The Sleep Story

Kids sleep story has always been a crazy one. First, with both of them sleeping in the same room, then split to different room, then again, back to one (because of necessity), split again and then finally, after we moved to our home last year, sleeping in the same room with us.

After I started prepping Abhi and Achu’s bedroom, few weeks back, I was really hoping that a new room would motivate me and the kids to sleep on their own beds and in their own room. But it wasn’t happening. The reason was me. I, somehow, couldn’t come to terms with kids sleeping in a separate bedroom, without my supervision over-night. It was something I really wanted to do, because I know kids needed that, but also something I didn’t have the courage to do so. Well, it wasn’t like, if there was an intruder at night, I would fight him and save the kids, but if there was an intruder, I would at least like the kids to be in the same room as I am. I knew it wasn’t practical, but I couldn’t just do it.

Enter the crazy kids. Abhi stopped wanting to sleep in the crib. Achu wanted to sleep late and wake up early. Abhi wanted to do the opposite and wake Achu up early. Resulting in a cranky Achu. Well, and me. So, I thought I would separate the kids again. One of them would sleep in the kids bedroom with Murali and the other one with me in our bedroom. That way, all is well. Everybody gets to sleep and kids are monitored at nights.

It turned out kids had different plan. Because of the brand new room, and crazy big beds. Aha. Who wouldn’t like that right? First night, I was going to move Achu into the new room, Abhi tagged along. Don’t remember how, but we were talking about who will sleep on the yellow bed first and how they will take turns. They still wanted one of us to stay in the room until they fell asleep (They take a sweet one hour every night), but at least they were not complaining about not wanting to sleep in cribs, or about wanting to sleep in our big bed. Okay, I gave up. If kids thought they were ready, how can I deny that? I have to say, even after they fell asleep, I would constantly check on them every hour to see if they are still in the room. I thought Abhi would roll-off the bed, despite the rails, so I checked again. I pressed and pressed the baby monitored to make sure it was working. For few nights, it really wasn’t going well for me. But, slowly, I got used to that idea. I still worry a bit, but I am better than before, I guess. Even now, I tend to run crazy every time I hear them wake up (which is at least once every night, if I am lucky).

So that was going well, I guess. The next thing to do was to make them sleep on their own, without anyone staying in the room. It’s not that we have to help them sleep, only stay in the room, browsing on my phone until they sleep. I still wanted to get rid of that habit, so that I could go eat or work. This was the time when my favorite “Powerpuff girls” show came up (Bubbles is my favorite). Abhi and Achu were crazy about the show, only because we didn’t let them continue watching it (we didn’t think they were ready yet). I just used that craziness to make them sleep on their own. I told them, they could be strong and brave like Powerpuff Girls. It took couple if nights for that talk to sink-in, but it worked finally. That one night, Achu told me, “Amma, you go out and don’t come back. I will sleep on my own and I will be stronger like ButterCup”, I was so on top of the world. Seriously. 🙂 Soon, there was requests for big hugs and big kisses, a little bit of bed time reading and lullabies playing, and we left the room in few minutes. I still have to answer a ton of questions over baby monitor. Like if they could do susu in diaper or if I am done eating or ” when is my father coming?” 🙂 Yesterday night, Quite a few times, one of them asks “I want my amma or nanna” and the other one says, “Amma is eating mammu. She will come after she eats”. 🙂

After the switch, the morning routine was a bit crazy too. Me shifting one of the kids into our room to let the other one sleep, but, overtime it got so much better. Cut to now, kids wake up on their own schedule, and walk into our room by themselves for an extra nap with me. Last week, they woke up at the same time, talked to each other for few minutes and came to me, telling me “We got everything we need”. Everything was  a book, two blankets, a green dinosaur toy. Achu, almost always want to nap with me, while Abhi wants to go and play already.

The schedule keeps changing once in a while, especially with sick kids and Murali’s tendency to fall asleep with kids, but its pretty nice to feel that we crossed another milestone. Kids sleeping on their own, in their own bedroom, own twin beds. But of all, them waking up in the morning and coming to me for cuddles. That is the best part. 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Sleep Story

  1. It is always a little emotional when this change comes about. But it is also nice to get a good night sleep in your own bed. Congratulations on the big step and enjoy the big hugs, they are always special 🙂

  2. Awww…so cute…
    remember DOR…this phase of sleep issues will pass too…
    Soon they will be happily sleeping in their own beds , you won’t jump out of bed to check on them…

  3. Awesome dil. This is an achievement. Their chatter is so cute. Hope you are enjoying their new found independence too. Its hard as a mom. I am so torn on what I want…We can’t even get Bandar into her own toddler bed in our room. But then given our recent nomadic life we are all squashed in one queen bed. Just going back to a king is exciting for me right now. I am ok with Bandar with us too as such.Figure she will stay here till maybe 8-10 and go to her own room with her hypothetical sibling then.

    1. Yep. I am savoring what ever I get from these. Its an everyday challenge, but its nice to know how it will end. 🙂
      Move is hard on kids. Oh hell, adults too. Give her time to settle down. On the other hand, new place and excitement is a great way to make new changes. 🙂

  4. That is a major accomplishment Dil – Kiddos sleeping alone in a different room! Hopefully one day I will be there too. Hehe still trying to to take baby steps at parenting. How have you been? It’s been sooo long since I commented on blogs. 🙂

    1. Hihih. You will get there Ash. Parenting is better learnt in those babies steps. 🙂 I am good. Hope you are all comfortable now with the little guy. 🙂 That’s okay. Take your time. Your hands are full.

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