Random Stuff

Do you ever feel like you have so much to write about and when you actually get to writing, you don’t know where to start? It happens to me all the time. So here I am today, trying to write something and all that comes to mind is some random stuff. Okay. Random stuff it is, then.

* My mom, dad and my sister’s son are currently touring Bangalore, visiting my aunt. She happens to my be my favorite aunt of all, also my dad’s elder sister. I love to see these three hang out. They are the best circle. My aunt visited us last year when my parents were here; I never got around to writing about that trip, but the highlight of the trip was to see them talk so much. God! They talk so much,.About everything that touches them. Both my dad and my aunt have a Facebook profile (I am not sure who created those for them) and last time, they were talking about how Facebook was not what they expected. They asked me, exactly these words, “To remove Facebook from internet”. I laughed so much. They meant to have their Facebook profiles deleted. 🙂 Anyway, both of them are still somewhat active now. My dad more than my aunt.

Anyway, coming back to this meeting, the trio with the kid visited a mall yesterday. And my mom and aunt ate a donut at the mall. I just can’t picture them doing that. And also the trio complained at Starbucks when they were told they cannot split the coffee one by two (you know, our desi style). I can totally picture them doing that. 🙂

Apparently, my mom and aunt are busy with the mango/avakaya season happenings now. My parents are visiting next month and my aunt will be in California in July. Looks like there might be a chance for all of us to meet again and I cannot wait to see the trio together. 🙂

* Speaking of trips, Murali is off to a one week trip out of the country and I am on single parent mode this week. He left Saturday morning. Did his laundry last night, packed his bag this morning. Apparently, it took him only four and half minutes to pack his bag. He would have finished sooner, if not for Abhi who unpacked everything he had already packed. Anyway, he looked pretty excited about the trip yesterday. And I told him that if I were going on a trip like that, I would be that excited for months. Not just one day. He must have landed in Paris now. It’s exactly night-time for us here and he is such an early sleeper. I hope he is not asleep in the flight.  How will it be if they forget to wake him up and he comes back to Seattle in the same flight? Does this happen in flights too, like it happens in trains or buses? 😀

* About that single parent mode, timing could have been a lot better; Or my health at least. I am sick. I have various things bothering me, and I cannot tell why I am sick and I just don’t know what is wrong with me. I have to go see a doctor on Monday. The symptoms I have been having are so different that I cannot just say what is wrong with me. I am sure I am going to sound totally random at that appointment.

But, the challenging part, as you probably have already guessed is, how I am going to take care of kids all by myself. Luckily, today had been okay. I had such grand plans for the three of us, well, apparently, now nothing of that such plan is happening. I am barely making it in taking care of them without losing my cool and it is not even been 24 hours. I know tomorrow is going to be toughest. I wont sleep well for sure (because we are alone and I just don’t sleep well anyway) and I will be all groggy and tired in the morning. I need strength and good sleep tonight. 😦

Kids were good today, just their usual, didn’t ask about dad much for some reason. Sleep time, I go to Achu to say Good night and this is our conversation.

“Amma, I want to dream”
(Smiling) “What do you want to dream about Achu?”
(Thinks for a while) “I want to dream about a doggy”
“Okay Achu. When you are a little older you can have a dog for pet”

Her face lights up.

I knew we were getting a pet doggy some time in future. Because, I think Murali wants it more than kids. Why else would he keep asking kids if they wanted a pet? So, a first official promise had been made tonight about the pet. Now, I hope that time is far far away from now, but in reality, how soon that happens depends on how well Achu remembers our good night talks the day after. We will see.

P.S: Anyone wants to baby sit tomorrow while I catch up on my sleep?

P.P.S:  I randomly dropped by my post view stats (well, you know, otherwise I never see that stuff) and realized there was one (or three, I cant tell) views on many of my posts (like, really, really old, new blogging days posts). So, you know who you are random-reader, Many thanks for reading all that. Now, you are getting special mention, see, not everyone gets that. Know that. 🙂 Or may be I already drove you crazy with all those posts and you decided not to read me anymore and you will never read this then. Well, I don’t know what to then.

P.P.P.S: (whatever.. with these little alphabets…) You all can tell I am scared to sleep all alone tonight, right?


Play Room

Alright. Here is the adda of Abhi and Achu. The place we call Abhi and Achu’s play area. Most of the drama happens here. Of course, the drama these days is not restricted to this area, but still this is where it all begins.

This is actually supposed to be our family room. It is right next to our open floor plan kitchen. When moving in, I had no doubts in my mind that this room would not be Abhi and Achu’s play area. Because it has direct view from the kitchen, meaning we can supervise them while being in the kitchen (not that we are allowed to be in kitchen for longer than five minutes). Its big enough for kids to play and hold all their drama props aka toys. So, family room became the play room. And what was supposed to be dining/living room became our TV/couch/different kind of drama room.

This room had gone through various stages of decoration. I have more changes coming soon, but this is what I would like to call phase 1. Here is what it used to look right after we moved in. This was almost a year ago on kids second birthday.
WP_20140723_001And here it is now.WP_20150503_006Now, please do note that the room never looks this clean during the day. Whenever Abhi and Achu go to sleep, that is when we cleanup. This was taken during the time when kids were away for a walk with Murali.

The couch is comfy enough for us to read books or just sit and snuggle. When we were moving in the couch, Abhi and Achu realized that the cushions come off. And so now, kids and the cushions travel to all corners of our home. Sometimes they are dumped on the floor to pretend that they are jumping on the leaf pile. End of the day, I have to find where they were left.
WP_20150503_005See the squash on the bike. It went for couple of rides, I believe. 🙂

Now, here is the latest addition to our play room. A little library for Abhi and Achu. This book stand was my first purchase when we moved to our new home. See, how neatly the books are stacked. Yeah, it never stays that way. WP_20150503_001The wall decor is a list of Dr.Suess books arranged like in book case. Bear and Haathi take their obvious positions. There is also a little bunny seat on the side that is not a big favorite, still we don’t dislike it. 🙂

(One thing you will realize when you see our home is that I have a thing for wall decorations. I love filling every wall with some kind of decor. Murali doesn’t like it that much. He prefers an empty house :P, so he is never informed of what is coming 🙂 ).

Number of books in here is only half of what we have for kids. I stopped giving away most of books we get for kids. I store them for reading later unless it is really a baby book. Oh, our library and books addictions surely deserves another post.
WP_20150503_003Aargh! the fire place. I had such high hopes for our fireplace. I had plans to decorate it based on the season, a sun burst mirror on the wall, etc, etc. Only it is getting totally injustice in decoration department. Except for the home sign, nothing on there is what I wanted to be there. I couldn’t find any other safe place to put the booth or the vases and I didn’t want them to end up in the garage, so I literally dumped it on the fire place. I was going to make my own sun burst mirror (you know, otherwise, they are ridiculously expensive), but didn’t get to it yet. This room being a play area, I don’t know if the fireplace should be kid-themed or otherwise, it might look odd in middle of a play area. Haven’t decided yet.

Some tea parties and drawing sessions happen over the pink table. I have plans to paint that table into something more neutral. Slide is one of kids favorite toys. Did you know that when you put that slide upside down, it looks exactly like a treadmill? We neither; Until Abhi and Achu did that. Slide is upside down now, most of the days and kids exercise on it than slide. I just hope that with all that jumping they do, it will hold.

You can see our sun and earth in the corner. Playroom rules is on the wall. Of course, you know, no one reads or follows it. 🙂

Let’s get to the boxes to store their toys. You see, how many shelves we have. Crazy thing is those bins all together cost more than the shelf itself. Well, at least they do a job of not having the toys spread all around the room. Kids are allowed to take one box at a time (not that they do that all the time). I still have to get more bins for the shelf. I save on credit card points to make purchases like that, otherwise they make no sense. Even after this much storage, there are toys that just don’t fit in the small boxes, so they go to the orange and blue boxes (If given a chance, all toys would go in there too). I thought it was a waste to find storage for soft toys. So they get dumped on the shelves. Pink teddy you see here… I made it…long time ago. 🙂

WP_20150503_004Just so you know, wall décor for this empty-looking wall is in development. 🙂

So this is where all the fun happens every day. This is also the most messiest place in our home, of course (I have to say, kitchen is coming close).

I read  a lot of DIY/home décor blogs and writing one about our room is making me feel like one too. Maybe I will start one too. 🙂