Silly Jokes

I don’t think I can begin to document what Abhi and Achu talks are like these days. That would be so impossible given the kind of things they say. I really wish I had some sort of recorders around them recording every word of theirs, every laugh, every sound. All those things that are so funny and amusing to us. And those silly jokes and silliest stories, every day…. 🙂

One weekend, Murali and I came home when it was Abhi and Achu’s bed time. We promised to bring them Blueberry Muffins from the grocery store and I made up a silly story about that. It was about me going into the store and asking the store manager, “Store Manager. We need blueberry muffins for breakfast tomorrow”. Store manager goes inside and instead of muffins, he gets us, say a ‘dungenous crab’. I tell him, “Silly guy. We cannot eat crab. We need muffins”. ANd the guy says, “Oops. My mistake” and he goes back to get the muffins and he instead gets us a lamp. Story continues that way. 🙂 It was the silliest story, but Abhi and Achu laughed so much. Its been almost a month we started to tell that story and it’s still a hit. Nice thing is that we can do any variations of what the store manager brings back and it makes the kids laugh so much. And of course, looking at those laughs, we laugh too.

Another one of our silly stories is called ‘funny words’. Simple enough, and again, super popular with kids. I think it started when we trying out the rhyming words with kids. Seeing them laugh at some words, we made up silly rhyming words for every word and kids enjoy that so much. Just say to them “Rainbow, dainbow” or “tiger, piger”, they are laughing already. Whats more, even kids can tell ‘funny words’ now. They call it jokes. “Amma, I am going to tell you a funny joke now. Okay. Here it goes. Diplodocus, Slicodocus”. “Okay another one. Octopus, Goctopus”. They laugh so much at their own funny words and silly jokes. Of course, so do we. 🙂

The most recent one is called “Funny human being words”. Don’t ask me why it’s called so. Abhi named it that way. One day kids walked into the kitchen saying to me, “Nanna, what are you doing?”. Joke is that they refer to me as nanna, as if it was a real mistake. And then laugh and say, “Oh! You are not nanna.”. Like the rest of our silly jokes, this one can be done with so many variations and so we do. “Dinosaur, finish your smoothie. Oh! You are not dinosaur”; “Fridge, wear your pants. Oh! You are not fridge”. Funny. Funny. 🙂 This one has been going for over a week now and it doesn’t look like we are going to see the end of it anytime soon.

Abhi and Achu have somewhat grasped the concept of “store”. They think store is place where we can go get anything. Like, when we are out of honey, Achu says, “I know. Lets go the honey store and get some honey”. That’s right, but the problem comes when we are the grocery store and kids want to buy something. I tell them if they have their own money they can buy it, because whatever they wanted to buy is not on my list. And Achu says, “Okay. Lets go to money store and get some money”. I laughed so much. I told them that “money store” is called a bank and we need to save first to get some money But I really wish there was a money store where we could just go get money. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Silly Jokes

  1. Wow! It really made me laugh, silly jokes! One just wonders how kids these days are so smart and learn everything so quickly.. Like the money store reply!

  2. Awww…..this is prolly your cutest post ever! Superb. Its amazing how you cant plan your jokes. sometimes your oscar winning act wont get a chuckle. and sometimes, they’d be rolling on the floor over a slip of tongue 🙂

  3. These silly stories will occupy the fondest spots in your memories for a very long time 🙂
    I could relate to them all because all of it has been happening in one version or the other at my end too 😀
    I love the way Abhi & Achu have started connecting everything to be brought home to a ‘store’.

    Oh yes, we all need a ‘Money Store’ don’t we 😉

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