The New Hobby

So, I picked up a new hobby last year. Refinishing old furniture aka spray painting.The interest originated from the ever so awesome Pinterest and it did take me some time to get into my comfortable zone. And that was because my new hobby is weather dependent and since I began this little experiment at the end of summer last year, I had to wait for the spring/summer weather to get here. Only then I could resume.

Unlike other new hobbies, this one, is saving me money too. And it is so huge satisfaction for me to make something (well, sort of) and this is part of me decorating my home, so its double win for me πŸ™‚

The DIY project of refinishing old furniture caught my attention pretty quickly on Pinterest, but I did take my time to get into it. Which is why I kind of started painting so late in season last year and that time, I didn’t even know that winter weather is not good for spray paint. Like any other hobby, I learnt so much by making mistakes; Going back and fixing it. The first one I painted was a set of end tables for our bedroom. We picked up this used furniture, free from someone. Only after I finished the first piece, I did learn the things that I didn’t come across while researching. I learnt how much sanding I needed to do. I learnt how to not make common over spraying mistakes; Good spraying mechanism came with practice but most importantly, from my first project, I learnt how to choose colors and finish.

Here is the first one. You can see the original table to the left. I was for some reason, very excited about the colors I picked then. I love pop of color. I love my home not just in a single color, but color palettes that go together, spread throughout the room. I love bright things. Or so I thought, but this one was a mistake. Colors did go okay, but this was not the combination I wanted for our bedroom at all. Plus I sealed the painted table off with gloss shining. Mistake. Only after this experiment, I realized that I love only the satin finish and not gloss.

WP_20150320_001 WP_20150727_020

The hardware is all original except for one. Lucky, I could pick up something similar from my current favorite store, Home Depot. πŸ™‚Β  (Honestly, if anybody is wondering what a good birthday gift for me is, it would be a gift card to Home Depot or another home decoration store πŸ™‚ )

I only painted one of the end tables for now. Looking at the colors, I lost interest in painting the second one. But I need to get to it soon, as it is taking up space in my garage.

I still liked the blue I used above. So, I decided to use the existing can to makeover a single side table we had. This one had a pretty bad cup ring, so I had to sand the whole top deep down to the original grain. For the first piece, I worked so hard sanding so much, I realized it wasn’t necessary. Not at least for my case. Who wants a perfect finish. I liked my furniture with little nicks and ticks. So this end table got only the top sanded and rest lightly sanded to take the gloss off. By now, I was also learning what number sanding paper to use (and all sanding was manual πŸ™‚ ).

I didn’t want the table to end up like above, too much color, so I left the drawer in its original form to contrast with the rest of the table. Here it is sitting in my blue-ish themed loft. I still need to find a table lamp for this.


Next one, was the super fun one. The first two were painted very carefully and took time. But as I gained experience, I was painting more quickly. I knew how long to wait between coats and when to redo. This one I ended up painting one whole can in one instance and had to go back to Home Depot to get another one. I love it when I empty paint cans like this πŸ™‚

You can see the original piece and little Abhi in first picture. Wow, it was really ugly (to me). I moved the refinished table to Abhi and Achu’s bedroom to make place for the thousands of things they need to keep on the table. I emptied like 50 books and toys from the table before taking this picture.

WP_20130822_025 WP_20150727_019

Okay. Next, my favorite of all. Because this is the one, I sanded correctly as needed, chose the satin finish and I love how it turned up. I absolutely love these colors. Looks so elegant because of the finish. Hardware is all original too. This one was supposedΒ to go into our bedroom, but since kids room needed more space (how come their stuff is so much bigger than ours already?), its in kid’s bedroomΒ now. I can’tΒ find a picture of how it looked originally, but it used to be regular wood finish.

WP_20150727_015 WP_20150705_021

The latest one today in the making. This is by far the quickest one I refinished. We bought these used bar stools for the kitchen island. I have entire kitchen redesign in plan, so I had to choose the color carefully. We picked the color this afternoon. I came home, sanded, cleaned and gave it two sprays of paint. Now, after 48 hours, it needs to be sealed off and it will head back into home after some drying in the sun (to take the paint smell off). I wanted to wait until I finish the second stool as well, but I cant wait. So, here it is. In the making.Β (You can also see my work area here πŸ™‚ )

Β WP_20150727_004

WP_20150727_005So, that’s my new hobby. I am getting better at it with every attempt and I love love love doing this. I am so glad I tried. I literally had no experience or help except for reading what is on internet. Murali and my parents are also so supportive. Especially for the dresser I painted above, my mom was more excited about when will I finish it. πŸ™‚

I cant wait to find another piece of furniture to paint. Before this summer ends, I need to finish a coffee table that’s sitting in my living room and move it to loft. I also need to paint the second end table. I am looking for two rocking chairs and a small table for the front porch. I want to paint them white. I know the look I want. And I cant wait to find those furniture pieces and paint them. Now, if you have some old furniture sitting around, ship it to me. Painting bug has bit me pretty bad and I am constantly looking for what I can paint next. πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “The New Hobby

  1. This is fantastic Dil πŸ˜€
    I am super impressed, I think its time for me to find a colorful hobby similar to this (though can’t try this, cause we had the new furniture made just last year).
    You go girl. Keep it up!!

  2. This is interesting. I am a painter myself so I can really feel the love for colors and the excitement to redecorate old furniture into DIY art pieces.
    Great work. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG that is superneat! And i mean literally, neat, as in how dextrously you’ve done that….no spills, so frays…wow!

    They are all gorgeous but i love that blue chair! too good!

  4. I am all happy to see you like this πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ it looks lovely let me be a thief to carry all the furntiure from your home.. it all looks lovely and you have a super collection of furniture at home. A gentle idea to it. why can’t you stencil one corners so that the table top will not look plain…

  5. The furniture makeover looks awesome. What kind of sanding tool do you use? How do you know how much sanding is needed? Also how do you seal off the paint job. Sorry too many questions but I am trying to give a makeover to a stand and doing it for the first time.

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