The One With Four Trips In A Day

Last Saturday didn’t start off well for me. Despite heavy disappointments on Friday, I had an awesome day, that day, doing something I always wanted to. That evening felt glorious, but as the night passed, the disappointment kept coming back to me and Saturday morning felt crazy. But there was this new confidence and good feelfactor with me because of Friday and I decide to go for a walk. This was probably the first time I ever went for a morning walk in a long long long time. But I came back to crazy kids and my restless mood. Day was getting hotter and kids, more crazier. So, I took them out to their favorite swing park. Swing park time for me means, switching between the two kids swinging, pushing their swings, say, every 30 seconds. Despite my mood, it wasn’t bad.

We headed home some time later, my mom fed them lunch, we got them to their afternoon naps and I decided to do something about fixing my mood. What else can fix my mood? Shopping for home decor. 🙂 I had a list of things to shop for and I headed out with my parents to my favorite place. Any store that sells home decor. 🙂

My mom is very fond of malls and then we went to was not that big, but it was very nice. I bought a pair of wind chimes for the front porch (same for amma, too). We spent quite some time deciding on what flowers to buy for the vase I was adding to the loft. We also bought flip-flips for everybody, like 6 pairs. We bought one of each color available. 🙂  I was looking for a summer wreath for the front door, but I instead bought two wall hangings; One for my living room that says, “Enjoy Your Summer” (which we plan to) and one for kids room that says “You Are My Sunshine” (Yes, they are). There was this baskets I was looking for, for flip-flop storage, but didn’t end up buying any. We also bought new flip-flops for Abhi and Achu.

I do like shopping on my own now, but it was very nice to have someone to talk to actively and decide what to buy. There was also this candy my dad picked up, which we emptied, pretty much before we got into the car. Shopping happily, eating candy, with people who care. Bliss. Even otherwise, shopping really puts me in good mood. I came home a happy gal.

See, this is why I need to shop regularly for home decor. 🙂 It helps me heal and forget things. After we came home, we got the kids ready and took them to the nearby park, that we all have come to love. And this park trip was such fun, I almost forgot all about my bad mood. There are some farm animals in here, a little trails around, swings again, a special tire swing. Just such a sweet one. Even though Achu insisted on swinging again, we took the little trail to get to the special tire swing, only to find kids ditch the swing and occupy the park bench with us. My dad, who loves to freely lie down on the grass (and thinks all the grass here is clean – comparing it to India :)) just relaxed on the grass. Next Murali joined him. Abhi then. And Achu. I didn’t try, but it was such fun way to relax. We all teased amma about not packing pulihora and vadalu, because food would have made that trip perfect.

This is how we relax
This is how we relax
A weird tree and a dancing Achu
A weird tree and a dancing Achu
Check this tree out
Check this tree out
Happy people
Happy people

But of course, there was food. A new restaurant opened up near our home and while all the guys, headed down there to get food, us ladies, stayed back in the park and enjoyed more of swing time. Well, Achu and me did. Amma relaxed next to us on a nice bench. I love the swing settings in this farm. It overlooks the end of the park, a nice road and huge trees. It’s just so beautiful to be swinging over there. If we ever do a party for kid’s birthday, this might be the place. Kids didn’t even go see any farm animals this time, but they did pet a cat and Achu, of course, pet a doggy named ‘Dynamo’. She LOVES dogs. 🙂

We came home and amma, again took over the dinner duties feeding kids, while I enjoyed a super yummy Mango Kulfi, Murali saved for me. It was so yummy. The day before, I promised Achu, I would take her on exclusive bike ride time (our second bike broke, so kids had to share one and Achu didn’t like that at all). So, past dinner, we made another trip to the school park for more kids fun time.

A nice summer evening
A nice summer evening

This is the beauty of summer. Outdoors time is endless. We can stay outside as long as we can and as late as we want (well, I mean, a little more than usual).

This was one truly nice Summer day and we used it to the maximum. Four trips in a day and I, actually, went to bed that night with swollen legs, but no complaints 🙂 We love you, Summer. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The One With Four Trips In A Day

  1. Loved this post. Having parents with us, is such a bliss right?! I do love to take my parents to the mall.. my dad especially loves visiting the different malls here 🙂 Lol at pulihora and vadalu.. my amma is the one packing pulihora the minute she hears the word “trip” 😀 😀

  2. 4 trips in one day. You inspire me. Having parents around is always fun. I live 10 mins from my Dad but when he comes to our home it makes me happy.

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