  Behind the slide is her stage area and her audience is on the other side. Toys come in as her guests. She does something funny with each toy, laughs. Then it was Abhi’s turn. She announces,
“Now, for my next surprise… Abhi….Amazing gentleman”.
I don’t know what they did after that but I laughed so hard on Achu declaring Abhi was an amazing gentleman. Lets wait and see what she thinks of him in the near future.
“Can babies play in an instruction site, Amma?” Abhi asked me. I didn’t know if they made instruction sites. Wouldn’t that be nice? I will keep the kids on that site always. Make sure they get all the instructions for life. In fact, I think all new babies should be sent there. After all, haven’t we parents wondered if babies would ever come with a manual? This would solve that. Push the quality upstream, type of thing.
Anyway, I realized later that Abhi was referring to construction sites. Not instruction site. So, no Abhi. Babies cannot play in instruction site.
“Amma, if somebody is playing with Legos, they are Lego’ing around”, said my amazing gentleman.
“Amma, I am philosophical when I go to school”, said the gentleman again. I don’t know what that means. However, from what I heard from the last parent-teachers conference, he is anything but philosophical.
And then the amazing hostess asked,
“Amma, What do you call a scientist who studies sleep?….. A sleeping scientist”
“Achu, Eat your food”
“Amma, Look, I am eating so fast”
“No Achu, Don’t eat slow. Don’t eat fast”.
… After a while,
“Amma, look. I am eating within speed limit”.
And that time she put her tiny chair on the couch, sat on it and sang, “Santa Santa Santa……Santa Clause…Santa….Santa….Santa….” (in the tune of happy bday to you)
Achu is on Phone. Hmm. That’s remote actually. She is pretending to talking to someone. Like she says something, waits for a response, listens for a while and then resumes talking.
“That would be A.B.H.I, ”
“No no no no…”
“Oh man….”
I think she called some customer service. 🙂
Abhi did something. Achu did something. Now they are arguing. Achu tells him nicely.
“Don’t be so generous Abhi.”
Well, she may have misunderstood the meaning of the word generous. 🙂

Happy Indoor Painting

Before summer wrapped up last year, I luckily had time to finish two of the beautiful refinishings I did in the last year. A table for the window side of our bedroom and two end tables in the living room. Really, I loved how both these pieces of furniture turned up. I picked up this sofa table and two end tables for $40. Score. What a deal it was.

Picking colors to paint is always fun and crazy. There are good chances you can go wrong when painting the room in different colors. Our bedroom is in blue-ish theme; I am trying to make it into beach theme, not sure if that is happening right now. 🙂 Pinterest is full of this color called Robin’s egg blue in Matte finish and I think this is one of the best spray paints I used. Such a beautiful and elegant finish. I sit on my bed and admire this color almost every day. 🙂 Picture on the table is of Murali and me at Snow Lake. Its a beautiful picture, until you zoom in and see the dog peeing in the picture. Once you see that, you cant see anything else in the picture. 🙂

Now, coming to living room, I have no idea what color or theme it is turning up into. I have the black leather couch, that darkens the entire room. And looks like I am trying to add loads of bright colors here, in random. Anyway, at least for the these end tables, I wanted to keep them close to the color of the curtains. So Murali picked this color for me and then, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but now I really like it.

Then the summer ended. I thought I was done with my painting for another year. Sigh. I was really sad. Then I came across a fabric painting tutorial. I was so excited knowing that I could actually pick up a fabric chair and actually paint it the color I want. It may also have been just about getting to paint again, without having to wait until next summer. 🙂 Anyway, thank my lucky stars, I found this perfect condition wingback chair with ottoman for just $25. The fabric is not something I like at all, but the wood and foundation is so good and chair is so comfy.

Achu agrees the chair is super comfy. 🙂


So I picked up chalk paint (again, in a different blue shade) and a paint brush. Happy painting season with spray paint was over and now was time for indoor painting with old school brush. I tried painting with rollers couple of days okay, that project was a big flop, but painting with brush with chalk paint was fun. Unfortunately, painting fabric was so different from wood.  And again, this piece of furniture became my guinea pig. I painted it so many layers to cover the darker fabric. Finally gave up and bought another darker shade of blue and painted the ottoman with it. And then I decided that I don’t have the patience to paint the rest of the chair. 🙂 I wrapped it up for now, just painting the base wood, a lighter color. I know, this looks so odd, but I am not touching this again now. Maybe, again when I am bored and have energy. 🙂


Luckily, I took the opportunity to do more indoor painting and finished the other end table in our bedroom. The other end is green and blue. I was trying to get rid of that flashy green, so I switched this one to the same base color as the painted chair above. At least, now I can see matching colors in the room.


And that is how, I found out that I dont have to wait until next summer to wait. Now, as usual, I am back to finding more funiture pieces to paint. 🙂

Christmas Break – I

Breaks are always a nice thing. Especially when its a break from kids, work, kids, home, kids, work cycle. A cycle that goes on every day for almost 300 days of an year.  So, when the month of December is approaching, there is cheer everywhere. I am not sure if it is just the holiday spirit, some people like me are just happy to break the routine, do extra shopping, go on unplanned trips and have fun with the kiddos. Honestly, the last few months have been so crazy that, this Christmas break, I felt like I am seeing my children after a long time. Okay. May be  a little exaggeration, but it was some what close to that.

Our plan (over Margaritas, made couple of months ago), was to take two trips every year. One small trip. One big trip. Small trip happened to be the beach trip for kiddos third birthday in summer. But the big trip never happened. Yeah I dreamed of Cancun, Hawaii, Cabot. All stayed the dream. Why, you ask? No reason. Just didn’t happen. That’s it. The plan stays so maybe next year will be that? We will see.

So, coming back to our happy break, despite the record cold here, we managed to step out of the house and make happy memories. There were trips to the shopping centers, kid’s first carousel ride, a train trip. Love for anything Star Wars related increased. We set out on a road trip one day and landed at the beautiful Snoqualmie falls. I have such fun memories of this place, visiting with my friends on my first trip to US. Unmarried, no kids, not much responsibilities, happy job, great friends. What has that been like? I cant remember. 🙂 Anyway, this was a short trip on Christmas day, but serene and beautiful as ever.


We binge watched Great Britain Baking Show on Netflix and drooling over all those yummy delicious treats, we set out to find a bakery that was open. We had to get some good stuff in to our tummies. It being Christmas eve, no bakeries were open, but we were persistent. One has to be, when it comes to yummy delicious treats. 🙂 We found one, finally and savored tasty high calorie stuff. We plan to go back soon.

We also welcomed a new pet fish. Again, I know. The last one, Buthabey, passed from some…umm.. fish problems. Buthabey was P and Murali’s responsibility, so we will just blame them. This time, its a she-fish. After much deliberation over naming, we named her Dory (From finding Nemo). There were some strong contenders for naming the fish. I preferred Boo or Indominus. Abhi wanted to call it Rexy. Achu wanted to name her Buthabey again. Hmm. What was she thinking. Buthabey is clearly a guy fish name. Anyway, she later suggested Dory and we went with it. Since Abhi named the last fish. Dory is swimming fine for now. She will continue to, if we don’t forget to feed and change her water.


Then there was more shopping. Who knew, it would be cheaper to buy Christmas decorations after Christmas is over. Seriously, I scored so many goodies for $30 and saved them all for next year. Yayy me. I want to forget about the cakes and the cupcakes I ate (and still eating), but of course I cannot. I can see them on me now. 🙂

Then there were more trips. To the snow mountains. And then the beach with a pleasant twist. I should save that for another post because so much happened. 🙂

And hey, our christmas tree was all decorated too. With two special stars from the kiddos on the top. 🙂