Fun On A Very Hot Day

End of June, we celebrated one year of moving into our new home. Yeah, I had a post to write about, but I didn’t. Seriously,Β I need some motivation and time and energy to get back to blogging better. Anyway, we didn’t celebrate as in celebrate, but I at least remembered that for over a week. One thing that I constant feel is that we did buy house at the right time. Right time for us, I mean. Kids have so much space to play and run around. Nice parks around. Plus our wonderful backyard.

Ever since the summer started, we had plenty of good moments in the backyard. There was the time we all did some gardening, picking out the weeds. And then we put our play tent in the backyard and did some evening camping. And then daddy and I played some badminton letting Abhi and Achu be the bird boy and bird girl. That means, each time the bird fell down, they would run on the grass, pick it up and give it to us. We even assigned them spaces. Give our badminton talent, kids were running lot and got some serious exercise πŸ™‚

Here is our bird gal. That spot next to the blue ball was her spot to run to after she handed over the bird to us.


Last weekend was different kind of fun. And this was the most fun I had in a long time. It was a super hot day and we were going to head to the usual splash place which kids love and get all wet, but seeing that they were too cranky after their nap, we decided to do all the splashing in the backyard. It was the best idea ever. πŸ™‚ Because it was not just kids who got all drenched, Murali, my dad and I did too. Seriously, the fun thing I did in a long time.

It started out with a bucket of water filled out and two little cups handed to Abhi and Achu. We were going to let them get all wet, but, they decided to get us wet. Little cups of water were picked up and dumped on Murali and me. They did take turns though but Murali ended up getting the most wet.

But then that was over quickly. Where is the fun in getting only a little wet. Always go big right? And so the pipe was turned on. Every body was wet top to bottom. Kids enjoyed the most, trying to run away from the water and then again running into it. Our whole garden was wet. Some much needed water for the grass I know, given that this year we decided not to water our backyard. I have good such pictures of everybody wet. Oh! It was just so much fun. Whoever had the pipe literally ran behind the rest, chasing and getting them wet. It was really a hot day and this cold water was so good on us.

After all the running around, apparently, kids were tired, so they went back to their bucket; resting their legs in it. But then fun was not over yet. Next up was the sprinkler run. And seriously, I am very against wasting water (which is why we are not watering backyard this year) but man, I could do this every day. Trying to run through it, feeling that water force on you, so awesome.

Abhi decided to not just get wet around the sprinkler, but to run, exactly in the middle. And everybody followed. They would run through the sprinkler, go all around the big plant and then into the sprinkler again. We were all laughing so much that I am sure our neighbors noticed all the fun. πŸ™‚

I cannot pick which pictures to best, each is the best to me and so, here are many of them.

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Here is wishing for more and more hot days. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Fun On A Very Hot Day

  1. What fun summer activities ! We’ve been playing badminton in our empty living room. But Bandar doesn’t let us play though. She wants to hold the racquets.Not happy being bird girl at all here .

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