More Random Things

Alright. What would you write about if you are forcing yourself to write something? There is no cure for the block. Is there? So, I must write whatever that comes to mind. Aka. Random things, again. I know. I know.

Our little miss highness started something last week. It is usually our other mister highness that brings home fevers, cold, coughs etc. But, for a change, Achu bought home a cold. And how smart of her. She bared it for about two days and passed on the full version of cold, sore throat, fever, headache, etc, –  the whole package, to me. And then I did my job and passed it on to Abhi. Little boy took it up another notch by adding dry cough to the package. Hmm. Needless to say this week has been a crazy week. I almost forgot what it used to feel like. But one thing I did notice is how kids are grown up from the last sickness weeks we had (almost a year ago). Achu vomited at three in the morning. Not on the bed. In the bathroom sink. No fuss, nothing. After she was done, she told me, very calmly, she wanted to sleep in my room and after I agreed, she calmly walked to the room, all by herself and waited for me to come to her. You have no idea how big of difference this is. Compared to dealing with babies being sick, this was much better. It still hurts to see them sick though. Add to that me also being sick this time, made my whole week a mess. We are still waiting for this to pass. And you know, each time someone gets sick, it always starts on Sunday. Always.

Speaking on messed up weeks, Murali is back from his trip. His trip was good. I managed all the work with kids fine too. I did set some limits to myself to not push, get over tired. I gave up on cleaning the playroom, kitchen etc everyday. I asked nanny to cook for kids so that I don’t have to spend time on that and I managed eating something out of the box. Murali enjoyed his trip as well. Ireland is beautiful place. But, the highlight of the trip was that he lost his phone in the cab. Again. This is not the first time he lost his phone in a cab. Sigh. Good thing was that for few days he was phone less, so, you know, he was more present in home. Memorial day, when I was heading out, he looked up and told me that my hair looked good. Hihih. Yes, I am blushing. I was actually on my way to a facial, shopping and haircut appointment and I postponed the haircut for few days 🙂

Murali’s birthday was also on the week he was not here. I made a little video with kids singing him “The Dad Song”. It was hilarious shooting that video. You can imagine how hard it must be to make two three-year-old sing and do some little dancing and say happy bday at the end. It took me about 15 takes, different cues and finally a bribe. But I got it. I loved how natural they looked especially with the happy bdays at the end.

When Murali was coming home on Sunday, we made plans to surprise him with cake and balloons. But he kind of surprised us by reaching home earlier than expected. Only, kids and I were not home then, so we rushed home quickly. By the time we reached home, kids were asleep in the car and lucky me, got a nice big little hug that made me very happy. Achu who woke up first, immediately was all awake looking at him, saying excitedly, ‘Nannnnna’. Abhi only woke up when he heard that Nanna got some gifts for him. We all did get some nice little gifts. I got my Eiffel Tower for my fireplace mantel. I would have planned something big for his birthday this time as well, like his surprise birthday last year, but he wasn’t here, so he missed it. His loss, really 🙂 .

In other news, my parents are coming over next Wednesday for a 5 months long trip. This is the first time I am looking forward to having them to get some extra help around. With all the chores, kids and work, Murali and I are getting so tired that I want us to have a break from cooking at least, to make a little more time to spend with kids, etc. I am also looking forward to getting Murali to eat something nice. I feel like I haven’t cooked much in about a month. When he was gone for a trip, I didn’t cook at all. Next week, kind of got lazy and then I got sick and didn’t cook. We have been managing left overs, togo food etc., but I would like for Murali to have something nice to eat. So I am looking forward to having mom and dad come here and spend time with us and kids. But I am also equally scared about the trip, because of how gran parents over pamper kids. I have to be extra hard on kids only because they don’t follow or set any limits. And I don’t like that. I believe that every member in the family should equally pamper and discipline the kids, which is what Murali and I do. But with over pampering grand parents around, it gets so tough for me to set limits for kids. No amount of trying to make them understand helps because they are not ready to listen. Huh! It’s a long battle. We will see how it goes.

Weather has been great around here. Except for last one week. We are trying to take nice little trips as and when we can. Sunny Summer days are so much fun to have. 🙂


8 thoughts on “More Random Things

  1. Hope kids are better now. Yes, sick kids are little better than sick babies- younger than two I mean. Five months with parents sounds nice, Dil. Enjoy it fully. And belated BDay wishes to M.

  2. Hahahaha. Cold is a package deal. One person in the family catches every one gets it. I hope you three are doing better now. I am glad that your parents are coming and you can relax a bit atleast.

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